The essence of a query addressed to me was simple – I am translating for them certain "tolmut", and if they were satisfied with the quality of translation, they sign with me long-term contract with the subsequent travel, moving to the capital (sweet dream "limits"!) and other mountains of gold What more was probably guess anyone: after months of hard work, I , slightly tainted view (if monitors were somewhat lower quality) and, of course, invaluable experience at the time, earned nothing. By the way, in one way or another form, such proposals come to me and now. The last of them – a proposal to transfer some excerpts from some artwork, and "test" order contained a whole chapter. What I having learned from previous experience, said that for the trial order will be enough and 1-2 excerpts from the text. See NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for more details and insights. They are sufficient to ensure that the customer appreciated the style and expertise on the subject or the subject of the translated text. Be careful when suddenly, after an extensive advertising campaign on the Internet on your side, you overwhelm such proposals – make no mistake, with orders to an unknown address rare, though probably there are also exceptions. I did not have them. Or like this: a letter I received contained a very tempting for me to offer the translation of the documentary from the shores of Albion. Honestly, have always wanted to try on a similar career, and I was interested, rather, the technical side of this project, but due to acute shortage of time to give a positive response, I could not.

Modern Society

A normal social fact is that one that if finds generalized in the played society important paper in adaptation evolution of this. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. The crime, for example, is a had social fact as normal, therefore the societies are found in all, integrating the people of the social group through a behavior of moral value that it searchs to punish the wrong behavior. The pathological social facts are the ones that are of the limits allowed for the order and the moral of the society, are illnesses that at risk puts the harmony of the group and are seen as transitory and temporary. Durkheim believes that although to exist an individual conscience that of a forms the individuals to think and to interpret the life, inside of the social groups what it prevails is the collective conscience, that is, the set of beliefs and feelings of one same society, being the form of the moral in validity, with this, in society was defined what criminal, immoral and reprovvel, through the collective conscience, for example. The societies from this theory are analyzed as social species, that more evolve of simpler social forms (wild, daily pay-capitalists) the species organization complex (civilized, industrial). Where through the work of classification of the societies, by means of experimental comment it is verified ticket of solidarity mechanics for organic solidarity, being these the engine of of transformation of the societies. The societies with solidarity mechanics are daily pay capitalist, where the individuals are identified through the family, religion and customs, where the social division of the work remains independent and independent, therefore the collective conscience exert to be able coercitive on the individuals. Organic solidarity is capitalist societies with lesser the collective conscience exerting to be able coercitive on the individuals, being existed a division of the social work sped up making with that the individuals become interdependent, guaranteed with this the social cohesion.

Durkheim searched through rigorous an empirical position to make the integration of quantitative analyses (mathematical statistics) qualitative, complemented with comment, mensurao and interpretation to tranfer the philosophical reflection and to constitute one all organized and systematic one of estimated theoreticians and metodolgicos. Finally, Durkheim as man of its time, moved for evolucionistas ideas understands the society as a whole harmonic one, where it must not have contradictions, where the transformations would happen of linear form (going of inferior forms to the superiors) following the adaptation and evolution of the societies, since any form of rupture was seen as a sick or pathological state of the social facts, searched the neutrality scientific, however you criticize must be made its analyses therefore we must understand of for being historical the societies are different for the constitution of its specific historical processes, do not exist society only different superior and inferior cultures, beyond not having scientific neutrality, therefore the man does not obtain to dissociar itself of its subjectivity finally in believing that the social facts are exterior to the individuals leaving these only in contemplativo and passive state in the life in society, taking off with this, its character of historical citizen that conditions and is conditional for the facts intervined in its daily process of living, being with this transforming one and transformed for the social facts.

Provincial Law

The City of Valena Bahia receives this name for gallows from Provincial Law of number 368, of 10 of November of 1849. Pegasus Books is actively involved in the matter. Homage to Marques de Valena D. Alfonso Miquel, 4 Marques de Valena. Thus, its industrialization starts. For 1844 return it is initiated implantation of the first Fabric Industry of Valena, being this the first Hydraulical and of fine fabrics of cotton in Brazil, It was then in this year that started the works of construction of Fabrica de Tecidos All the Saints.

Industrial enterprise, that had characteristics specifies such as: an enterprise of great ratios, that deserved prominence in the economic scene of the time. In its implantation it had capital, man power and technology coming of the United States of America more necessarily of of the region of New England, such circumstances confers the industrialization of the city of Valena in century XIX a singular importance. The proprietors of this imponent enterprise were; The naturalized Portuguese Brazilian, Antonio Francisco de Lacerda, the American North John Smith Gilmer and Antonio Pedrosos de Alburguerque. as head, idealizer and constructor of the project, the Engineer American North Joo Carson hunter, also naturalized Brazilian. This was the responsible one for the workmanship and the construction of the hidroeltrica that would put into motion the maquinrio.

