The Vision

Everything what it does not serve for the society and/or that he is used for destruction is entropy. In this direction crime produced for the society is entropy, as well as the public politics of combat to the crime that fail can be considered as entropy, therefore is an expense of energy without return. It will not be with a specific scientific knowledge that will be decided problem. Cartesian knowing cannot be discarded, but it has that if to join the vision to interdisciplinar, globalizada, holistic, so that together they can form solutions for these problems each time more complex than they afflict the society. 4. CONCLUSION Today, with, the necessity of resetting of the knowledge and a new form to treat and to express this knowledge searchs it theory of the complex systems. The theory of the complex systems is a methodology that more works with the interdisciplinaridade for the solution of complicated problems each time, fruits in the way of capitalist production. Without discarding the old vision, it treats the problem by means of sistmicas categories.

One of the forms to express its language is the metalanguage, what it facilitates the communication you discipline between them involved. This new method of looking at the problems is more including, therefore the reality visualizes all that in the fence. It is the globalizada, holistic vision, to interdisciplinar, without discarding the unilateral, cartesian Newtonian knowledge that it promoted the development to long of the centuries. Each time is a new attempt to search solutions for the problems more complex than they emerge in this way of capitalist production, caused for its instability, fidgets, searchs incessant of profits, interests maximizadores and the opposites between the classrooms of capitalists and workers. Thus we have this abstract way to study problems that the vision of the interrelation between the studied things allows. From there the importance of the boarding to interdisciplinar for the study of complex problems.

Alternative Right

It is fact that one of the functions of the right is to guarantee the security of the application of the law, and without a doubt the widening of the power of the magistrate to move away the law would put its security at risk. However, it has of if having in mind, that justice is an absolutely superior value in relation to the security that the law offers, since this ‘ ‘ it favors, more frequent, security of the classrooms that had made the law or had had preponderant paper in its feitura’ ‘. (HERKENHOFF, 2006) In such a way the Alternative Right has as deep cloth of the marxism, therefore the service of the ruling classes analyzed the right as an instrument and this would serve to analyze any form of its application in the capitalism. Thus, they had left of this premise for an attempt to create a emancipador right of the dominated classrooms, to take decisions that took care of to its demands, applying the existing right of the skill that the same is presented. Then, they had understood that it was an interpretation question, therefore the decisions must be pautadas in the premise biggest, justice, considering the inaqualities and to who the decision could impute greaters losses, democratizing the right. 2 Alternative right Many jurists use the negative definition for the alternative right they conceive and it as a parallel right to the state right, a right that if ahead offers as alternative of the dogmtico right that it is the state right contemporary par excellence, that one represented by the law, the jurisprudence, the allowed contracts etc.

Brazilian Society

Where also it has exchanges of experiences between the ONGs and other organizations of the civil society. These if congregate to try to change the perspective of that the capitalism is the dominant force of the society, called for Vieira (2001, P. 382) ‘ ‘ to be possible planetrio’ ‘ For (P. 59) Social Frum was baptized to demonstrate the privilege of what it affects the great majority of the population of the world, social rights, in opposition to ‘ ‘ dictatorship of the economy, in the truth, of the markets, express for neoliberalismo’ ‘. Central idea: After centuries of wild economic development, based in the exploration of the work, the natural resources and human.

Today, it is cried out for a new world, where the value that is atribuido to the life and the quality of this, does not come with wars and revolutions, but with organization. In this context it is that the Social Frum appears World-wide. The current world lives the crises that display the unfeasibility of the currently predominant system in the world. The crises financial, alimentary, climatic and energy are not isolated phenomena, and represent the same crisis of model that is moved by the superexploration of the work and the nature and the speculation and financeirizao of the economy. Initiatives as the FSM potencializaram citizens and organizations concretely more not to dream, on the contrary of this, effectively to contruir a better world.

Horizontal Marketing

Making a simile, this scheme could call it a: Multi-Horizontal Marketing. Photo courtesy of while in MLM companies, what they do is recruit one or several distributors who get customers and recruit other distributors (as do traditional enterprises). But the difference is that each dealer has the opportunity to recruit and train other distributors. To others the MLM distributors are totally independent, i.e. their activities, schedules and sales strategies not dependent on the company but each Distributor.Multilevel companies only pay commissions to its distributors, not salarios(no son empleados sino agentes independientes).

This is beneficial for the company since this lets you expand quickly thanks to the large number of new dealers that are being trained to recommend (or sell) their products, without having to spend money on advertising or on wages of unproductive salesmen.This is also good for dealers because your earning potential is not limited to what they can sell, since they can earn commissions on sales of the distributors that they train, directly or indirectly: If you want to better understand why the potential of an MLM business is so appealing for many, make sure you read the business MLM article: Why they are so attractive for many? Finally, both the traditional and multilevel companies have a similar purpose: provide a product or service that in any way benefits its users or consumers. But obviously, all companies need to publicize that product or service to someone to buy it. For this they use different methods to promote and distribute his product, as it may be to rent a shop in a commercial area, advertising on radio, television, newspaper, internet, tele-marketing, or MLM (Word of mouth advertising).From my point of view, the big difference between a great MLM company and a large traditional company is the way in which your money is invested to publicize your product/service.While the Nike company for example spends $300 million each year to make a few famous few (eg. Micheal Jordan, Tigger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo) wear their shoes (tennis) in a television commercial, a multilevel company uses these same $300 million to be distributed among thousands of distributors depending on their productivity and their teams of distributors. Photography courtesy of in conclusion, MLM is a method of distribution (or promotion) that is essentially based on the power of recommendation person to person, who recommended basically 2 things: 1. A product of which feel satisfied as consumidores2. A business opportunity that they like, them is giving results or see a good potential. Jose Manuel Medina is a Networker of the MLM business online.

Introducing Affiliate Programs

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Maintenance Schools

2.3 – Classificatria evaluation is quality education? This question mentions the belief to it in the traditional system of evaluation as responsible for a competent school (a sufficiently saudosista vision of the existing, rigid school, disciplinarian, detainer of knowing) that, however, it does not find endorsement in the reality with which we come across in them at this moment. Because if it cannot at least consider as competent a school that not of the account of the alunado one that it receives, promoting many pupils the category of run away repeaters and. In the majority of public schools presented the same panorama: many groups, of many children, in the first series of first degree; only groups, of few pupils, in the eighth series of the first degree. For each 100 schools of first complete degree, 10 schools, on average, of according to degree. Frightful indices of reprovao in the classrooms of alfabetizao and the fifth series, mainly, beyond arguable indices of evasion (the pupil gives up, many times, when he perceives that he will be disapproved).

If it cannot speak in improvement of the amount of education without before taking care of the basic right of the child to have access (ingression) to the school. I intend alert, therefore, that the connivent professors with one politics of use of public education and justifying through necessary requirements the maintenance of quality education. The paper of the schools in a behaviorista capitalist structure is to produce diligent that they feed a different economic system. (Kaufman, 1993, pg.94). In short, greater number of pupils registered can, also, mean reprovao indices proportionally bigger and evasion in the public school if will not be argued the meanings of such indices. The quarrel most urgent, of the educators, is on its commitment to keep in the school this ingressante pupil, but it favors to it in such a way of the access when knowing e, therefore (not simply for promoting it), the access to other degrees of education (access as permanence, continuity of the studies).