Javier Varela

So strongly these processes, have matched Myers, indicates that the result is a single entity, a planetary ecosystem that is alive and operates as if it were a super Agency. This concept, accepted every day more universally, is a way of life that must be expressed in our daily work, a movement to make the world a site better, and not only for ourselves, but for all forms of life, with which we live. Not fit doubt is signaled, it is indisputable that the human race is a single dominant species. All the dominant species change the ecosystem that surrounds them. The species of ponderosos pines are example, altering the environment in which grow. The environmentalism, which seems to be the ideology of this century, involves having an image of mother earth as a total system, and at the same time loving her. In short, need be considered increasingly the role of sustainable marketing, whereas as Cesar Castro, points out that sustainable Marketing is convincing the consumer that take decisions that will make possible the business and the medium Manuel Mandujano care gives us in this regard, that the sustainable marketing is more than an immediate gaze, is a long-term strategy; for example, if one seeks to expand market share, not just to do based on the reduction of the price of cell phones, because it would end the company; Therefore, the sustainable marketing is not a campaign, but the way position unpublished products and go to different audiences, including those in the Middle rural, added Castro.

The concept that seems seductive, referred to in other words to the balance of the Mission of a company and its business objectives and needs of the consumer with the urgency of preservation of the ecosystem through products more durable, which consume less energy and are manufactured with recyclable and non-polluting materials. Finally, Javier Varela reminds us that consideration that be, or try to be sustainable and to carry out actions of sustainable marketing and management, to be incorporated into the company’s strategy. These principles have been mixed with those of the company and among all configure the pillars that sustain the company.

Point Of Equilibrium

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-There is concern in the Spanish corporate sector by the encounter between King Juan Carlos of Bourbon and the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. The watershed in the Ibero-American Summit that was held recently in Santiago of Chile laid bare deep differences in diplomacy, but more in the form of operation of some Spanish companies which also have headquarters in our country. What that is well vented a reality that is hidden under the shelter of the diplomacy. There to say things as they are and look for solutions. An example, Gas Natural, authentic monopoly in Mexico that uses our own energy to sell to Mexicans to price of gold, with quick cuts of supplies and service slow in reviewing bills bulging. On the global map of its business in Latin America, Mexico and Brazil are the jewel in the Crown in winnings.

Venezuela not so much where wanted to sell their assets but no buyers as it has hinted it recently Telefonica, the Spanish company that he is President Cesar Alierta. Spanish banks such as BBVA reported spectacular earnings in the Trust that manages the holdings in Latin America. Mexico represents only 30 percent of their profits. Business and money have no borders, is true, but just as they have their privileges, also have their obligations. If Chavez does not respect diplomatic protocol when using qualifying adjectives, the King also incurred an error trying to silence him.

The clash fatal take months of diplomatic approaches. So far Spain announced support for 2 thousand 200 million euros to Latin America which has polarized with Evo Morales in Bolivia, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the Kirschner in Argentina and less intolerant but related to the left, Brazil and Chile. In business, in financial terms, should find the balance point in order to then achieve profits. The same should be made by politicians of all latitudes and Spanish entrepreneurs: find the point of balance in the relation empresa-poder where predominates sanity and well-being of Latin Americans. As customers, already as citizens. Of petty cash the State leader of the PRI, Hector Morales Rivera should pass the recipe politicians of his party: enjoy full health in the media and has greater presence media than their counterparts of other parties. Hector, who started with this server handing out bulletins in the direction of communication and press in 1980, has been scaling positions up to preside over the PRI in Nuevo Leon, a position little fought or streetlamp by any politician by the difficult political environment. However, if poses or arrogance, Morales Rivera has opined with tino on various political topics again Leon and there are times that on Sunday, it appears with two photographs in the largest circulation newspapers. It is not easy to defend the Forum and up to acts of corruption of State Government stemming from that political Institute. So isn’t it that lofty politicians in the State Government are made blind eye to not enter the bull by the horns. Not everything in the PRI is bad and less when you start from the bottom, have youth to address the opportunities of the future and there is a good working team. A carrier to the old PRI tell us dinosaurs: has to be by comercialesby.-Javier Garcia Paniagua, 1981.

