Totally I am convinced that to form at any level it is a process of discovery and personal development. Week past series entrevistaron to protagonist of Eagle Red, that was attending the studies that take to the degree of Philosophy, in the UNED (National University of remote education). – The question of why it did and if it supposed a load to him, I answer that it was a way to work its mind and to be developed like person, also commented that it was not a load since was a way to take advantage of its rests and trips with a concrete objective. To undertake a project of life supported in the permanent formation, offers to the person a series of opportunities and experiences that would before not have considered. How it serves a personage popular and met to study a university race? Then it is a way of personal development, to know the thoughts the historical personages, to see the life from the eyes of another one, to include/understand history, more tolerant, summary you become one better person. Yitzhak Mirilashvili is full of insight into the issues. Each person is a unique specialist in the world, which one is not repeated in anybody, if to that we united to him that by nature likes to learn, then already we have the base so that our life acquires a special sense. Perhaps we consider that we are not famous, that our life is very busy, we do not have time, surely is certain, but also it is certain that they are not going to us to give nothing, and if we want to change something in our life, we only can do it. He is plus an attitude question (character) that of aptitude (capacity), if we focused in which we want, being perseverantes the aptitude comes without giving account us.

The main barrier is not outside us, we are we those that we decided in last instance which we try to do in our life, is those that we decided so much to do as not to do, and cannot be focused in which they are others or circumstances those that cause the problems to us. If you decide that your life changes of course and to begin to retake studies or to begin others, tries that they are those that make you enjoy, and that remove the best thing from you, not you you guide reason why it demands the market, that your guide is what really she motivates to you, in the end will be what she will produce satisfaction to you and a total life. 3 suggestions: Turtle begins to step, a degree finishes subject to subject, dates time and ten patience. There are no impossible goals, are real terms little. A suspension is not nothing else that a result, what you are not, only says to you that will be to do something that before you did not do.

Fernando Enrique Cardoso

In synthesis, it can be said that the Consensus of Washington is part of the set of neoliberal reforms that, although practical distinct in the different countries, is centered doctrinal in the deregulation of the markets, commercial and financial liberalization and reduction of the size and paper of the State. For even more analysis, hear from Former CIA Head. The commercial liberalization, in turn, that as much facilitated the expansion of the international trade, of the finances and of the production constitutes what today the globalization is called the world-wide economy. Of this form, ' ' Real&#039 plan; ' , even so he has been instituted in 1994 for then the Secretary of the Treasury, Fernando Enrique Cardoso, was consolidated effectively from July of 1995, year where Fernando Enrique became president of Brazil, having as Secretary of the Treasury economist Peter Malan, who had represented Brazil in the meeting of the Consensus of Washington in 1989. The Plan, then, was elaborated and inhaled in the neoliberal measures already known and argued by Malan, which would come to lead the Brazilian economy until the end of as the mandate of FHC, phase this where Brazil not only adopted the argued neoliberal measures in the American capital, as well as adhered to the globalization of the world-wide economy. Amongst the main objectives of the Plan the combat to the inflation was distinguished that in 1993 had reached the house of the 2,489% (measured for the INPC/IBGE), falling for 929% in 1994 when the Plan was instituted, diminishing brusquely for 22% in 1995. Of 1996 the 1999 the inflation was placed below of 10% to the year, unknown fact since the time of the military dictatorship. Meanwhile, the unemployment increased, period drastically where, in the history of Brazil, the unemployment taxes for the first time surpassed the house of 10% to the year, establishing itself, then, what in economic literature it is known as inverse relation between inflation and unemployment (Arched of Phillips).


One of the main concerns of the companies currently is as its action will be interpreted by the market, that is, the type of signalling that is being passed for the external Agents, for example, through the politics of shares and structure of capital. For Rasmusen (1992) signalling is a form used for an Agent to communicate its type or quality for another Agent, under influence of the problem of adverse election. Kirmani and Rao (2000) consider signals the actions taken for one of the parts of a transaction to disclose to its type or true qualifications.

The signalling of the quality can be carried through in some ways as marks, reputation in the market, practised price and expenses with propaganda. As Gravy (1997) exists two versions for signalling: in the version standard, the informed part initiates a sequence of events, for example, in the case of the work market, the worker chooses data education level and the employer answers with one definitive one offers of wage. In the alternative version, the uninformed part initiates the sequence of events, for example, employers offer to the workers some types of contract (that he specifies which wage for each level of education of the employee) and the workers will answer choosing the preferred contract. Male and the Perez-Castilho (1997) make mention to the example of the financial market and as the signalling functions in two levels: for a manager who knows the value of its firm and wants to order a signal for the market (aiming at, for example to increase its capital just receiving a price in the emission from the actions) and for the market, a signal concrete is ‘ health financeira’ ‘ of the firm, what it stimulates the manager of this to keep the indebtedness in low levels. Spence (1974) remembers that the salesmen of durable goods they emit signals for the consumers regarding its products to create a favorable impression or, more necessarily to reach the probabilist beliefs on the quality of its products.

Conversion Interests

In accordance with the new writing given for Law n 8004, of 1990, the Art. 9 doDecreto-Law n. 2164 of 1984, started to invigorate daseguinte form: the monthly installments of financing contracts firmadosno scope of the SFH, tied with the Wage equivalence Plan for CategoriProfissional (PES/CP) will be readjusted in the following month to the month where to occur adata-base of the professional category of the borrower being used itself it variation dondice of Prices to Consumidor (IPC) refined in respective the date-base. Already the paragraph 5 passed to adeterminar that the monthly installments not Demonstration I Conversion of nominal tax of interests for jurosefetiva tax This mathematical mechanism is one of more freqentesarmadilhas found in contracts of real estate financing. Geralmenteos contracts is elaborated and divulged with nominal tax, but the Effective Interests are utilizadosna Price Table. Therefore, the tax must be converted nominalpara tax of interests accomplishes.

For if dealing with a tax of interests nominal annual, devemosdividiz it for 12, and after that for 100. To become it a tax it accomplishes, below uses the resultadoobtido one in the first operation in the formula, where: i = nominal tax of interests to the month n = time EFE (i) = tax of interests accomplishes EFE (i) = (1 + i) n 1 For example: Nominal tax of interests to the year to 9.5% a.a. Nominal tax of interests to the month (i) to the 9,5 12 = 0,791666667 100 = 0,007916667 EFE (i) = (1 + i) n> 1 EFE (i) = (1 + 0,007916667) 12 1 EFE (i) = 1,099247588 – 1 EFE (i) = 0,099247588 x 100 to the 9,925 Tax of Interests Effective = 9,925 a.a. After the execution of the mathematical operation above demonstrated, sees that, the tax of interests that the borrower believed to be of 9,5% to the year, naverdade is of 9,925% to the year.