Of course, a momentary solution to the problem is obvious, but what awaits us next? Consider not the most optimistic, but, unfortunately, fairly common scenario. The child becomes a slave of habit, which undoubtedly will affect his future mental development, memory and perception of the world. He was, incidentally, is not easily give up this addiction, what to you and me from eating at night or lying on the couch (instead of jogging to cool Park). The situation is complicated, if mum and dad include a TV in the morning, a familiar gesture, so to speak – and it works into the night, even as many explained, not for the attentive viewer, but just for background. Especially undesirable if the background! After all, it means that he works all day, pouring in child streams of information. How often do we show the good news? That our child will be considered the norm after the story about the everyday And if it is accompanied by a detailed demonstration on the way, the flickering screen? Features of this children's perception characterized by the fact that often the child remembers the information unconsciously.

And parents then wonder where those words in the lexicon of offspring (in the house, nobody does not swear obscenities), and a similar outlook (mom and dad about the "good and bad "does not explain very, but do different aunts and uncles from the screens. By the way, is not always dressed and sober). And then, and then more difficult to overcome … There are many things loading the child's psyche. Bright flashy colors and increased memory snatch only fragments, and this in turn will lead to what will be violated causal relationships, because the child did not get the connection between two events (phrases, actions). The specifics of child cognition is that it is best at an early age to gain knowledge of direct communication, seeing how the world of relations, participating in establishing contacts with adults and peers. Development of the child is guaranteed suffer if the attempt to replace real people with their emotions and experiences the TV.

A commission of activism? For the baby NATURALLY run-jump-jump, walk on grass barefoot, riding down the hills, swim in the summer and throw snowballs in winter. But this requires us parents to get up off the couch, get dressed and come up with a child on the street, tore himself from his status screen plasma TV or a small kitchen. Why? Help open he world! Become an active participant in this process! It is a pastime and not a joint review of another "soap", helps to build trust with the child. In addition, spending time with baby, you invest in it, and in the future. Needless to say that the quality of your life at some point will depend on whether the person became your son or daughter? Tell your treasure on the stars, trees, flowers, birds! Read, sing, draw, jump in puddles. Put the physical, moral, educational goals and in front of him, not only to him. Tell him about other people, how to live in peace with them … And then, including therefore, your child will understand what is happiness-happiness of human communication.

Global Business Issues

Russia turned towards the West, foreigners willingly take on state service, first erected in Moscow, the Lutheran church, built plans of dynastic marriages with European monarchies. But at the same time a new king begins to reduce scores with opponents, especially members of the old nobility, which never recognized the Godunov match for himself, and thus, it is making more and more enemies. And suddenly – Uaynaputina. It's like Eyjafjallajokull, but much worse. Volcanic eruption in what is now Peru was silsheyshim the history of South America for several years and changed the climate around the globe and in Russia in particular.

But only if China's problems with fruiting trees in Germany has fallen almost all wine-making, but in Russia … Then came the three hungry, when summer frosts struck such that the Moscow River was covered with ice. Famine, has grown a hundredfold in the price bread, there have been cases of cannibalism. Boris responds to short-sighted and somewhat hysterically, first trying unsuccessfully to control the price of bread, then distributes the money to the poor than is tremendous inflation, then open state granaries are full and the capital thousands of starving, many of which, exhausted, dying on the streets. The only thing that does not dare to make the king – a force to know, monasteries, etc., to sell surplus grains, their barns were full, despite the prevailing famine everywhere, that has not escaped the attention of the people. Needless to say, guilty of all seen it with his terrible Godunov (according to public opinion) and the sins of the royal rating fell to a lower limit.

Borisov government obviously was not pleasing to God, and therefore, the population twenty provinces with a clear conscience have taken part in the uprising Cotton (1603-1604gg.). Cotton defeated and executed – and here the news that the Tsarevich Dmitry alive and moving with his army to Moscow. The king understands that whoever this man was, he – contender for the throne, if only because of the hatred felt by the people to their present king. And that means death and Boris himself, and his family. And although the army will be divided into the Pretender in January 1605 and back down to Putivl, Boris Godunov is not recovered from the collapsed on him trouble and died April 13, 1605 (conspiracy theorists of the time will tell – poisoned, unable to bear the pangs of conscience). His son for a short time become a king, but it will be poisoned with his mother, beloved daughter Xenia, who only a few years ago, intended to become a Swedish princess, becomes a concubine vpuschennogo boyars in Moscow, Dmitrii.

British Cabs

The world famous black cab, black cab – the official taxi in England. That is the London taxi, which from the beginning of the century was the same attribute of London as Big Ben or red double-decker buses. The story begins in … 1639, when Kouchmenov Corporation was established license carting. First, crews were by four – they were called Hackney (hackney – itinerant horse). And in the years 1840-1850 have entered into use more agile two-wheeled open carriage – convertible or in short cab. One hundred years ago, the decline of the era of horse-drawn carriages – on the streets of London left 70 elektrokebov Bersey, travel at a speed of 15 km / h.

However, all elektrokebmeny in the same year went bankrupt, and the last horse in London kebmen surrendered his license until 1947. V1907 was begun Taxi boom, many have begun to develop cars specifically for use as taxicabs. Incidentally, the English today are reluctant to recall that one of most popular London taxi at a quarter-century (until 1932) was a cab Unic, produced … French firm Georges Richard. Now in good old England, there were three firms that built taxi cabs – London Taxi International, Hooper and Asquith, known their replicas. The design of these vehicles remains as conservative as they are not changing for decades appearance. In kebah driver certainly sits behind a partition, bags are placed next to the driver. Still more recently, the taxi had to be necessarily black, which symbolizes the honor and dignity. Today the streets of the capital of the kingdom and beyond are increasingly found a taxi most unbelievable colors, carrying mostly on their bodies, billboards. Taxi