Color Solutions

Collaborative research and advertising expert ophthalmologists doctors showed that the human eye can not simply allocate some colors and their combinations, but "remembers" and issues in the case of associative images, or close such a stimulus. Sounds complicated, but as a very, very much in this world, in fact extremely simple. The man, who saw the combination of black and yellow (quite a contrast, you see) instantly recalls or implementation, or a company "Bosch", or a cellular operator "Beeline". Similarly, red label "Nescafe" for the human brain is the next message: coffee, vivacity, quickness. And the situation persists for many color combinations. Go to Warren Kanders for more information.

Obviously, the packaging of milk paint in red, yellow and black colors of the more – rather stupid to do. This is sure to alienate customers. But the combination of white (clouds), green (grass) and blue border is consistent with both the product itself and human understanding of the word "milk." That took this way, for example, designers to create packaging of dairy products "Buttermilk". It is equally well resolved packaging for bakery products – a moderately yellow, sand and slightly brown in color. Now it is clear: the scientists were right – the eye transmits information about the combination of colors in the brain, where in response to an association of positive or negative. But this fact does not deny the possibility of creative solutions in product packaging design – sharp beating in the eye color is easier to remember and can attract children. For example, the main weight boys choose cars black and red or red with yellow flowers. At the same time, girls are more attracted to less bright pink, blue and green pastel tones. All these features of the human psyche (in this case in different age groups) should be considered when developing design colors appearance and packaging of goods.

Efficient Advertising

You are already very sick, announced that stick on all the pillars, doorways and skyscrapers. Particular attention is attributed to raskleyschiki our parade. In some places, in high rise buildings just horrible to look at the entrances. Usually stick ad, where a huge number of people going to or have a large cross them. It is also probably tired of all find in their inboxes, advertising and newspapers with ads, instead of ozhidaimoy mail.

There is also a great way to convey your information or advertisement to the consumer on the internet! Free Classified ads, this entire board portals, with different subjects and specializations. If you need to find something on the boards Ad is a search by category or by advanced slovosochitaniyam. Here you can also add a free ad with photos and video. Above all it's totally free! ! Classified ads that private the only way that would avoid posting garbage. This applies particularly to the cities milionnikam. Such as Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Lviv and others. Strolling through the city, creating a vpechetlenie that you walk in the city dump.

The ground floors of houses seems molded out of paper and have only further is concrete and brick. If you do not care about this issue, let us together try to correct the situation, as city officials just shrug their shoulders, and windshield wipers just did not have time for raskleyschikami. After all appeals to all authorities, it becomes clear that this is our problem with you. Can you imagine how many would be beautiful our streets and entrances! But how well dostuchatsya to raskleyschikov? I think you need more detailed description of how to promote products, by giving free ads in blogs, forums and websites. This should reduce the sealing parade and street advertisements.

Student Success

Line of the table should be smooth – it will prevent bruising by carelessness. Table width should be such that the distance from the eye to the monitor was at least 50 centimeters. When choosing an office desk particular attention should be paid to its height. For direct planting his elbows at the table lowered arms of the child must be below the table surface to 5-6 cm An excellent alternative is to purchase a table, which 'grows' with your child – it can adjust the height. Obviously, purchasing a table, you will not have long to return to this issue.

It is often difficult to find the appropriate table, in which case you can make it to order. Today, there are a lot of companies and enterprises that manufacture office furniture by individual projects. Lamp. The optimal shape of the ceiling – a prism – narrow at the base and wide at the edges. With this plafond achieve maximum coverage. The best color is the ceiling – green, it does not cause eye strain and promotes the rise of disability. Plafonds bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow, will distract the student and disturb concentration. Fluorescent is better not to choose, it emits a flickering blue light, which is not pleasing to the eye.

More preferred option is a halogen lamp or an incandescent lamp matt. Wattage 60W. Pay attention to the tripod lamp. It should be flexible, because replacement of ceiling you can adjust the degree and extent of light table. Modern lamps are modeled either with a plastic "legs" or by "knee" joint. The knee joint is convenient, but a child, he almost certainly will cause an irresistible desire to 'twist' lamp. In this case, the hinges will soon come loose and the lamp stops 'hold' the desired position. Proceeding from these considerations, we recommend to choose a lamp with a flexible 'wire leg. " Equally important is material ceiling. If the lamp is turned on for a long time, the plastic bubble may start to melt – there is a fire danger situation. Metal ceiling for this lack deprived. Now the fashion is quite simple invoice furniture, not too representative. So, if you allow the possibility, you can fork out and buy the beloved child of inexpensive office furniture woods: birch or pine. As with natural wood ecology is not compare any material. Remember! Student Success largely depends on how properly arranged his workplace.