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In their heads is simply impossible, because it has a decisive role received education (case 2). And asi sea: will never get it because they will never try it. The fourth is in the treatment received by the industry by the General media. For a journalism that considers that you a good News is not news, it is absurd to try to differentiate the things: finds the impact, and this is served with the scandals. When emerged the first pyramid scams, during the 1960s and 1970s, the mass media were launched on all companies in the industry of the multilevel in search of blood. To not differentiate, and having so many people raving to the Multilevel (one moreover threatens traditional business of distribution and advertising, they saw threatened their income with such dangerous new trend)., reported for years that the pyramids are extendian by United States like locusts.

And that message Calo in public opinion to such extreme that lasted until today, more than twenty years after the great witch hunts. And is that no one has done more damage to the MLM industry (some very serious went ahead by the bad press), such as the Mass Media and the US Federal Administration. Persecution of pyramid scams has been since 1980s relentless, although paradoxically slinks them in the heart of the system the largest pyramid that we have known to date: the bar of Bernard Maddoff. The Fifth cause of ignorance will be the apparent similarity between pyramid schemes and multilevel negociso legitimate. As there are many sources to know to differentiate from one another, I am not going to enter into the theme, but in the case of Spain, I think it will suffice to say that our legislation recognizes marketing network or sale MLM as a legitimate form of Commerce in article 22 of the law 7/1996 of trade management retail, and establishes a clear distinction between this and sales pyramid, and not leaving any by both legal vacuum. And this is always something I say to the confusing but belligerents that come with his mouth full of pyramids: go to the juzgado de guardia and denunciation.

Always respond me something of some legal gaps that don’t even know that they there (because they do not even know the law, before folding candles, charged that the pride of the idiot Yes.) In this sense, our law cannot be more clear, and would that be enough to silence many voices that unfortunately and due to their foolishness, won’t even sign it is the Council of Ministers in full. So, the main difference between MLM and pyramid selling is that the one is legal and legitimate, and this illegal. Don’t forget to leave your comments whenever you want it. Alex Hurtado original author and source of the article

Harley Davidson La Marca

From the business point of view Harley Davidson is a special brand, is a brand that has served as an example in many books and classes of the world of marketing. Why? Why Harley Davidson is the ultimate expression of a strategy very special marketiana, not to sell the product but sell a lifestyle. A little history in the 1901 William S. Harley designed an engine that attaches to a bicycle, but not until 1903 that the first motorcycle isn’t Harley Davidson for sale. So do William S.

Harley and Arthur Davidson who work in a small factory of wood 3 by 5 meters. The brand name is born and is the surname of its two founders. In 1904 the first concessionaire appears Harley Davidson hand of Charles H. Lang. On July 4, 1905 a Harley win a race in Chicago. Walk 15 miles in 19: 02. This was the first race, but there have been many more. In 1906 a new Harley Davidson factory opens and new employees are hired.

It is time to create the first catalogue of Harley motorcycles. This is a short summary the home of the American brand that has managed to overcome the difficulties and endure for more than 100 years. Harley Davidson has lived and has even formed part of some important historical facts. A clear example is the two world wars. Harley Davison motorcycles lived the first world war in first line, and it is that the company sold more than 20,000 motorcycles to the United States military during the war. Other companies sold the entire production of the army, but Harley continued to sell to individuals, which was a success since this allowed him to maintain its market share after the war. During the second world war it produced at least 90,000 models for military use. Harley Davison: the world around the 1920 United States Harley Davidson becomes the largest manufacturer of motorcycles worldwide and there are more than 2,000 dealerships in 67 cities around the world.

Grant Requests

When we ask for grants for our company, we have to think that obtaining the grant is not the main purpose of our project investment and therefore should not expect the subsidy for the project. Grants should be regarded as aid, but not having them because of us can deny. Should always analyze in depth the subvencionesa which best suits your project. We must consider the requirements to be met by the beneficiary of subsidies, there may be grants that go perfectly with our project but it is the company that does not possess the conditions necessary to obtain these grants. We must correctly define the project for which they will apply for grants. We must complete and submit the grant application forms within the prescribed period, and the documentation required by agencies such subvencionesy summoning aid. In all calls for assistance and grants are set rules and translate them correctly in the documentation that we present is to have a better chance of achieving the grants. For assistance or subsidies, we must justify the investment or expenditure on the project.

Agencies that provide grants and aid, usually included among its requirements that the project has not started when requesting grants. Public Bodies summon different types of grants and subsidies generally aimed at improving our business. It is very difficult to ensure obtaining a subsidy or support, as influenced by various factors in the achievement of grants and some do not depend on us. Whenever we have doubts about some aid or subsidies should go to Official Bodies summoning aid, or request the services of professionals specializing in assistance and grants for management and processing.

