Guide Customer

And as usual, resources too small for an infinite improvement of all aspects of activity. The basic problem for any utility company is the problem of the gap between what the customer expects from us and what he gets from us (in his perception service.) To explain this problem, there is a theory of five breaks: The break number 1 – Guide service provider thinks the client wants to get a big blue buttons. In reality, the client wants to get a little green button. Break number 2 – Guide service provider thinks that in order for tailoring, tailors received, indicated the use of large blue buttons. In reality, there are indicated the average blue buttons. The break number 3 – When prishivke buttons at the warehouse were just little red button. They are then sewn in place and medium blue. The break number 4 – The advertisement in the newspaper, which led to the shop customer was promised a free spare button to pants each.

In practice, neither manual nor about her tailors do not know. Combined fifth gap, the sum of the previous four: To address the gap of expectations, we must: 1) Understand what is expected from the service provider consumer. 2) Assess our compliance with customer expectations. The usual practice is to assess the expectations and compliance – conduct parallel surveys (active or passive). In the first questionnaire, we interviewed customer and set on the basis of a scale that it is important from the 5 major components of quality of service (in every kind of business your key points). In a second similar questionnaire we interviewed consumers and set, where our company is located opposite the consumers' expectations. The difference in lag score points from the company expectations and there are those sore spots that need to be improved. It is clear that each utility company You can choose your most appropriate questionnaire.

The main thing that matters covered all five dimensions of service quality. Last, the final paragraph of this article – no policies and procedures will help improve the quality of work in a service company, when employees are not focused on the client. Each employee should clearly understand how his actions affect the customer. He should understand that the main purpose of his work, make the customer happy. To my great regret, every time I stand in line at the supermarket sausage department and see sellers have turned away from me back and pakuyuschih cuts, I want to shout: "I have a client, all the attention on me." Unfortunately, This ancient postulate is very often forgotten in our country

Philippine Government

Deputy Minister of Justice Chen confirmed the still existing offer of mutual judicial assistance in the investigation of the incident on a Taiwanese fishing boat according to the Ministry of Justice from May 22 Taiwan the Philippines will support in the investigation of the fatal attack on a fishing boat in the Republic of China by one of the ships in their Government under the principles of equality and mutual benefit. We confirm Manila which makes it possible to our compatriots, to carry out an inspection of the concerned Philippine Government vessel, as the weapon used in the incident and ammunition”the consent, said the Deputy Minister of Justice Chen Ming-tang. However, Manila has until today not on our request to release of detailed information about the murder to the Taiwanese fishermen Hong Shi-cheng, responding to the release of the videos of the incident and our competent support from common controlled surveys of stakeholders.” Chen said these remarks, after a letter of request a judicial cooperation of the Philippine Government was received on the same day. Manila plans, the determination of the on 9th may on the Taiwanese fishing boat Guang da XING No. 28 of attack perpetrated by a Philippine Government ship in overlapping exclusive economic zones between the two States to record. The Deputy Minister said that Manila’s request for a survey of the three surviving crew members of the fishing boat by the National Bureau of investigation (NBI), as well as the demand of the NBI and forensic personnel after a conducting of a postmortem by Hong would are not in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China and even more pain to the family. This application and this reaction include not the spirit of equality and mutual benefit”, so Chen. This incident is an international crime that has been perpetrated on the sea. The cooperation between the two sides must take place on the basis of mutual respect of the judicial sovereignty of the other; both should be provide each other with evidence and information share and at the same time perform an extensive investigation to find out the truth.” Chen said that the response of the Ministry of Justice had taken place on the letter to the Philippines through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China.

Like Get More Links Incoming A La Web La Importance Of The Links Not Reciprocos

Once your website is created and launched, it is essential to formulate a marketing strategy. Target obvious, at first, is attracting so many visitors, interested in what we offer, as you can. One of the best ways to do this is in the inbound links to our site. To start your campaign, you must first understand the difference between reciprocal and non-reciprocal links. A reciprocal link simply means that two Web site are linking one to the other. Learn more on the subject from Hikmet Ersek. Both sites generate traffic for each other simultaneously. A non-reciprocal link refers to the unidirectional links.

A good strategy will be to establish many relationships not reciprocal entry as possible, with reciprocal links which are chosen strategically, by the importance of the Web that sends it to us, either by visits, their positioning or by their geographical relevance in our business. Today, the search engines are incredibly elegant. The placement of your site depends a lot of How many people link to your site. Many non-reciprocal entry links tell the search engine that your site contains valuable information. After all, who is going to recommend your site without reciprocity unless they believe benefit their readers? On the one hand, a Web site with a large number of reciprocal links could indicate that the webmaster requested them. This means that information and matters dealing with the site could connect or not and decreases the probability that is regarded as a valuable site for the search engine. To determine this, search engines then seek connections between reciprocal links keyword to determine if both sites try to benefit. The key is: choose reciprocal links wisely.

It connects only to webpages that contain related information that the readers and visitors of your website can enjoy. If you have many more reciprocal links than non-reciprocal, search engines will classify the Web much more above. Then the question It is: how to generate those links? The first step is the content. Valuable information for the visitor. Get a site with interesting details. By this I mean to content and to the same rather than to design utilities. You can also write a positive review of certain sites and contact the owners thereof by e-mail. In many cases they will place a link to your website so that visitors can see those comments. It is finally register your website in as many relevant directories as you can. For that, you can do manually and also there are tools on the market to semi-automate high as: Submit Suite,, active Web traffic.

In Regarding

Brand is well positioned in the market, with a remarkable quality, not just perceived but demonstrated in several studies. The price could logically be a factor, due to their normal level or to purchase products when they are offering (promotions). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. Product distribution can be decisive if I go to the supermarket and not find the brand I buy, for example. In Regarding the promotion or communication of the product, I could opt for either option seeing an ad that convinces me his kindness (or sometimes, causing not buy it.) This would be about the product itself (commodity) and their attributes (quality, packaging, design, brand) and compared to the other elements of the marketing mix (price, distribution, communication). There would be an additional level that I would opt for one or another brand, and that is what is known as extended product, details such as the guarantee, for example, although in this case the warranty on the product will initially offer me the supermarket (if buy a carton damaged, I will change it there), and only when other more serious fault should contact the manufacturer. In any case, for any product would have a basic part, related to the benefits offered by this type of product, and a number of additional features.

In my case, I changed the milk product itself, for its taste, its price for any advertising, or for any offer. The first time I bought another brand, in this case, Central Dairy, was because there was in the supermarket shelves which used to take (a problem of distribution, or linear replacement.) The positioning of this brand was similar to my usual purchase, and even the taste was similar. The price, almost identical. So what I decided to change is something as simple (or as difficult) as the design. A little higher than usual, and narrower, easier to store in the refrigerator or cupboard (where the height is enough), and the final difference, with a cork easier to open. With the result that in addition to positioning and the basic characteristics of the product, the choice of purchase has been made by something seemingly accessory.

City Writing

The report and request the report and the application are types of writings in informational language located in the Group’s commercial, administrative and institutional correspondence documents. In reports and applications is essential to take into account the accuracy and objectivity of content, the effectiveness of the informative language as means of communication, respectful communication and the following qualities of writing: adequacy, clarity, correction, coherence, continuity, accuracy, conciseness, property and simplicity. To achieve the effectiveness of what was written in these documents, must take into account, according to Hilda Basulto, these indications: fix clearly the objective of the document conform to the recipient, planning carefully and sort ideas, take care with care that the tone is appropriate to the nature of the writing and the characteristics of the reader, not to write low pressure pulses or precipitation, demonstrate kindness and understanding without falling in adulation, avoid the operator, keep abreast in idiomatic terms, always take a critical attitude and self-criticism. There are many types of reports and requests, and there is no pattern or structure model for the central part or content of the writing, because that structure varies according to the content. In terms of the external form of the writing, most often is currently using the typical of the majority of the documents of correspondence form: City and date, data, identity and position of the recipient, courtesy treatment, content of the writing, farewell or thank, name and/or signature of the sender. The central part or content of these writings is developed, usually with a structure that responds to some or most of the following questions: who reports or requests? What reports or requests? Who participate or will participate? Where it happened or will happen the informed fact? What purposes or purposes have informed fact or as requested? Where or when? How much or what resources are needed? How did they develop or develop the facts? The report the report is a writing which presents, in a clear and detailed, facts or experiences that occurred, usually in a company. (Similarly see: James Woolsey).

