Europe Kadafi

The Lybian of Kadafi and the Rebels of the ONU Ivan Santiago Hiss * the Lybian are a product of imposing consequences, since always. Either through the imperialism, either through the dictatorship of Kadafi, either through the embargoes, attritions and complications in the international plan: this Arab country, to the north of Africa, is condemned the westernization. However, the Arab majority knows of these facts and they do not recognize them. The Arab people in the generality is faithful to its principles, its religion and culture, therefore, the times defends people of the lineage of Kadafi. Kadafi, perpetual complicador element of the world (for the occidental people), as well as Saddam, Fidel amongst other dictators ' ' ilustres' ' , if it is that some with this adjective was born. The Lybian dictator repudiated the United States and Europe in last decades and now, in 2011, these intend to scratch out it of the map. The Advice of Security of the ONU possesss to be able for this.

Of where he comes the power of CS ONU? Of skies? What France represents for the world of today? If not for its beautiful capital and history, military rated power must retire as, if it is that not yet it perceived that century XXI conceived a multipolar world, where the owner of Paris, is not one of the polar regions. The world moved. Kadafi, the United States and France had not perceived or are feigned ignorants. When granting support to the rebels against the Kadafi dictator, the United States supported for France, will still promote a chaos bigger, if not causing a civil or international war without ratio. In a passed event, the United States had supported the Alliance of the North against the Talebans in the Afeganisto, therefore the Afeganisto if transformed into a sea of roses that is today to open a parenthesis and Only to consist: in a great country of Latin America, a woman was elect recently, who fought against the dictatorship through weapons and during the electoral campaign questionings had appeared on the good repute of such candidate in function of this.

In the relation rebellious against Kadafi, the media does not question the idoneousness of the rebels and Obama authorizeed support to these same rebels when it was to the side of this president! Fantastic! but it does not pass in the Fantastic one. Particularly I am in favor of the democracy, for believing that this model generates little distortions. Kadafi must promote the opening politics, however it fits to the Lybian people to determine, when, as and for where to start. If Kadafi to leave and to want to candidatar itself, the problem is of it, the Lybian and the Lybian people, not of the United States and France. These brutais interventions to dismiss the rude ones generate a brutality without size. It arrives. Ivan Santiago Hisses is gegrafo and author of the Brazil Book: Imperialism and Integration in Latin America.