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Why I think that it will continue rising Gold 7 October 2009 the price of gold returned to their highs, reaching a new record: this time reached USD 1.036,6 per ounce.Although for some upward outside driven mainly by a then withdrawn version inevitably arises the following question what can we expect for the price of gold from here until the end of the year? The version released by the British newspaper The Independent approaches that of the Gulf oil countries were evaluating abandon the dollar to set oil prices in another currency (or promptly, with reference to a basket of currencies), faced with the weakness of the greenback, was the trigger of the rise in the price of gold. Who has been running this version has generated substantial benefits for those who could anticipate the movements of the market. According to these versions (with valid for be spread foundations?), the Gulf States were in negotiations with Russia, China, Japan and France to replace to the dollar for a basket of currencies. As a result of this, as well as the price of gold was he fired, as if outside a UPS and low on the other side the dollar fell strongly, although he then managed to cut losses as a result of the denial by authorities of Saudi Arabia and Russia. Anyway, the impact was strong and the dollar remained weak and wobbly. The credibility of the version of a possible replacement of the dollar is supported by the strong questioning that is having this currency as the leading global currency. Kuwait country liberated by U.S. forces of invasion carried out by Sadam Hussein in the early 1990s, already decided to become independent to the kuwaiti dinar from the US dollar towards the middle of 2007, compared with high and unjustified inflation that was importing the country by pegging its currency to the currency of the United States.

Network Marketing

Welcome to all experiences. Now I want to ask the utilities are better than wages? Truth with the salary we earn livelihood, with utilities we won fortunes.! Then what we can do to achieve this? How we can work in both? livelihoods and fortune. We can start on time partial with our fortune, while we work full time in our sustenance. We can all do if we have the best product and the best way to do so. We can all do once we have the information. Our revenues are in direct relation to our philosophy of life, not the economy.

Not hope to change the economy, right? What must change is our philosophy. So what should we do to multiply our income by 3, 5, 10, and then by 10 again. What can we do? How can we have the best year in our lives? Because they pay US $5,000 or $ 6,000 pesos per hour? Because for the market if we aren’t valuable not pay us much. So are things. Can we return valuable to us? the answer is of course Yes. The secret is: learn to work more hard on yourself, that in his work.

Results is key, life asks us to make a measurable process within a reasonable time. Get measurable results It teaches us to celebrate if they are good or fix what to fix in our philosophy of life. Attitude and activity called discipline. Discipline = process of learning the skills to change our lives, this is development staff. If we begin now the process of change in our lives is called and no matter how small. Let’s start the process. A discipline begins and then it feeds another and this to another and when realize us we have all this positive upward cycle in our lives and is called life change, change in income, health, relationships with our family, benefits unprecedented, we have figures that astonishes the imagination, this if you do not despise the discipline and start to arrange as possible to get what you want. We have had enough, enough is enough, now decision and desire to take the last resolution thing hare let me let me share a vast and spectacular business in which I am training, learning and developing day by day.!! This business is known as MLM sales direct are a business model. In this model, a person is associated with a parent as an independent company or franchisee and receive compensation based on the sale of products or personal services and other members associated with that person. This model of distribution of products has grown in relevance during the last years due to the increasing difficulty to sell to consumers, increasingly closed to the bombardment of advertising to which are subjected. Since Network Marketing is based on the word of mouth recommendation by their consumidores-distribuidores, the market penetration is much higher, since the consumer prefers to try a product recommended by an acquaintance, rather than by having offered in an advertisement. In addition, the multilevel Marketing offers a business opportunity to any of their consumers, wishing it, low investment and a dedication to part-time. For these two reasons, which in Japan and United States, 30% of the total distribution of products, It is through Network Marketing. I invite him to investigate in your country or region that local or multinational company, has endorsement, expertise, services and products that will allow you to choose it for you to develop your own business, securely and cost-effectively.

Melia Sol

Sol Melia has gained 71.7 million euros until September Sol Melia has gained 71.7 million euros until September of this year, representing an increase of 51% compared with the same period in 2009. This increase, which meets the expectations of the market according to the company, has allowed the hotel Ensign record revenues of 976,7 million euros this year, compared to the 899,9 million recorded last year. Moderate optimism for the company is part of the estimates of the World Tourism Organization, which provides for an increase of 7% in the arrival of international travellers (when the initial forecast was 4%), as a result of increased us consumption and the increase that have registered for business trips, both individual or in a group. Sol Melia has been improved, month after month, the median income per room, which has registered a growth of 7.7% accumulated in the first three quarters of the year. This increase has taken place, mainly, of July to September, a quarter that has registered an increase of 17.4% in the main Spanish and European capitals.

In addition, the median income per room in the area of reactivation, which was – 6.3% in the first half after the earthquake in Haiti, has also registered a growth of 10.9%. On the other hand, from January to September, the average cost per stay has grown by 1.6% of the accumulated annual. Operating margins, on the other hand, have improved by 134 basis points, despite having been harshly penalized since the beginning of the crisis. As for Spanish hotels, summer of 2010 has been a recovery of the average income per room, which grew 8.3%, compared with 1.5% growth for the first half of the year. This increase in income has been due, mainly, to Balearic Islands resorts and prices improved. Regarding the financial situation of the Ensign, Sol Melia has renewed this year the total amount of the credit lines that expire in the first 9 months of the year. He has also signed four loans, amounting to a total of EUR 74 million, which, together with the sale of the hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas in Benidorm, allows you to maintain the future level of liquidity of the company. Thus, the liquidity of the Ensign today stands at 487,4 million euros, which guarantee the repayment of debt to meet commitments (EUR 379,9 million) until December of 2012.Puedes refer to guide franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises.