Popular Democratic Party

The fundamental reason for his disappearance were internal conflicts, which caused the resignation of the Presidency of the Government of Suarez in January 1981, replaced until the end of the legislature Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo. Some feel that the only thing that kept the coalition together was the drafting of the Constitution. In turn ended up being a party with little popularity and wide rejection, due to increased unemployment, severe inflation and general economic crisis the country went through. In the general election of 1982, which overwhelmingly won by the PSOE, as a candidate to Landelino Lavilla, and only got 1,425,093 votes (6.7 ) and 11 seats.
After his resignation, Adolfo Suarez and formed the Social Democratic Center (CDS), which competed with UCD in the elections of 1982 and it would be president until 1991. For his part, Francisco Fernandez Ordonez is integrated with its social democratic group in the PSOE. On the other hand, the Popular Democratic Party or the Liberal Party is coaligarian with Alianza Popular, by running into this match and occupying space in the center-right. Therefore, the UCD was dissolved on February 18, 1983. The electoral base of the UCD otter symmetrically in the 1982 elections the two main formations of the left and right, the Socialist Party and People’s Alliance, which, having merged in 1990 under the name People’s Party, a move to capitalize even greater portion of the centrist electorate. The CDS is also dissolved in 2005.

Arab Culture

We know that Spain was long besieged by Arab invaders some centuries ago. We know that all this also left a legacy that greatly influenced the culture of the peninsula; and although having been the Arabs defeated and driven out of Spain, still retained some traces of their culture. The Arab baths contrary to what they had wanted the Spaniards who were evicted to the Arab people off their land, unable to demolish all the buildings that left. Just take a walk by Mallorca, for example, to be able to see this. If you want to do it quickly, could even take advantage of the car hire Mallorca to enjoy more in less time. With total security, you will be fascinated with Arab baths in Palma de Mallorca. They are one of the few buildings that show how was the Moorish architecture and can be found in the Manor House of Can Fontiroig. In reality, House is not complete, but that only kept the central hall (used for hot, steam baths), adjoining rectangular and semicircular vault, preserving everything, that Yes, this so particular style that Arabic culture has.

It is always advisable to visit a place as exotic as this. Details as unique as those who have these baths can be found in very few places in Spain: the capitals, the remains of fireplaces, corridors, dressing room and more. All they talk about us the culture and customs of its people. Therefore, if you are in another city of Spain, take a car hire in Barcelona and soon pass by this city and these baths; If you are already in the city, rent a car Mallorca will help you have a more patient journey through this and many other attractions that owns this beautiful city. Success is assured and the tourist guide will help you to explain some details of these baths so that you better understand this enigmatic Arab culture.

Spanish Mendoza

The landscapes of the province of Mendoza are the perfect setting for the practice of trekking. This discipline of adventure, whose more accurate translation to the Spanish would be hiking, involves just go walk a route of paths paths through different natural scenarios. It is possible to practice mountain, mountain trekking, beaches or valleys, following courses of water and even desert landscapes. The Argentine geography appears therefore as ideal for the practice of this activity. And the holidays in Mendoza, as the perfect opportunity to start in this pleasant activity: Mendoza is a magical territory where, at few kilometers, all modalities of trekking are viable.

However even if it is a suitable and healthy activity for all ages, it is convenient to take some precautions that ensure a successful experience. Firstly, it is necessary to dress in comfortable clothes and also sufficiently ample: tight clothes hamper the normal functioning of the movement blood. Another point that must be considered is that despite the fact that it is summer and heat, should wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. The hats are essential to protect from the Sun, but careful to choose them: those who do not have ventilation holes will do head to overheat, causing headaches and even dizziness. An important point is the footwear, which must be closed, but lightweight and, above all, flexible. Before leaving we must verify that the sole is soft enough to allow us to perform talon-punta with freedom movements. If it is not, replace them immediately.

