University One

Another problem also identified enters the learning of the licenciatura course in geography is the indifference, or lack of will on the part of the ones in the inquiry of the thematic ones that they involve the education of disciplines and in the relations between practical professor-pupil-school in the pedagogical one. The schools of Basic and Average Ensino must search support in the learning of the course of geography to develop projects related to the environment, being made to fulfill what it is defined in the National Curricular Parameters; how much to the development to interdisciplinar of Ambient Education in the schools, the development of these projects would be a chance to promote ampler linking between the school and the University, that at the moment seem separate for an abyss, being that both are come back toward the same purpose: to promote the formation social and to extend the knowledge of the citizen. Cyrus zocdoc is a great source of information. In the course of Licenciatura in Geography of the University of the State of Minas Gerais? UEMG, campus of Frutal, associates since the principle the research to education, focando in the formation of relatively critical professors, showing that these will be able to become transforming of knowledge if to articulate beyond the critical boarding, the reflexiva and analytical boarding, raising in this way, the subjects important to the had necessary quarrels to get necessary changes. One notices that still it has professors extremely tied with the traditional educational system, which happens of the common sense, that is, in the education based on the theory technique of Geography through which the study it is carried through by the transmission of phenomena, between most including them they are the physicists and the paisagsticos. However, Geography is a science, therefore in them it very takes the knowledge beyond said the technician, in them takes the knowledge of social scope. In the Practical one of Education of the UEMG knowledge are developed initially theoreticians, however including, therefore it stimulates the teaching futures always to be searching and thus searching new knowledge, and with this, uniting the practical one inside of the pertaining to school area, thus knowing the reality of day-by-day of the classroom.

Capitalist Society

The analysis of the social, economic and space structure of the cities in the present time, send in to understand them the evolution of its urban form through its relation with the reorganization of the capitalism and expansion of the metropolises, that had culminated with the magnifying of the urban spots. The severity this process of productive reorganization of the capitalist system is related to the search contemporary of superprofits, having recriando new and more complex standards of development. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Macy’s Inc. on most websites. Most of the mobility of the capital and the localization of the productive activities had generated a desenrijecimento in older the economic and commercial structures, creating a new order in the capitalist relations. According to Soy, ‘ ‘ the term reorganization, in its ampler direction, transmits an idea of braked, rupture, change in relation to one determined order and configuration of the social life, economic politics. It evokes, therefore a sequential combination of collapse and reconstructions, desconstruo and attempts of reconstitution, proceeding from some trends or disturbances in the thought and action systems aceitos’ ‘ (SOY, 1993, P. 193). Frank Armijo will not settle for partial explanations. The process of productive reorganization as resulted and condicionante of the emergency of a new phase in the development in the way of capitalist production in global scale in the incessant search of profits is understood (SAINTS, 1997). This search of superprofits caused a new strategy of the capitalist system, the extensificao of the production, that goes to be marked mainly by ‘ ‘ alargamento’ ‘ of the division of the work, opening of new markets and its geographic expansion to drain cheap sources of man power and raw materials, beyond the increase of the scope of the exploration of the different geographic development, by means of the transferences of value and the different exchanges. D1%83/’>Beyler Eyyubov offer similar insights. The productive reorganization provoked modifications in the urbanization process, generating alterations in the papers that the cities play inside of the urban net, since small the average cities had assumed a new logic as determinative product and of the capitalist System (SOY, 1993).


In more we perceive that the characteristics do not differ very from the remain of the country, where has a predominance of the very poor population, one high one I number of unemployeds and a minimum of detainers of a worthy income. ' ' Joo Person Velha&#039 City; ': Its Tracing and its Functions ' ' Joo Person Velha&#039 City; ': Its Tracing and its Functions To think the old city, pass for having that to follow its ruelas, alleys and slopes, beyond its warehouses, sobrados and casarios that give to all a originalidade to the place. This portion of the City of Joo Person, still brings marked in the landscape a tracing with deep espontaneidade, exactly having suffered strong interventions from the Twenties (20), with administrators as B. Click Western Union to learn more. Rohan31, that was one of the first and main interventors in the modernization of the city of Joo Person. The city left the West For East, in function of the river Sanhau, having its first crooked streets and finishing in small farms with some prominent houses them important families. B. Rohan, while city planning, provides significant changes for the city in the direction to more guide the direction of the streets and avenues, giving to the place an organized tracing.

