Stephen Neill

The model adopted for Pablo stops to initiate a new work in definitive place, and that he was positive, was to start a local assembly, congregating a group of people friends, sympathetical, questionadora of the truths of the Law of Moiss, as York explains well, (2002, p.82): ' ' … It and its associates joined facts, made contacts, presented evangelho, agglutinated and taught converted the e, when the assembly was ripened, they sent its proper workers for the harvest field. … ' '. It is truth that had of if waiting a time for the matureness of a local leadership, similar of that this could assume the conduction of the Church from determined moment. York (2002, p.110) apud Stephen Neill summarizes ' ' As soon as a Church established roots under the direction of its leads places, Pablo was felt exempts to continue in direction to a bigger fulfilment of the plan of Christ: of that all the heathen ones listened to the Word Mr. ' '.

Pablo continued then for another place, understanding that its objective had been reached, being with concern to make posterior visits to see the growth of the workmanship and only to firm in the word those that had been safe. The evangelista, doctor and researcher Lucas (Lc 1.1-4; CL 4.14; 2 Tm 4,11) registers with sufficient property the evolution of the growth of the primitive church, of a form very commanded in the book of Acts (2.41; 4.4; 4.32; 5.14; 6.1, 2,7; 8.6; 12.24). ahead of such fact, appears an inevitable question: where the church if congregated? Cairns (1995, p.67), assists in them to answer of the following form: ' ' … The primitive Christians do not conceive the church as a cult place as if he makes today. Church meant a body of people in a personal relation with Christ. For in such a way, the Christians if congregated in the houses (At 12.12; Rm 16,5, 23; CL 4.15; Fm 1-4), in the temple (At 5,12), in the public audiences of schools (At 19,9) and in the synagogues until when they had been allowed (At 14,1, 3; 18.4).

Shaolin Chuan

Together formed Official Club of Self-defense. Mitose was chosen by Chow and the other people involved in the training to direct the Club. The system of the family of Mitose was called kosho ryu kempo jiujitsu. Also, like the system of Chow, it was based on the Shaolin Chuan Fa. Mitose (that was born the 30 from December of 1915 in Hawaii) affirms that it was taken to Japan by its maternal grandfathers at the age of four years because he was destined to be successful on its ancestors and to become the leader 21 number of kosho kempo, a religious group that trained Buddhist ministers. This temple was located in Monte Kinkai, Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan.

The temple was call Koshoki and taught to the Buddhist philosophies Rinzai Zen. According to legend of Mitose, the Shaolin Chuan Fa (Shoriniji kempo in Japanese) was brought by monks to the Koshoki temple prior to the Tokugawa period (1600 d.C.). By a period of time chuan-fa was fused with ju-jitsu and altered to satisfy the needs with Japanese people. This system was divided in the physical arts and the spirituals. The spiritual arts followed philosophies Buddhist. The physical arts were divided in three different systems of fight. One of systems consisted of the arts of kicks and fists, kata of the system, and the golpeamiento of vital areas. The second system of fight, the arts of push-to throw, taught as to defend one same one by means of the use of the forms push-to throw and blows to the extremities. Original author and source of the article

Crisis Management: The Silence Also Communicates Something

When a company is a victim of a smear campaign and is attacked in the media, in most cases, their officials are not prepared to face this situation. Underestimating the potential risks and not having an established and trained Committee Crisis is one of the main causes that lead to company officials to doubt the time to react to the media. Raises questions such as: – Is it appropriate to react? – What if rather complicate matters further by making statements? – What should we say without getting into more trouble? – Who is the best person to go out into the public arena? – What if reacting brings legal problems? – How journalists spoke not misrepresent our version? – Do we pay journalists to speak well of us? These and many other questions arise when either a Monday, buy the newspapers and we are surprised by a holder of five columns and front page with the name of our companies accused of a situation, we know, is a distorted information and will damage their image. The worst mistake the company officials in a crisis can make is to keep quiet and let time go. It is urgent and crisis management as the actions must be taken immediately. Why? If we do not act in time negative adjectives begin to position themselves in the minds of our audiences and, unwittingly, our corporate image begins to be destroyed. When finally decided to react hired a crisis management expert and then the investment of resources (time, money and position) is much higher than we would have done if we grow. This is three times more expensive than construct.A never forget this we add that, paradoxically, silence can also communicate something. Some executives think that is clever answer with a resounding “no comment.” What then? Here are some suggestions: 1.

Immediately formed a Crisis Committee, which could be integrated in principle by the general manager, the public relations, human resources manager, legal counsel of the company, the security chief and the chief financial officer. They take the big decisions. 2. Hire a crisis management expert with extensive experience and strategic vision. 3. Make a thorough analysis of the situation getting any information that is circulating in the media. 4. Logic can be subjected to media training to a spokesman who will not necessarily be much less public-relations general manager.

Consideration should be given to the person who is qualified to handle the subject well, be disciplined and you can keep calm in the face of harassment which might be subjected by the press. 5. The crisis management expert, after analyzing time-record-information and identify the position in public opinion, you should design a communication strategy contingency to cope with the crisis.En a first meeting with the press it is best to tell reporters why, exactly, it is not possible to give a full version or official. Here are some suggestions for reasons that include: – Because the negotiations have reached a delicate point, decisions are being taken and when we are ready to convene a press conference “Because you have not yet received the full report” Because concerned have not been informed yet, and so on. But we never keep quiet! I had a boss who told me: “harmful and dangerous monsters are killed when they are little, we must not let them grow an inch”.

Internet Coaching

Such correspondence session on their performance in no way inferior full-time sessions, and often more convenient for customers. Let us dwell for coaching through the Internet. Coaching is carried out via the Internet through programs designed to communicate on the network. For example: ICQ, Skype, Windows Messenger and others. All these programs are free, easy and convenient to use.

Coaching can be performed using instant messaging, audio and video communications. Of course, instant messaging – it's a very specific form of coaching, but it's also quite acceptable and even some clients prefer a coaching by correspondence. As for the audio and video connection, then it requires a good speed Internet connection, a headset (you can use the built-in or external microphone and audiokolonki) and webcam (if you have desire to establish a video link). Of course, with a coach and client computer must be running the same program to communicate on the Internet (it can be ICQ, or Skype, or Windows Messenger or anything else). The program must be installed and configured. At the agreed time the customer establishes a relationship with a coach and began coaching session.

The advantages of this type of coaching are evident. First of all, it saves time. The client does not have to go to a meeting with the coach, stuck in traffic jams or push on public transport. This time, it can safely be used with much greater benefit for themselves. In the process of coaching sessions the client can be in a comfortable place: at home, in his across the street and so on. It is convenient to use this type of coaching, if a customer travels to another city or another country. Of particular interest is coaching over the Internet is that if the coach and the client reside in different cities. In this case, regular meetings to conduct coaching sessions are impossible. And then holding coaching sessions over the Internet becomes the main form of coaching. Coaching via the Internet enables customers to use the services of a coach, regardless of region of residence. For example, if customers can not find a coach in the city, the possibility of coaching over the Internet allows him to work with a coach from virtually any another city or even from any country. Client need only find a coach that will fully meet its requirements, establish contact with him and agree to hold coaching sessions. Usually, coaches do not give up this form of coaching. Modern means of communication open for us new possibilities. And these opportunities should be fully used to their advantage. In particular, and for coaching. Internet, Like other forms of communication, greatly enhances the use of coaching, making it much more accessible to all who need it. Michael Kazarin. Coach. Business consultant.