It was an enterprise in the way it nothing, one mines city of about 300 laborers with more than 50% of laborers of the feminine sex, as stories of D. Peter in its book Daily of D. Peter II, to the North of Brazil 1859/1860). It also had, house of you scheme, hidroeltrica, warehouse with five floors for manufactures of fabric, workshop of rectification of parts, school for the children of the laborers, filarmnica, and supper after the daily work. Some characteristic that had demarcated to All the Saints as singular the time: the laborers were not enslaved, in a period still escravocrata; as commented above more than 50% the manual force was of women. Emphasizing that model of manufactures installed for Carson Hunter obeyed the molds of them manufactures North Americans of the time, forged for the model of the industrial revolution. In 1860 second he manufactures of fabric is inaugurated with the presence of Emperor D. Peter II, Its founder was the Comendador Bernardino de Sena Madureira and receives the name from Manufactures of Fabrics Ours Lady of the Support. Currently the second Textile industry of the City of Valena meets in functioning only, with the denomination hodierna of Textile Valena with administration of a Pernambucano group. Valley to also point out that the industrialization of Valena occurs on account of the interests of bahian and American entrepreneurs in diversifying the economic sources of the time, therefore in this period occurred the fall of the prices of the coffee and the great producers entered in board-route using part of its capital in a new economic branch in expansion at the historical moment, the fabric industry. Therefore, as the stories above cited the process can be confirmed that of industrialization of the city of Valena- Bahia if of the one for return of the years of 1844 with the coming of the American engineer Carson Hunter, mattering North American technology to the molds of the deriving English industrial process of the process of industrial Revolution. Source: Documents of the Quantity of the Memorial of the City council of Valena Authorship: Janete Vomeri (Coordinating of the Memorial of the City council of Valena)


Already the Europe at the beginning of century XIX the majority of the European population lived in the field. The land still was the main source of wealth; in meanwhile different of France the Europe already had initiated the industrial process, on the influence of the iluminismo, that looked the modernization of the society. But innumerable factors go to contribute for the revolution as the form of manufacturing production, the use of the energy of the vapor and innovations techniques that originate the maquinismo; magnifying of the ways of communications, with the construction of canals and new pavement systems; magnifying of the consuming markets because of the increase population and of the European colonialismo; existence of capitals proceeding from the colonial commerce, the banks and agriculture; increase of the raw material production, stimulated for new systems of culture and mining. Few industries existed, but the use of the machines demanded the Industrial revolution and the end of the manufacturing production. The liberal thoughts had contributed for the formation of a new French and European society. Therefore he is one set of ideas that the purpose has to assure the individual freedom and the private property. These philosophical ideas had been generated from the sprouting of a new economic society. Thus being, liberalism will be studied from a historical boarding, which does not intend to describe the history of diverse liberalisms, In elapsing of the text it searchs to detach that this ideology was born in the modern society and that throughout its formation and development took different feies in the different countries where penetrated. Becoming a factor of extreme importance in the construction of a society contemporary who searchs ' ' freedom, equality and fraternidade' '.


I generate, you I generate, it generate, we I generate, general you and them they generate. This is the gift of the indicative, current situation where we find in them. President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva sancionou in day 02 of August the National Politics of Resduos Slidos (PNRS), after incredible 21 years waiting the deserved endorsement. 21 years! The PNRS has as objective the not-generation, reduction, reutilizao and treatment of solid residues, as well as final destination ambiently adjusted of the garbage, stimulating the recycling and the correct handling of the residues (garbage that can be reaproveitado or recycled) and of the rejeitos (what it is not passvel of reaproveitamento); it forbids the lixes and it institutes the beginning of responsibility shared for the cycle of life of the products, enclosing manufacturers, importers, deliverers and traders, consumers and bearers of the public services of urban cleanness and handling of solid residues. Beyond the shared responsibility, the PNRS foresees the call logistic reversa, that one consists in a set of action to facilitate the return of the residues to its generators so that they are treated or reaproveitados in new products, that is, who originated a product that however its useful life findou, this company will have to collect it and to give an end in correct way. All attention directed to the garbage that we generate; many times if confuse to the exacerbado capitalism, to buy, to buy and to buy. In Brazil, 150 a thousand tons of garbage per day are generated approximately, where only 13% are treated in sanitary aterros, being that 60% go for the lixes.