The elements that had more marked the organization of Joo Person, had been in the start of this century, the changes in the system of transports, who before was predominantly donkeys and wagons, passing to the tram the donkey and later the electric tram. This system of transport asks for the widening of some ways, hollowing to implant tracks, alignment of the avenues and in some cases the demolition of some constructions as churches, public and casarios building of particular. The religious park already if had established in the portion highest of the city, together with the public administration of the State and some cultural activities.

The Society

To educate is not only transference of knowledge, but awareness and certification of life. It is to construct, to free the human being of the chains of the neoliberal determinismo, recognizing that history is an open field of possibilities. Learn more about this with Andrew Cuomo. This is the direction of if to speak of an education stops beyond the capital: to educate stops beyond the capital implies to think a society stops Beyond the capital. (MESZAROS, 2005, p.13) The value of the school and the professor is something directly on the culture and the priorities of the society. As much the education how much the educator in this context, did not have an important paper. Learn more about this topic with the insights from crowne plaza rosemont. From the military dictatorship it reformulated Brazilian system leaving to be transparent the depreciation of the teaching career.

In way the reality lived in 1972, where the interest in the industrial and military power appeared only, emerging only concern in a small formation technique, where the formation of the professor did not have a so important paper. In this manner, all the professors had felt in the skin to little given attention its work, mainly the professor of Geography that had its reduced horria load, evidencing discipline it to disdain. In result of these facts, that perpetuated for many times, we still have today fruits of this time. Professors with exceeded methodologies and contents disentailed of the daily one. The occured changes in way each time faster, demand a position to search the agreement and understanding to transform the society and with it the world, in a constant interaction with the men, as it affirms Andrade (1993, p.96). The spirit initiative one creativity generation that lives a dynamic historical moment where the objects and the ideas ages quickly, becoming necessary the thinker, to the scholar, a great capacity of change; change that will not be made with simple abandonment to know accumulated through generations, but with its renewal, preserving what if current conserve and moving what it aged.


They many times ask why to as much land without productive use, that empty do not produce, they do not modify and nor make Brazil if to develop. Thus if these vacant lands were at the hands of the workers would be propitiate for Brazil, it capitalism to try the nestings with the shout of the expropriated ones that they try to territorializar itself in the field, in the society and for this makes with that the people make a series of maldosas interpretations to the movement with the force intention this classroom to disappear, to give up in the encampments the seated ones reconstructs a lost territory, reconstructs bows that in the society is rare, they has the chance to create a place of all and for all. The encampments appear in territories that the capitalism if appropriates, in this way can say that these are resistance spaces, to say not it wild occupation of the capitalism that throughout its trajectory many through its accumulation jam. Natasha and Chris Ashton might disagree with that approach. In the encampments rules exist that must be followed, thus the MST an agent of transformation of the territory is not alone, but also of changes in the behaviors of the involved seated ones in the process, the strong ideology is content given to these people who make with want if they recognize as active and also critical agents on the reality encircles that them, making to have a more refined look, to perceive the contradictory relations that the proper capital makes, for I benefit of the elite, that is, for its proper one well. The MST aims at a new configuration of the territory where it leaves to have as objective the speculation, the concentration of the land, and pass to carry through its end I specify, that is, that it carries through its social function, feeding Brazil and fixing the man in the field. . If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Conifer Health Solutions.