The Person

100% Of the buildings and Government offices investigated strip personal and confidential documentation without destroying. 78% Of workers with access to this documentation are aware that this is sensitive information that they break it manually. The main conclusions of this study were that: even wastes that shredded material has been found at documents with confidential data, which indicates that not all employees are using them, or that they are unaware of what information protected by law. Lack awareness in companies on the legal regulations in force in Spain to treat and destroy the confidential information. Companies must make an effort of awareness when it comes to handling and disposing of confidential material about clients or users. According to this information, and so that all companies can comply with the requirements Spains as regards the handling of confidential data, recycles Dolaf has launched a new promotion for residual documentation destruction generated in businesses, administrations Office or other services.

It is an Express service designed for small volumes, less than 50 cabinets type a-z, and with a 24-hour response time. The price of this service is only 55 euros per service, and includes the collection, transportation, destruction plant, and issuance of the certificate of destruction. This process of destruction, can be carried out in the presence of the person concerned, and gathers all security assurances contained in the European DIN32757. The company also maintains the ability of the service’s destruction of documents, totally free and for any amount, when the producer of the documentation delivered it onsite recycling Dolaf in Madrid directly. Also offers pickup service for massive punctual services, which includes an amount Unlimited paper and a single price of 175 euros. You can report at: for more information: recycling Dolaf, S.L. Tel.: + 34 917474765 E-mail: Web: about recycling Dolaf company dedicated to the recovery of paper and CARDBOARD for recycling since 1982, supplementing this activity with other related services, always guaranteeing the maximum quality and ensuring in a way triggered by the respect for the environment.

Noteworthy for its importance among these complementary services destruction of confidential documentation. The development of these tasks, recycles DOLAF participate in human resources with extensive training and experience, which also have the most advanced technical means, thus achieving greater efficiency in their duties. In recycling DOLAF, design plans individualized waste management, giving priority to recycling from other routes of elimination and optimizing their economic possibilities. Please feel free to contact with us for further information or request our services anywhere in Spain, or consult our possibilities of supply of paper recovered anywhere in the world.

Vice President

The Vice President has made it clear that this measure does not affect small businesses since they might have liquidity problems. In the workplace, and in line with the reform of the labour market, the Government will increase the flexibility of the contract on time parcia l, mainly making more flexible the schedule. According to Salgado, thats the best way and quickest to contribute to job creation, and will allow that many people can follow a training process once they abandon their studies to work in sectors such as the construction. Salgado recalled that in Spain this part-time contract is much lower than the European average, and is a way to encourage more short-term employment. In addition, will approve the decree law that will reduce pharmaceutical spending and that will oblige you dispense the cheapest drug among those who share the same active ingredient. According to the calculations of the Vice President, this decision will save 2.4 billion a year to the time that will be maintained the same quality in the provision of pharmaceutical services. In their statements, the Vice-Chairperson has advanced that the Government will be working in September with the autonomous communities so that the rule of spending, which was one of the main issues of the last Council of financial and Fiscal policy, is ready at the end of that month and the autonomous parliaments provision apply it before year’s end. Also expected to increase the transparency of public accounts of the autonomies offering quarterly data from the third quarter of this year in terms of national accounting and not only in budgetary terms as it is done so far.

The Executive intends to continue working in the final straight of laws that are already in the Parliament, as the Bankruptcy Act, and continue with the process of privatization of lottery and airports. Before the tensions that are they live in debt markets, the Vice President pointed out that there are a number of factors that come together and that is feedback, which are intensified in a month as August, and which needs to be global solutions. Tensions that has pointed out, are not only affecting Spain and Italy, but also, to a lesser extent, France and Belgium. Salgado has also reminded the contacts that has maintained during the week the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and has listed that has starred in herself and that have forced him to suspend his vacation. Among them, apart from the seven or eight times daily that he has talked to the President, who has remained with their German counterparts, French and Italian, with the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, with the President of the Eurogroup, with the director-general of the OECD, with the United States Treasury Secretary and the Governor of the Bank of Spain. Source of the news: Salgado announces new measures to ensure the fulfilment of the objective of deficit