Book Council

I.e., that if I am a creature internally unbalanced (would say decoupled), very poor in affection and human quality of anything I will be worth having gone to get twenty points in a University (where measured I basically logic) to throw on the floor any construction of science if seems in bad taste to the spoiled boy crop inside. If scientifically wall is red, Wow, I do not have to fact me it necessarily, simply because I don’t want to, because it causes me discomfort, because everything in life is rebuttable, because red is not, therefore, color, because I am so personally, because probably from another dimension that color component substances can have different chemistry and surrender another key. And point. Such is, therefore, the tama loco of which you speak. President Hugo Chavez is down because I, Venezuelan opposition, decree it thus, spiritually, as if a strange metaphysical Book Council continue. It decrees that your truth and cancels the objections. It is a matter of the soul: neither intelligence nor university degrees have upset the relentless power and truth of the spirits.

I believe it is true I. In Venezuela the political opposition is divided into two types of deniers: which (with much power) invented the lie to deny a truth and those who believe in them (simple people, for the people, usually), which has no other profession that believe. As said, no disrespect to anyone, left carry by metaphorical words, the owners of the circus and its clowns enthusiasm. I.e.

Presidential Palace

Democracy begins to afiebrar in Latin America. In Bolivia, where political events occur with greater speed and serve as a reference for what can happen with other countries, the disease is more serious and became visible since the three Presidents could not conclude its mandate due to the violent acts of destabilization, organized by Evo Morales with money from Chavez. Now that the Commander of the riot is President, his death nears. It is not more than a matter of time until the populist indigenism finishes with the freedoms and rights of citizenship. The totalitarian desire left Orthodox to have absolute control over the State apparatus and its subjects has not changed.

While rights differ clearly and autocritican denouncing extremists who came from their ranks, the lefts do the same. There is not a reflection by the Socialists to recognise the crimes of Stalin, Castro, Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Mao and many other assassins of reasons and lives. Fidel continues still the idol of politicians of the mood of Zapatero or intellectuals as Garcia Marquez. Che is today on the t-shirts of children as if were a rock star. Few disclose the charismatic genocidal, responsible for own hand in the death of more than 2,000 Cubans, was lifted at dawn for the trigger is participating in platoons of firing squad executions.

Bolivians made him a bust in the place of his death and his giant portrait is today exhibited in the Presidential Palace occupied by Evo. Kirchner approved the construction in the Argentina of a large monument in his honor. The province of Santa Fe will donate to Cuba a replica of his birthplace and the city of Rosario was declared: World Capital for the celebration for the 80 years of its birth. If Che Guevara would have kept alive, massacred on the island have reached ten times higher figures, and if his guerrillas had triumphed in Bolivia, South America would have already gone through a continental war, which is where points its revolutionary Venezuelan, barricading behind his exaggerated armament follower.

Grow Money

Surely much you’ve heard what they say grow the money but you never understood how this happens, that’s why today I’m going to talk a little about the subject. To start what you should know is that the mechanism that makes money grow are the so-called investment funds. The investment funds, in simple terms, are agreements that are made between small investors and an intermediary, which in this case is a financial group, in order to raise the money of many people (small investors) for power among all – invest. It is not the same thing by yourself you invest in something with your capital to your capital with, for example, 100 others you juntes. To raise the money from hundreds of small investors, you can invest in a better financial asset. Having gathered all the participants of the Fund money investing in an asset, there are all kinds and with many features, which over time will generate interest so to speak, which will be returned you once you complete the term of your Fund. The investment funds can be difficult to understand, but if you want to know in depth about this mechanism, it is best that you approach a financial group which can help you in all your investment process.


I must admit that, little by little, I’ve gone acclimatizing to the current circumstances. The truth is that he has always liked to going on holiday, so what you used to do before was to go to my trusted travel agency and choose destination, which was always the same: within the borders of Spain. However, as were proliferating low-cost flights, what I did was daring me to fly and discover other countries; well, at least other European capitals. Now it seems that it has become fashionable is to take a cruise: there are many acquaintances and relatives that I have spoken of this form of travel which, although not very novel, now is when more followers have. At first, I didn’t have all of them with me. While everyone spoke wonders of cruise ships, to me I was still seeming less appealing than other forms of vacation. For example, what happened if the sea was somewhat stormy? Especially in my case, that me dizziness very easily.