Interesting of all this process politician, legislative bureaucracy, astronomical numbers, it is in relation to the capacity of the man in generating garbage of unnecessary order. The question I fill with earth of it, where theoretically of – a destination ' ' correto' ' to the dejections, it is excellent, however, only the ambient passvel of a place for another one is transmitted. The ideal would be to reduce the consumption, with more conscientious habits in its ticket for the land. It has a very excellent theory, called of voluntary simplicity, qui a model of sustainable development more advanced than if it has. It is a life style where if it opts to an exterior simpler standard, but interior richer; a thrifty style, mainly in the alimentary habits, with more emphasis to the natural one of what the industrialized one.

Adopting this style, it does not presume to simplify the life in one all, to open hand of everything, but of the excesses, exhibitionism, of the restriction of the movements and freedom of the individual, does not mean to make poverty vote, but to eliminate the superfluous one, that it distresses, places in permanent tension, in state of alert. It is guided in the conscientious consumption, socially and ambiently, to buy on the real necessity that if has e, if these correspond to the way of sustainable life, preferring the entailed pleasure the necessity and when consuming for the simple act not to buy. It fits to each one of us to assume a simplicity position, moving the consumistas habits for a way of conscientious life, responsible. I would generate, you I would generate, it I would generate, we I would generate, it would generate and they would generate. She reduces, she reuses, she recycle, reeduque!


Way of production: Infrastructure, Productive Gallowses + Relations of Production In the set of documents, the History of the Things, is clearly, the existence of the productive forces, therefore all the time is shown the elements that exert in the society an influence to modify or to transform the nature, as well as producing corporeal property. For the proper beginning of the set of documents, it happens through a exclamao on ‘ ‘ TER’ ‘ material (electronic product, etc). Through the illustration of deep it is possible to identify to the means of production or ways of work, therefore where it has plants, warehouses, infrastructure (water supply, energy, transport, communication) and machines, it exists production of corporeal property to take care of the limitless necessity of the man, spread out for the capitalism, and imposed for the society through a discrete systematics, the Capitalism. Hikmet Ersek takes a slightly different approach. The Capitalism aiming at always to awake the consumption creates and establishes ‘ ‘ metas’ ‘ of consumption it stops the individuals, a time that, that man not fulfilling this objective, to consider air if is of the standards taxes for the society. The production relations are one another well placed point in this set of documents, one in such a way how much contradictory to the theory, but it is identifiable in the proper plan of deep. We can illustrate through 04 (four) figures, Planet, State, Organizations and People, being that first and the last one is that they would have more to be main and the proteges, is total in contrast, is the ones that more suffer for the deforestation, the pollution and the destrato; because it leaves of being considered human and planet, to become if something explored, something whose purpose is to generate thousand of monetary zeros – Profit. in this system for the displayed one in the set of documents, can consider if something infinite, therefore the proper one with its philosophy of obsolescence is exactly so that this cycle does not stop, therefore to each day appears new models of computers, cars, motions, TV, at last, corporeal properties that they are obsolete to less than 6 months.

Sycamore Business

To date, 43 Krasnodar hotels and 18 mini-hotels meet the requirements of business travelers. According to statistics, the occupancy of these hotels this year amounted to only 65%. In this popular all categories rooms – from economy class to executive suites. Among the popular hotels, specializing in business travel, we can distinguish ‘Red Royal’, ‘Intourist-Krasnodar “, hotel complex” Sycamore “,” Prime Hotel’, ‘Europe’, ‘Aton’. Krasnodar attractive to businesses for several reasons. For example, sometimes there are problems with the flight to Sochi – the local airport does not accept all flights. In this case, the Krasnodar airport terminal is a transit point.

In Kuban capital concentrated almost all major business projects associated with the development of the region. Finally, Novorossiysk – the main knot of the country – takes business people through the Krasnodar airport. According to experts, about 70% of tourists are choosing individual business travel. At conferences and seminars flies 15% of businessmen to participate in fairs and exhibitions – 10%. In addition, a small percentage made up of transit tourists who Find your way through Krasnodar.

Business hotels in Krasnodar – the peak of their visit falls on the spring and autumn. During the holidays and the holiday season is the amount of travel is declining dramatically. To attract the hotel guests, usually offer discounts on the price. For example, a large group of tourists always get a good discount. But hotels do not remain vnaklade – extra income brings banqueting, conference rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants. For the business person, every minute counts, so Krasnodar hotels are trying to give businesses a full range of services required. As a rule, they can use meeting rooms, Internet access, secretarial services. Specialized clubs make an individual guided tour, pick guard, a personal guide, cook, rent a car, would get tickets for any event in the city. Approaching the Sochi Olympics will certainly play into the hands of the Krasnodar hotels. Experts predict an increase in the flow of business tourists to the Kuban 2014. Krasnodar Hotel market gradually recovers from recession and is fully restored.