Liquidation Bankruptcy

Any commercial activities of the company and (or) an entrepreneur, by definition, is associated with risk. Enterprise or an entrepreneur, taking part in economic exchange, usually at the same time acts as a debtor relative to other economic entities (including State on obligatory payments) and as a lender, so there is a constant process, reflected in the expression "Someone owes me who I should." This process more than less constant and inevitable due to the fact that the commitments in the implementation of the economic activity of the subject are constantly emerging and stop. Insolvency (Bankruptcy) (hereinafter and – the bankruptcy) – recognized by the arbitral tribunal the debtor's inability to fully satisfy the claims of creditors on monetary obligations and (or) to fulfill the obligation to make mandatory payments to draw attention to the words "recognized the failure, ie legally established, and the judicial branch of state government recognized as insolvent. As recognized by the court, others have no choice but to recognize, and from that moment on, all your creditors to understand the simple truth, "Your company insolvent. The Institute of bankruptcy has long been known and legally installed in most developed countries. Russia is not exception. Legislator of the Russian Federation does not provide for alternative methods of elimination, ie termination of the legal person in the presence of debt (in the first place is implied debt payments) besides bankruptcy. Career award administration (bankruptcy) in modern terms – is: The only legitimate (legal) way to eliminate the company or individual entrepreneur with debts (including budget); Liquidation of the enterprise (company) with complete exclusion from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, respectively, an entrepreneur from the unified state register of individual businessmen, other words, a complete and unconditional cessation of legal or natural person entrepreneur with no transfer of rights and duties in order of succession; Suspension or termination (depending on the procedure) executive production and removal of all arrests in property, property rights; Address issues related to tax audits, accounts payable, regardless of its (debt type, size and base occurrence); Protect your business from hostile creditors, unwanted mergers and (or) absorption; Career Collection of accounts receivable.

Rotation Of Personal Danger To Equipment Cash

It was one Monday like any other in the Office of the insurance company. At eight in the morning opened telephone lines in the area of care and follow-up of claims, and since that time devices did not stop ringing, until they gave the five in the afternoon, moment in which ended the work in the Office. As the day progressed, a dozen people waited outside at the counter to be attended by analysts of claims; generally they were going to ask how would the process of payment or repair of damage to their vehicles. Within the Office, the two young analysts not shook slaughter, since in addition to phone support and staff made customers, they had that answer radio queries and requests from providers, and in turn, enter payments from customers and third parties in the system. The area claims Manager soon realized that something strange was happening, because he received calls from the Secretariat at the customer service desk, informing users they had complaints regarding waiting time.

The Manager went through the Office and approached the two analysts. -Where is Ophelia? asked to see the empty seat that corresponded to that girl who was the remaining analyst team, and the most recent employee that was barely a month of entering the company. -Ofelia won’t come, resigned said one of the analysts. It will be a difficult day said Manager. And go that it was. As you can see, staff turnover is a problem that affects daily business procedure.

It is a conflict that live all companies, no matter its size or its type. This process occurs mainly because the person employed decides to leave, or because the company no longer requires their services. There are several factors that influence in making decision of an employee who choose to stop working in a company, either because you want to get better opportunities, or by not having a salary appropriate to their needs, family problems, or well, for not being motivated.


Today I’m going to write about the strategic consulting, professional activity can be considered young, although its roots are very deep. It has been traditionally understood strategic consulting as the realization of a strategic plan in its entirety, but currently is defined as external aid of some specialists in management and to management teams of institutions, whether private or public, who wish to update, change or evolve the total or partial organizational concept that are implanted, or who intend to startin order that the address can take effective decisions to achieve their business objectives, reducing the chance of error and maximizing the success. Is studied in analytical, detailed, way each processes, divisions, functions, departments, etc. related directly or indirectly with the module or modules of analysis, but taking into account not only the institution as a block, but the organization in its sector, the company in society, the Corporation in the world, offering proactive solutions. Strategic consulting looks at more than the usual consulting and raises important issues for the future of the company.It is aimed at all sectors and you can nurture specialists in all sectors.

The End

Probably if you try and flop it was because he didn’t have a plan, or maybe if he had, but it became very difficult to carry it out, the plan was difficult. If novices begin with left foot, It may be many years until they achieve to earn some money, you can never gain anything. Then stop trying to make money with Internet business. Is very well as beginners, feel I’ve also been in that place, but the most important is that I’m not there. I started from scratch, I still remember that I felt totally disoriented, not found how to do it to start earning money selling on the Internet. I missed the same as you.

I could only achieve this when I realized that I had to filter all the distractions that I crossed the road. I found a simple and effective plan of action which led me exactly where I wanted to reach. This was not easy, I cost work, but it was worth 500 percent. We have to find what works, that is the key. Although there are many ways to make money online, none of them are interested in how long money has earned with one of them. To happen everything else before sale sobrando, the rest is just a distraction that refunding his attempt.

This is the reason for that I was therefore fight time. He spent it me distraction on distraction trying things that I think could be. Rather than concentrate well on a single, I would start to dabble in new projects and in the end did nothing. I also nearly drowned me both absorb different information every day. Try many methods, I frustrate much and also felt that maybe this make money online was not for my. But then reacted and the Fund knew that failure was not an option.