Selected stockings must be cotton, to allow proper ventilation of the foot. It should be checked with special care not to be paid nor produce rods, since a small friction that does not bother in everyday life can generate a blister after miles of hike and become a real nightmare. The sunscreen is an indispensable: high solar factor, it is mandatory to take it to the excursion to renew, every two hours, the generous applied layer on face, neck, arms and hands before leaving. It is also important to carry with us a couple of smoked lenses to prevent the solar reflection from damaging us view. A final recommendation: must not forget to carry the mesh under clothing. We never know when the possibility of a refreshing dip can surprise us chances of hiking in Mendoza are almost endless, therefore it is not necessary to staying in a rustic cabin or in a campsite to enjoy them. Even hosting us in more comfortable hotels in Mendoza capital can be assured of finding excellent circuits of trekking a few miles away. Therefore to enjoy!

Albert Einstein

Suffice it to recall that, in the New Testament, so maligned revelation presents, in its outcome, a new heaven and a new Earth. The truth has no owner would be madness demonize capitalist, Socialist or communist and many few exist defending economic and social paths for peoples. Well, nobody is owner of the truth. Among the foundations that inspire such ideological trends there are bright, responsible proposals by results and achievements in favour of the collectivity, although not always applied correctly by the leaderships of the crowds. Speaking of which Hitler, Stalin and Prokofiev is why we see absurd, on a planet that is called, such as the embarrassing shortage of countless masses, even within great powers, and abuses such as genocide promoted by Adolfo Hitler (1889-1945), the cruel dictator austriaco-aleman.

Just look at that he pursued, among millions, benefactors of mankind, as Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Albert Einstein (1879-1955), and was responsible for the death of Ana Frank (1929-1945). Not everyone knows the naturalized is German, when personality of international renown, it was because he was Austrian birth. Another nice example was Joseph Stalin (1879-1953), in the former Union Soviet (USSR), where, as occurred in Germany, up to the artists were persecuted by the regime. Precisely in Russia, whose people are essentially creative and Sergio has a strong mystical spirit musician if Prokofiev (1891-1953) is emblematic. Incidentally, he died on March 5, in Moscow, 55 minutes later than Stalin, who had him pursued in execrable way. It all began in 1938, when Prokofiev composed Semyon Kotko, one of his most beautiful operas, which told the story of a young hero during the occupation of Ukraine by the Germans after the Bolshevik revolution, in that the Germanic tribes were the villains. However, the author of Peter and the Wolf was not imagined that, a little later, Germany is ally the Soviet Union.

Smoking and Drinking at the Office

A desire to quit smoking or drinking, constantly spending time in the companies where they drink and smoke – not very realistic. A friend of mine who knowingly went back to drink, when I saw that the time that he had used for this case have to be used for anything else. If you do not like your hard work with long hours, and you want to start a business, get away from it – you need to prepare for that in the near future you will relax even less, and work even bolshe. get something new without abandoning the old. That's why if you really want to achieve their goals, you need to learn to give up on what is almost anything for their achievement. 4: The desire to get "all at once." It would seem – that's good.

But in reality it is the desire to get "all at once" is often destroys all your chances of success. A person who wants everything to make a perfect, self condemns himself to frustration and a feeling of defeat. This, in turn, reduces his chances to finish the job. Suppose you decide to go to the gym 3 times a week. If you want to do everything exceptionally ideal, then missing a couple of times a class, can so upset that throw the whole idea. In this case, if you were not so rigid idealist, then quietly went to class, despite the retreat from the original plan.

Better communicated to the end is not the ideal case, what started and abandoned the ideal. Ultimately, it is better to continue and to try than give up and abandon their dreams. In the real world usually have to wait and persevere. Therefore, seeking "all at once" more likely to receive "anything and continuously." If you are ambitious desires, be prepared if necessary to wait as long as necessary. 5: Lack of clear and precise long-term goals. Except errors listed above, many commit another – the greatest. And on it they often do not even know it. They simply begin to act ", without defining clear and precise long-term goal toward which they want to come. As a result, either do not move forward, or come not at all to what they wanted. Go to the top has many roads, but an expensive can lead to a set of vertices. Having a specific goal, a person would not knowingly makes a lot of things that lead to getting the results you want! Without a precise and clear goals, you get unexpected results. Therefore, the most important – to identify their target before the general take on anything without the explicit, clear and specific purposes, all your dreams off the ground would be a waste of time.