Constitution Of Companies In The United Kingdom

To create a company in England the United Kingdom has one of the most successful economies in the EU. Further details can be found at Pegasus Books, an internet resource. This one attracts more investments of Asia and the EE.UU that any other country of the European Union, having itself assured almost one quarter all the investment in Europe in 2003, according to Ernst & Young. This success is reflected in the number of foreign companies that have established businesses in the United Kingdom. You can comprise of them if she is decided to create a company in England. Why the foreign investors so are interested in the United Kingdom? The foreign investors have enumerated a series of reasons to choose the constitution of companies in the United Kingdom, including the following: Size of the market – it is the fourth greater economy of the world. Strong currency – the pound has obtained better results than the Euro. Location and language – a natural point from entrance to the EU. The policy of the government – the United Kingdom has a liberal atmosphere of businesses. s cause.

Which are the club forms more common in the United Kingdom? The following they are the types of more popular companies in the United Kingdom for the foreign companies that make the decision to create a company in England: Limited liability company (Ltd)? Joint-stock company (PLC)? Branch of a foreign company? Limited liability partnership Which are the main characteristics of a limited liability company? It is, by much, the most popular format for the foreign investors. A single partner it is necessary. No requirement of minimum capital. Minimum of an administrator and a secretary of the society. The accounts are disclosed annually. Which are the basic characteristicses of a PLC? The minimum share capital of a PLC is 50.000 (57,245 )? 25% of the share capital must at least be disbursed. Minimum of two administrators and a secretary of the society.

The Disciplined Trader

Inverts the sense of their positions continuously, it doubles their positions when prices fall. The loser do not realize that cannot stop because he is addicted to the excitement that produces the game. A professional trader, if you have a long series of losses takes it as a sign that something is wrong. Then it stops investing and reviews its methods and its analysis. You first have to change your way of thinking if you want to stop the losses and begin to recover. As Mark Douglas in The Disciplined Trader, the trading is a mental discipline. Neither more nor less.

I also played bottom a couple of times. I know what it feels like. Then I stopped, checked all my operations logs and saw that, from among the three groups of errors (errors of method, discipline errors and errors of capital management), I always committing them 5 specific mistakes, over and over again. Identified my 5 weaknesses of trading I wrote them on a card and stuck it next to the computer screen. So every morning, before launching any operation, the leo and I note that not I will go back to fall into the same thing. Every day watching do well, as the anonymous alcoholic every day watching stay away from alcohol. Invest in stock market should be taken as a business to make money, not as a game.

Reasonable losses will always exist and are part of the business. But we must distinguish when you lose as a professional, and when you lose as a player. Once defined the reasonable risk by operation (according to the capital and Stop Loss limit, including commissions), the professional will not accept losing one single euro more, will come out without excuses, without vain hopes and emotions. Otherwise would be to behave as players. DaveN this article belongs to authorizing the free reproduction of this article when click in its entirety and the respective credits to the author and link are given to the source of origin, i.e., original author and source of the article.

Account Management Tell

In my experience as a trader when someone requests me your account management professional encounter two types of very common customers according to the amount: those who have small accounts between 1,000 and 15,000 euros always want to earn him up to 300%. Those who have accounts more large 50,000 onwards tend to apply for maximum 12% monthly (just enough). A big customer tends to be more patient, quiet, sober and planned, the he worked hard to gather their 50,000 and want to keep it in time, then it is not demanding and calls for maximum 12%, this customer understands that if you asked little profitability your risk will be lower. The truth is that an account of 50,000 or 100,000 euros is much more advantageous for trade than an account of 5,000 euros. At the other end we have the small investor: impatient, ambitious and often heavy, demands the maximum performance of your small account at any price. The negative part of this business is that when a small inverter loses complains more than the inverter top, why?As I mentioned in another post, this type customer lacks a plan of investment for your account, assuming your account of 5,000 client make 15,000 generally doesn’t know what he will do with these 15,000, then tells his ambitious reasoning: I want more! Characteristics of customers with large accounts vs beads small (1,000 to 20,000 USD/EUR customers) Impacientes ambitious desperate lack a plan of investment do not know when removed do not know what to do with the profit always ask for reinvestment. Clients of 30,000, 70,000 EUR/USD onwards: patients planned reserved sober calmed discrete always withdraw your winnings in time know what to do with its gain rarely ask for reinvestment generally I do not usually operate below 15,000 accounts, wear is too much for his size but sometimes I do and try to guide this small investor to maintain your investment in time. I always suggest you withdraw yields every once you have them, ask them about their investment plan, but have it suggest what you can do with your profit. Give you a guideline of what that can win according to their capital and attempt to balance its small profit in a way that the can enjoy their yields and I my satisfaction tapering friendship more than businesses. This post to been dedicated with love to all my customers without the mood to offend anyone but for building confident business among all.