Brasilia Cities

As for example, with the sprouting of indstriasno XVIII, the great European cities had century started to attract grandesquantidades of peasants. These searched work in the plants and melhoressalrios what it was not different with Brazil, thus causing internano migration country. Had to this disordered technological advance and abusca for the great cities it is that they start to appear to the organizaodesordenada one in great the cidades.NoBrasil in (decade of 1960) the government of JK (Juscelino Kubitschek) invested in the industrial development of the grandescidades of the Sudeste.Com region the opening of the economy for the international capital, diversasmultinacionais there, mainly assembly plants of vehicles, they had constructed grandesfbricas in cities as So Paulo, Are Bernardo of the Field, Guarulhos, SantoAndr, Diadema, Beauty Horizontee Rio De Janeiro. The result of this was a great northeast agricultural exodus parao Southeastern of the country. The migrantes northeasterns running away from dry of the Nordestee of the unemployment, had been in search of work and better conditions of southeastern life nasgrandes cities. This process extended with foradurante the decades of 70 and 80.

As these cities had not offered condiessociais to the migrantes, it had the waited one: increase of the slum quarters and tenement houses, unemployment (many migrantes they did not have professional qualification for osempregos) increase of the violence, mainly in the periphery quarters. Outrofato related to the agricultural exodus occurred with the construction of Brasilia, in the end of the decade of 1950. Many migrantes of the North and Northeast of the country foramem search of jobs in the central region of the country, mainly in the construocivil. The cities satellites of Brasilia had grown disorderedly, causandovrios social problems, that persist until the present.However it must-selembrar that today, the northeast is seen in one another perspective, due to great violncianas cities that are metropolises, what it comes contributing so that sejavisto as option for who wants to have quality of life better.