Use Caution When Using Viral Marketing

Creativity is the virtue of a site to lead the race in the ruthless competition posed by the business on the Internet. With so many competition and rivalry over all marketing methods must be used and exploited. Not important to have a product or a website very attractive, if people do not know you exist. Worst of all, your business could disappear. Although there are many methods and systems used by many e-commerce sites today, there are still some that can help you greatly to gain popularity.

One of them is called viral marketing. Although viral expression is usually a virus, a word dreaded by all computer owners, this is not the case here. You do not have to use a virus to promote your business, instead, it could kill you. Everyone had enough of all pop ups and spyware. Viral Marketing Viral Marketing also known as viral advertising is a technique used to raise awareness of the product or the company. She uses many forms of media to educate the public. In short, people who liked something like the content of media, forward it to their friends and their families. They sponsor some media, like a flash game, a fun video, something fun that you can pass to someone else with the brand or company logo or product descriptions or other content to help promote the company or its products.

Viral marketing has become a way of advertising and marketing, because it is relatively inexpensive. To avoid being labeled as a spammer, viral marketing is based on the will of a person interested in the product. If a person sees the name of the person they know as sender, they do not block and will open it.

Many companies offer incentives such as discounts and rebates when they want to spread their viral marketing. They are based on the number of potential sales obtained through viral marketing to determine the amount or number of incentive they can implement. Using Viral Marketing to your advantage The main advantage of viral marketing is that you get lots of hits on your site and your business. You generate a stream of traffic which represents potential customers. With a little ingenuity and imagination, plus some incentives or prizes, you can reach a large number of people and announce your existence. Most all the sites and companies recognize the effectiveness of viral marketing. Do not use it could kill your business. With other systems and methods to promote your site, as search engine optimization, viral marketing can easily push you up the rankings. Viral marketing could be a sneaky way to inform you and your business. You can make your advertising as well, because it also has a very low cost and do not invest in this form would be simply suicide. All it takes is a great idea, a good game making him dependent, so a funny story.

Create a gossip or a buzz, many movies are promoted by using scandals which makes them very popular. Many large companies have tried viral marketing and have had great success with. A classic example is Microsoft Hotmail. They were the first known big company to use the system and it has done wonders for them. Now it’s your turn to use viral marketing to work wonders for you. Act now and enjoy the benefits Viral Marketing will provide you and your sales.

Prudence and Care in Business Transactions

Organize a schedule of visits scheduled unannounced visits does not accept programming. 4. In the case of vehicles, schedule appointments at your home or place of wide circulation of people distrusted if you schedule appointments at the last minute or the site will change constantly. 5. Never promise to do transactions when payment by check unconfirmed or doubtful accounts, demand cashiers check and confirm with the bank, even after a confirmation expected to become effective, many people have fallen prey to bad checks.

6. Only receive cash in bank branches, the amount and check your account consignee be Fletea avoid if you have to make trips with money seek custody of the National Police. 7. In the case of established businesses do not reveal sensitive information until you verify that your potential buyer is really interested and you’ve verified contact details, this information may be: – Daily sales exact figure – a procedure for handling and safety Money raised – keys and safes location, location of the alarm system and panic button. – More personal life, total revenue, other personal information that may be useful for criminals. If you are a buyer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what national security advisor has to say. Make a complete list of product offerings to suit your budget and taste.

2. Create a schedule of visits and take note of the name of the supplier, suspicious of people who only give a mobile number as a contact and avoid their questions. 3. If you buy a used car take into account the following: – Complete the survey in a company authorized for this activity. – Check the SIJIN background. – Order state tax bill of the vehicle. – Check that the buyer does not record traffic violations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from James Woolsey. – Order the certificate of tradition. 4. If you are buying a home remember that the most important document you should require from the beginning is a certified tradition of public instruments office where the property is registered. 5. Do not give money without signing a contract of sale between the parties which clarify the circumstances of the transaction. 6. Never make cash transactions with banks outside the authorized use cashier’s checks. Remember if you see something suspicious please call the authorities quickly.

