Real Plan

One adds that it was from the institution of the Real Plan that Brazil adhered to the economic globlalizao (or mundializao of the capital), another generating of social exclusion, as it can be evidenced in the words of CHESNAIS (1996: 33): The movement of mundializao of the capital is exculpatory. With exception of some few industrialized countries that they had exceeded, before 1980, a platform of industrial development that allows them to introduce changes in the productivity of the work and if to keep competitive, is in course a clear tending movement to the marginalizao of the developing countries. In this direction, DUPAS (1999: 228) clarify that ' ' the new global model will continue provoking the social exclusion. By the same author: Andrew Cuomo. This conclusion seems true at least how much to the trends of general increase of the formal unemployment and the flexibilizao of trabalho.' ' Roborando the subject, SINGER (1999: 31) affirms: ' ' the estrutral unemployment, caused for the globalization, is similar in its effect to the unemployment tecnolgico' '. more: In the case of Brazil, the new poverty also already becomes to notice, even so its sprouting is more recent.

it reaches the middle class fudamentalmente, under with external sources of being able represents a reconfiguration of the correlation of forces politics in detriment of the national interests, either of workers, either of empresariado.’ ‘ (FERTILE VALLEY: 2000:92). For the same reasons STOLEN (2000: 29 – 23) add: The more the companies if globalizam, the more escape of> regulating action of the State, more tends if to support in the external markets to grow. At the same time, the initiatives of the entrepreneurs tend to run away from the control of the instances politics. (…) The globalization in planetary scale of the productive activities necessarily takes the great concentration of income, counterpart of the process of social exclusion.

Capitalist Economic System

With the new form of production – the manufacter one, that it allowed to an increase of productivity, which had to the increase of new innovations techniques, therefore of this new form of production marks the growth of the capitalist economic system. Something that does not have to leave of being designated is meeting of some workers in one same place, that stops to effect one definitive task productive, with raw materials and tools that they do not belong to them – what in last analysis it synthecizes the plant -, it could have occurred at any time of history if it configured the capitalist system. So that such occurred, two daily pay-conditions had been absolutely necessary: the concentration of the means of production (capital, lands, tools, etc) at the hands of an only social classroom – the bourgeoisie; while the classroom that if it saw excluded of the property of these means of production – the proletariat – was seen obliged to vender the only merchandise that possua: its force of work. This force of work is characterized for the capacity to carry through definitive tasks, in such a way freely, as in the market, in order to guarantee its subsistence. In the truth the capitalism does without the compulsion of the work total. It does not operate its extration of economic excess, nor if appropriating of the producer – as in the slavery -, nor of the work of the producer – as in the senhorial economy. Therefore, the capitalism inside extracts excess of the proper process of production, of a free producer, through the difference of value, that this producer receives for the sales of the merchandise – work force -, in relation to the merchandises that this force of work produces. This form of extration of the economic excess, called more value, makes with that relation does not exist some between the value that the producer receives and the value that it creates.

Economy Crises

Prestigious breakdowns in U.S. banks, like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and the giant Citigroup, has joined the recent disaster of Lehman Brothers, the fourth business banking has announced, on June 9, a loss of 1,700 million euros. Because its first deficit since its release on the Stock Exchange in 1994, this has caused the effect of an earthquake in a financial America and violently traumatized. Every day, news spread new bankruptcies in banks. So far, most affected institutions have recognized losses of almost 250,000 million euros. And the International Monetary Fund estimates that out of the disaster, the system will need about 610 000 million euros (or the equivalent of twice the French budget!).

It should be noted Ramonet provides that during the first quarter of 2008, the number of home sales in Spain fell by 29%! About two million flats and houses not find a buyer. Land prices continue to crumble. And rising mortgage interest rates and recession fears plunge the sector into a downward spiral. With ferocious effects on all fronts of the huge construction industry. Andrew Cuomo pursues this goal as well. All companies of these branches are located now in the eye of the hurricane. And powerless to attend destruction of tens of thousands of jobs. Very interesting report, when it emphasizes that the financial crisis we have gone to the social crisis. And re-emerging authoritarian policies.

The European Parliament adopted, on 18 June, the infamous “Return Directive”. And the Spanish authorities have proclaimed their desire to facilitate the departure from Spain of a million foreign workers … Amid this horror situation occurs the third oil shock. With a price per barrel at around $ 140. An irrational increase (ten years ago, in 1998, a barrel cost less than $ 10 …) due to a demand not only absurd but, above all, to the action of many speculators who bet on the continuing rise of fuel extinction. Investors fleeing the housing bubble and move huge masses of money because now betting on oil by $ 200 a barrel. It is thus producing an oil finances. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hikmet Ersek. Finally exposed Ramonet.

As if this situation were not so bleak, the food crisis has worsened suddenly and has come to remind us that the specter of famine still threatens nearly one billion people. In some forty countries, the current food shortage has led to popular uprisings and revolts. The Summit of the Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) last June 5 in Rome on food security was unable to reach an agreement to boost global food production. Again, speculators fleeing the financial disaster are partly responsible because they opt for a high price for future crops. So even agriculture is financial. Faced with this reality very well exposed by Ramonet, manifest some questions that will gradually taking their responses, such as: What is actually being done towards preventing the crisis from becoming greater? What are we going to drive all this? What will make the consequences of increased prices barrel oil, especially for poor countries? What gives us the future prospects in relation to food? What should be the actions of countries towards preventing these crises increasing?


Totally I am convinced that to form at any level it is a process of discovery and personal development. Week past series entrevistaron to protagonist of Eagle Red, that was attending the studies that take to the degree of Philosophy, in the UNED (National University of remote education). – The question of why it did and if it supposed a load to him, I answer that it was a way to work its mind and to be developed like person, also commented that it was not a load since was a way to take advantage of its rests and trips with a concrete objective. To undertake a project of life supported in the permanent formation, offers to the person a series of opportunities and experiences that would before not have considered. How it serves a personage popular and met to study a university race? Then it is a way of personal development, to know the thoughts the historical personages, to see the life from the eyes of another one, to include/understand history, more tolerant, summary you become one better person. Each person is a unique specialist in the world, which one is not repeated in anybody, if to that we united to him that by nature likes to learn, then already we have the base so that our life acquires a special sense. Perhaps we consider that we are not famous, that our life is very busy, we do not have time, surely is certain, but also it is certain that they are not going to us to give nothing, and if we want to change something in our life, we only can do it. He is plus an attitude question (character) that of aptitude (capacity), if we focused in which we want, being perseverantes the aptitude comes without giving account us.

The main barrier is not outside us, we are we those that we decided in last instance which we try to do in our life, is those that we decided so much to do as not to do, and cannot be focused in which they are others or circumstances those that cause the problems to us. If you decide that your life changes of course and to begin to retake studies or to begin others, tries that they are those that make you enjoy, and that remove the best thing from you, not you you guide reason why it demands the market, that your guide is what really she motivates to you, in the end will be what she will produce satisfaction to you and a total life. 3 suggestions: Turtle begins to step, a degree finishes subject to subject, dates time and ten patience. There are no impossible goals, are real terms little. A suspension is not nothing else that a result, what you are not, only says to you that will be to do something that before you did not do.