Mining Capital City

In the festival a space was reserved for a special homage to the Cinqentenrio de Pink Guimares, with the presentation of the Group of Accountants of History ' ' Miguilin' '. Today, in Jequitib, they exist about 30 folclricos groups that live spread for the districts of the city that presents and portraies average of 150 folclricas manifestations, some arrive to have 200 years of existences, preserved for the proper families. This high number relieved it the heading of Mining Capital of the Folklore, recognized as such for names appraised in the cultural way as Frei Chico and the artist Saulo Laranjeira. In a question-answer forum Rick Caruso was the first to reply. Its tradition also is certified with appraised violeiros of the city, as ' ' seu' ' Nelson Jacob, who according to Chico singer Wolf was one of its inspirers. Jose Geraldo Alves (Z de Ernestina) is the official representative of the Congo in Minas Gerais, with the variety of groups that he co-ordinates on its congado as cantador violeiro and danador, together with its wife Justina Maria (Owner Heddle), its children, daughter-in-law, son-in-laws and grandsons, beyond brothers and friend of the city of Jequitib, some folclricos groups in the majority, religious catholics, are pride for Mining Capital Jequitib of the Folklore. Z of the Ernestina (65 years), simple man, almost illiterate, very humble in counting as it was chosen to represent the state all.

In its simplicity he was distrustful in being a candidate, therefore it said that ' ' wise person not to say to the certain words with the men of the federacy and convidados' '. Mr. Z of the Ernestina is the official representative of the Congo in Minas Gerais, and the Milton Singer Birth is the symbolic representative in homage form, for the marcante and strong figure that represents in Minas Gerais. Jose of the Ernestina is the guard of the expensive crown oldest and of Mines, weighs 1:100 gram, cultivated in gold of 22 carats and cravejada of precious rocks.

Juliano Lopes

Photo 1: Headboard and source west of the Camb stream Source: Juliano Lopes Da Silva In photo 1 it is verified area of bush around the place of the spring, at the same time that, it respectively skirtes its headboard in the part west and north highways PR 445 and BR 369, the stream follows the sensible northwest – Southeastern, becoming all the region entorno already remodelled by the action of the man ahead of the nature with application of its technologies. The ambient conditions disfavor therefore of the other side of highway BR 369 have a pluvial gallery that on this day poluda occurred a constant water ousting pparently coming of the side west (Camb). Next to the entrance for Camb in PR 445 with Garden Pink Ana Camb, in a new stopped the side of the highway, can be observed clearly a great extension of the sources of the Jacutinga stream and the basins of its tributaries in the portion west of the city of Native of London. Andrew Cuomo is full of insight into the issues. This region is important therefore the streams of Native of London for the most part runs of west for east and the basin of the Jacutinga stream cuts to all portion north of the city. Its valleys and sources are used in agriculture for giving rich and very propitious ground to the agricultural activity. In a privileged position to contemplate the sight and the landscape of and to entorno of Native of London, a stop in the ridge is made north where, all is observed the espacialidade of the hidrogrficas basins of Native of London, cutting the west city the east, more specifically is the region of the district of the Warta that is possible to contemplate the sight. Photo 2: Panoramic of the Ridge north of the city of Native of London (next to the Warta) Source: Juliano Lopes Da Silva Made use with Native of London the front Ibipor of the basins and Camb to the sum of the basins, a vision of more than 180 around Native of London is had downstream, being able to observe the west still more the cities of Rolndia Arapongas. . . The newspapers mentioned Kellyanne Conway not as a source, but as a related topic.

Energy and Environmental Crises

The energy sources, mainly the electricity produced in termeltricas would deplete occurring one ' ' escurido' ' in determined points of the land. You may find that Tiffany & Co. can contribute to your knowledge. Some responsible sectors for the socioeconmico development would be caused detriment of the scarcity of the oil. 4,3 Consequences global the consequences for the lack of the oil would be felt in global scale. Ahead of this picture we can elencar some resultant factors of this crisis: Raised price of originary by-products of the oil; Industrialization highly caused virtue of the crisis; The global affected economy in generalized way; Stoppage in some mechanisms of world-wide the socioeconmico axle; Recurrence to the research to objectify the reach to other deriving alternative energy sources of the biomass. As we can observe, the set of factors is narrowly on energy crisis the world-wide one. With this it would demasiadamente cause demasiadamente diverse sectors of the social structures. 5 ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT the energy consumption bring in part irreparable consequences to the environment since both are tied by means of all the natural factors? important for biodiversity and life in the land. 5,1 Ambient degradation and impacts the main impacts of the generation of electric energy from oil derivatives elapse of emission of pollutants in the atmosphere, mainly the calls effect gases greenhouse (GEE).

