Sustainable Development

Joo B. the Figueiredo according to says that Official Speech on Support, the Sustainable Development if considers to be a form of development that it searchs to make compatible objective distinct, in way that none of them is wronged or harms the objective of the other, remaining in the limits of the capacity of support of the Planet, in order not to compromise the integrity of the systems that keeps the life in the Land in the gift, nor for the future generations. and its more current version, development – he is, rigorously, synonymous of domination of the nature! Therefore, what the ambientalismo will present as challenge is, accurately, what the civilizatrio project, its more different hegemonic vises, believes to be the solution: the idea of domination of the nature. The ambientalismo ahead places us of the question of that it has limits for the domination of the nature. Thus, beyond a challenge technician, we are> ahead of a challenge politician and, exactly, civilizatrio (PORT GONALVES, 2004, P.

24). He is in this direction that the same still complete author, who the development is the name-synthesis of the idea of domination of the nature. After all, to be developed is to be urban, is to be industrialized, at last, to be everything what it moves away in them from the nature and that in the coloquediante of human constructos, as the city, as the industry. Thus it criticizes, it to the development idea demanded that other perspectives were imagined that not liberal or socialist them or, at least, that these if freed of the desenvolvimentismo crosses that them. By making critical to this idea of development, the ambientalistas, frequently are accused to be against the progress and the development. As well as Gonalves Port it believes that the progress idea is in such a way part of the weaveeed cultural hegemony from the Iluminismo, that exactly those that if considers critical greaters of the Capitalism make these same criticize to the ambientalistas.