I had also heard of vacation came out quite expensive, because he had that pay numerous tips and even a price every time you wanted to download and upload to the boat. Well, it is likely that this happened a few years ago, when go cruise was thing of a few wealthy. Not now. The first thing is that he is not noticeable sway of the sea at all. And the second thing is that far has already been that pay for up, down or by extra services. The price isn’t that marked packets. The only thing in what they’re going to spend will be on memories to take home. I’m already totally convinced that it is a unique way to travel.

Real Mexico

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the weakness of the dollar against currencies such as the Euro, the Real or weight, is another ingredient of the recession that already lives in United States. From June 1976, Mexicans found in the dollar strong ally against devaluations and recurrent crises in the country. Today, it is said, there are dollars to spare and the reserves of the Bank of Mexico quietly exceeded $ 80 billion. But exceeded the psychological barrier of 1.50 dollars per Euro, the weakness of the U.S. currency is manifested in the hand of weak economic growth and inflation data. The crisis, as it is American side while in Mexico is experiencing an apparent calm spiced by the scares of the past. You are afraid of noises in the neighboring country to the North, but most frightens us in our silence.

And as good neighbors who are, American investors are betting more real than at the weight and faithful to the tradition that the capitals have no border, give it back to the dollar. In February of 1998, ten years ago, the dollar reached cost 12.50 pesos and to the lengths of these years has devalued against the weight that cost less than eleven pesos per dollar at the close of this edition. Sign of the times, are that Mexicans bought dollars as a guarantee that their money is not devaluaba those days for the anecdote. Do this operation today is crazy. Thus, the Mexican economy enjoys full health, at least in the macro, waiting for important reforms such as the energy, the labor, education and which are needed. And of course, a real microeconomic reform that take advantage of the current economic circumstances that we have today above our neighbors to the North, at least on the strength of the currency. Bearer to purpose, long ago that banknotes in Mexico says the Bank of Mexico to view to the carrier the amount be paid of who endorse the ticket?

Lieutenant Colonel Juan Modesto

From the South the body of Moroccan Army with general Juan Yague to the front, he crossed the Ebro and conquered pineapple. On 25 March, to the same Yague took Fraga (Huesca) and He entered for the first time on catalan ground. By Northern Barbastro dealt but the Pyrenees constituted an ideal area for the defense and progress was slower. 8 Of this month fell Balaguer, Camarasa and Tremp (Catalonia) leaving the hydroelectric plants that supplied to Barcelona in national hands. In late April began the offensive of the Levant which should culminate in the fall of Valencia, the new Republican capital of war. Republican resistance surprised Franco, to determined to conquer the area, launched an offensive to subdue the entire basin of the Ebro.

On 30 October the final counteroffensive began. 7 Day fell Mora de Ebro which meant that the national right flank had already reached the Ebro. Responsible for the Republican operations in the battle, Lieutenant Colonel Juan Modesto, decided that the battle was lost and ordered its units to cross the river again in the opposite direction. Day 16 the Flix (the most important access to the region) iron bridge was dynamited and the Day 18 Yague entered in Ribarroja de Ebro, last head of bridge of the Republicans. The battle of the Ebro had ended with 4,500 dead in the national side, and between 10,000 and 15,000 in the Republican. The Republican government forces were about to lose the war.

The road to Catalonia, final conflict zone, was discovered. Recent events, falling on January 26 Barcelona and Girona on February 5 are then precipitated. On successive days, the national troops advance towards the French border and take steps from Puigcerda to Portbou (Gerona). The loss of Catalonia was the Republic total isolation from the French border and the painful loss of industries, raw materials and foods that contributed to the Republican war effort.