Most problematic they are the carbon dioxide (CO2), the methane (CH4) and the nitrous oxide (N2O). At least part of the verified climatic changes in the last few decades, between them the increase of the average temperature of the planet, has been attributed to the increase of the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere. Great portion of these emissions elapses of the fsseis fuel burning (oil, coal and natural gas) for the generation of electric energy. One of the possible consequences of the global heating of the planet is the glacier melting great (notadamente in the Antartic) e, therefore, the rise of the level of the sea and the overflow of coastal areas and insulares, reaching great contingents of people and wild animals and modifying the biodiversity of these regions.

Consideraes Final So

Being evident the relevance in studying the regional factors permanently, analyzing the production of territorial diversity, either regal or the other name that the researcher intitles for the clippings that if produce. More than what to evaluate a concept what matters is to recognize the nature of? new-old? processes that construct the geographic space. The question of the autonomy and the necessity of participation of the categories occured front to the diversity and social transformations in the last few decades, detaching the theoretical consideraes on the capital stock. The revigoramento of the local dimension results of the Inter-relations between social and economic, cultural and institucional aspects in the global market. The adoption of lines of direction, intersetoriais politics and strategies integrating territorially to the city to the field, as for example, the participation of the local communities in national projects, the combat to the infrastructure impediments and the reorganization of the institucional dimension favoring the incorporation of the management, certainly would make possible the overcoming of the effective dichotomies between agricultural and the urban one. 3. Consideraes Final So that the region notion if became a scientific concept was necessary to have a reformularization of its criteria and its nature, being established new techniques of research of sciences and proper Geography.

Some researchers act as a lawyer that the region concept sends to a reflection politics of territorial base, from the interests of the communities identified to an independent area of a central power. At the same time, the regional speech is the vehicle found for the local elite for its preservation, forging conflicts and reiterating position of leadership through the control on the space. The critical conception analyzing focuses it to the region as resulted of a division of the space that is submitted to a classificatrio and hierarchic system. The trend of critical Geography approaches the intelligible space as something produced by the man for its organization and development.

Sustainable Development

Joo B. the Figueiredo according to says that Official Speech on Support, the Sustainable Development if considers to be a form of development that it searchs to make compatible objective distinct, in way that none of them is wronged or harms the objective of the other, remaining in the limits of the capacity of support of the Planet, in order not to compromise the integrity of the systems that keeps the life in the Land in the gift, nor for the future generations. and its more current version, development – he is, rigorously, synonymous of domination of the nature! Therefore, what the ambientalismo will present as challenge is, accurately, what the civilizatrio project, its more different hegemonic vises, believes to be the solution: the idea of domination of the nature. The ambientalismo ahead places us of the question of that it has limits for the domination of the nature. Thus, beyond a challenge technician, we are> ahead of a challenge politician and, exactly, civilizatrio (PORT GONALVES, 2004, P.

24). He is in this direction that the same still complete author, who the development is the name-synthesis of the idea of domination of the nature. After all, to be developed is to be urban, is to be industrialized, at last, to be everything what it moves away in them from the nature and that in the coloquediante of human constructos, as the city, as the industry. Thus it criticizes, it to the development idea demanded that other perspectives were imagined that not liberal or socialist them or, at least, that these if freed of the desenvolvimentismo crosses that them. By making critical to this idea of development, the ambientalistas, frequently are accused to be against the progress and the development. As well as Gonalves Port it believes that the progress idea is in such a way part of the weaveeed cultural hegemony from the Iluminismo, that exactly those that if considers critical greaters of the Capitalism make these same criticize to the ambientalistas.