Advertising Agency Celebrated

In June, an interactive advertising agency ErstMedia celebrated its first anniversary. Starting work in a crisis, the company has a good start and managed to take a unique niche by developing the concept of "new marketing" and offered clients a comprehensive approach to promote the Internet. Over the past year the company sold a number of major projects, partners and customers ErstMedia became internationally known companies. In the spring of 2009 started new website agency (, presented in four languages. One of the main principles ErstMedia – never stop in place.

Therefore, the agency is building bold plans for the future, working with new clients, while continuing an active and fruitful cooperation with existing ones. In June ErstMedia received an invitation to attend the annual conference of the "SPIC-2009", held in St. Petersburg. In the near future will start a corporate blog agencies, where regularly appear on news the company, announcements, discussion of topical issues go online industry and marketing. Static and boring sites belong to the past, advanced users want interactivity. Therefore, modern companies need for developing an Internet resource of the new generation with lots of interesting "chips" that can attract and keep audiences. One aspect of this work is to develop ErstMedia concepts and the creation of these unique sites.

In addition, the agency specializes in advancing ErstMedia brand in social media: blogs, social networks, thematic communities, using their own methods of work. Another effective "skate" the agency ErstMedia – contextual advertising, which helps as accurately as possible to find a target audience and potential customers. During this year the company has a lot of experimenting, developed and tried various techniques of internet marketing and ultimately chose the ones that really work effectively. A comprehensive approach and conduct the campaign on their own, without involving third-party contractors ErstMedia distinguishes from other companies. This approach not only saves time, effort and money the client, but also allows the best use of all elements of the campaign, providing a consistently better result.

Corporate Advertising

Corporate advertising is not generally required to promote products and to create a company image. Many domestic companies are ordered to promote the creation reklamnyhrolikov own products. To do video requires teamwork of the entire team, which requires the costs. However, not all companies find it necessary to spend money on corporate advertising, believing in it, that they do not get it, as they say, neither pair nor a gain. Nevertheless, corporate advertising contributes to solving many problems. First of all, it helps that the company enjoys wide popularity. This helps to significantly raise the spirits collectivism among staff. Indeed, much nicer to give all the best to achieve a common goal, when working in the company, which knows everything and everyone.

Fame gives the company something called the "name". And it is much facilitates the search for customers and improves chances of winning with the participation in auctions and tenders. Corporate advertising helps to attract the best professionals to work in the company. And the customers, partners, government officials and members of the press refer to the company with a name much more loyal than the company, which no one heard. Another important factor is that corporate advertising company facilitates the interaction with the financial and investment community. In addition, according to studies by American experts, and it helps to increase shareholder value. How much time does it spend, to make a commercial? In answering this question, we give some examples. The company "Dupont", one of the world's largest industrial corporations and research, promotes itself about 60 years.

The world famous "General Electric" – more than 70 years. "Y. Es. Steel Corporation, "one of the largest steel companies engaged in corporate advertising for over 60 years. Advertising OAO "Gazprom" in the late 90s became a mandatory part of television commercials. The same can be said about the Railways. David Ogilvy, world famous advertising agent, believed that short-term corporate advertising campaign will not be able to bring tangible results. After all, in order to turn in their public opinion and raise the value of assets will take time. Inconclusive and will be a campaign that was launched without a clear understanding of goals and objectives of the enterprise. Video about the company should focus on long-term goals and objectives, although many local businesses rely on immediate effect. Corporate advertising needs constant analysis of the performance. This helps avoid errors and inaccuracies in the campaign. Conduct a corporate advertising campaign, you can use any media. However, none of them had to reach an audience, no performance can not yet compete with television.

Advertising Signs

In the world of modern advertising (in particular, and in the manufacture of outdoor advertising), the most effective are those funds that attract the most attention of the consumer. In this regard, illuminated signs and light boxes gaining in importance. However, not all light commercial facilities meet the standards of an effective and professional advertising. To maximize the attention of the consumer, illuminated signs and boxes should be made qualitatively, using the latest manufacturing technology and design development. The important role played by the very location of the signs. The most favorable locations are the facades of buildings at major pedestrian streets, public interest areas (for example, those areas where public celebrations are held, etc.), signs that are in the area of the visual reach of the buildings in which accommodates the offices, a cafe or Internet club. Naturally, all these and many other factors can be taken into account only the team of professionals who have long been working on roar of outdoor advertising. A reasonable question arises: how to determine which company really deserves your attention? This can be determined by those works and projects that have already established firm. If firms are in the arsenal of development for large organizations, advertising signs, that and you could see on the streets – you can easily use the services of the firm.