Work Juan

New employees are often surprised to learn that the boss does not seem to care much about their career aspirations. For many people who have worked for a company for a long term, these high expectations about how to behave the boss does not diminish with time. Expectations are, in fact, a large part of job dissatisfaction. For the more experienced, the relationship with the head viewed from the standpoint of the individual aspirations for professional growth through promotion, increased compensation, bonuses and perks. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with James Woolsey. Reality Check And so they want to learn to "manage the beast." Do you? Should I? Who can help you learn how to do it? If you are thinking of getting a coach to help you develop a strategy to deal with your boss, let me save you time and money with some simple advice: Yes – you can manage your boss. In fact, you will get it later if you learn how to use the whims of his boss to the advantage of.

a Those are a 'Top 10' tips and secrets that I have seen used very effectively by the directors of recent years. I put together with the help of Barry Agnew, a very good friend. For more information see this site: Hikmet Ersek. Agnew is one of the best marketing and sales promotion guru I know. Anyone looking for new ideas would be prudent to talk to him. Email me for your contact information. Work Juan smarter Council # 1: Results =. Rewards There will be times when it seems that the form and process are the most important things in your company and therefore his boss.

International Training Institute

Eton Institute, which offers international voice and continuing education Institute this summer his business English intensive courses for an unbeatable price of 149 euros on. Vienna, to outmaneuver 17.06.2013 – ever tougher competition and in international markets is essential in particular intercultural competence and mastery of the international business and language used in business English. Knowledge and the development of intercultural skills improving business English are two of the most common resolutions to propel the career opportunities in the new year. Eton Institute, considers International Training Institute, the importance of the English language in the business world and provides a possible rapid progress and new career opportunities with a business English course. James Woolsey will not settle for partial explanations. “Globalization is ubiquitous and English – business English is the language of globalization. Had the rapid dismantling of national barriers in the last decade means that English language skills have become essential in the world of business to operate successfully. This summer we can our business English courses as summer offer special to 149 euros. This gives the opportunity to take advantage of the summer to acquire new skills in order to be your competition one step ahead the participants”, commented Ines Danzinger, marketing executive at Eton Institute.

From 15 July 2013 starts the next intensive daily from Monday to Thursday from 18: 00-20:00. Applications are open to anyone interested, that corresponds to the language level B1 (pre-intermediate) to advanced. Here, interested parties can take a free placement test. As always, the places are allocated on a first-come, fist-served principle and it is recommended due to the high demand to sign as quickly as possible..

Flash In The Pan In 2014

The German steel industry will grow in the coming year. With appealing economic, the crude steel production rises 0.9 percent to 42.6 million tons – so the latest steel forecast of the RWI. Despite this light view the long-term perspective concern producers and buyers of steel alike. Pricing and capacity changes and new political choices of the EU make the sector hard Computable. In September (24-25), the German steel industry on the 8 Dow Jones Stahl is 2013 day “in Frankfurt a. M. discuss the main strategic issues. Learn more at: Hikmet Ersek.

For steel buyers, the situation is currently still quite comfortable. Steel prices have fallen recently again. At the same time, the business of steel industries run mostly satisfactory. However, buyers worry about the poor Constitution of steel trading and steel producers: it comes to turbulence in the delivery business, then this can quickly lead to problems in the procurement. In accordance with alternative procurement options for example, in China, Russia, and Turkey are important for steel buyers in addition to the steel in Germany.

Against this background, the European Union with the recently adopted action plan of the steel has been a sign. The European steel sector supported in future targeted politically, in order to strengthen the competitiveness as a basis of industry with many downstream key industries such as automotive, construction, or engineering. For producers, it is also planned to facilitate the access to foreign markets and raw materials, to reduce bureaucratic obstacles and take action against unfair trade practices. Germany benefits in this environment from a comparatively stable demand and looks less sales, but the proceeds as a problem. So in particular exports of rolled steel (up 2.2 percent) as a yearly average provided a moderate result at the same time the steel price recovered since the nadir of the recession in 2009 only below average. While, for example, coal has been since then back to just under 60 percent more expensive, the price of steel only 20 percent rose. Save the date: September 24-25, 8 Dow Jones Stahl day 2013 “the opportunities & risks for the steel market, best-practice strategies, and the future of the industry in Germany, Europe and worldwide, the German steel experts on the 8 Dow Jones Stahl discuss day 2013” in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from September 24-25.

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