Martins Sources

Analles looks for to understand the temporality in sub? extract, therefore searchs behind the fact that is the tip to evaluate the processes that had taken the definitive event, analyzing that the fact in itself has one short duration, however the process that unchained the fact possesss a long duration that to the few emerged in the event in instantaneous itself, thus considering to reconstruct history evaluating the historical context of the period and reconstructed – lo of clear and verdica form giving felt and cohesion to the facts, without producing a history of cause and effect. With the aid of sciences auxiliary it considers that if it does not make only factual a economicista history that understands the mentalities, a psico history – social, however when it is used of the psychology it must – to remember that this area of the mental science that of only the particular diagnosis of the individual and if cannot thus analyze a complex society only for an individual and delimit the actions of the others for this particular diagnosis and transform – lo in universal with this if developed one another aspect that makes possible for history the nexus between factual history, history mental partner that it passes to be the historical anthropology, that is, through the anthropology that if it defines as disciplines that it studies culture of determines society and that it will go to make possible to understand the events in its in such a way mental structures and the thought shared for the individuals and correlating with the values, symbols and the meanings that each estruturantes event and its processes reflect in the culture of the society, and thus interpreting the symbolic codes, appraising with the objective to reconstruct history that understands the directions of the historical process the event and its structures in its historicidade. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE: It reads Goff, Jacques, new history. Under the direction Roger Chantier, Jacques Revil. Translation Eduardo Brando. 5 ed. So Paulo: Martins Sources, 32-84.

Natural Resources

It has as line of direction the ordinance and control of the use of the ground, form to prevent degradation of the natural resources. It has a minimum set of common criteria and elements for these places that appear in practically all the models of urban planning, express in managing plans. An important element is the construction of platforms of sutentabilidade, monitored for pointers that will go to mensurar and to give the ways, stated periods and goals of excellency development. Platforms with clear and including politics of sanitation, it collects and garbage treatment; management of waters, with collection, treatment, economy and I reuse; transport systems that privilege the transport of masses with quality and security; actions that preserve and extend green areas and use of clean energies and you renewed; educational models that enable and value the educator; at last, transparent and shared public administration with the organized society. All city has that to have a good plan of adaptation to the climatic changes, mainly those you affect the extreme events.

Coastal cities must have planning against tidal waves and rise of the level of the oceans. Cities of the interiors must be worried about landslides in hillsides, floods, waves of heat and cold. At last, to have flexibility and adaptability to the new climatic requirements (physical earthquakes, volcanos and other elements), without congealing its structures. The things move quickly and the cities have that to have the resilience capacity. Great urban conglomerates had invaded and forcene the space of natural geography. In Rio De Janeiro and many great cities of the world, entire mounts had been busy for irregular and unsafe constructions. It has that if to redesign the urban growth of form to integrate it with natural geography, as to reactivate edges of rivers and to recoup ciliares bushes, so that the city if becomes arredia little and it does not receive a reply hostile from the natural environment.

It must be revitalized the centers of the great cities so that to become a space of pacific and comfortable convivncia. Local they are endowed with good infrastructure, little used and to the emptied times. The population is aging and becoming more mature and active. New the old one has physical vigor and intellectual, it works, it has mobility, it searchs and it practises quality of life. The formation and maintenance of lesser and self-contained quarters must consist of managing plans, to prevent the wild urban expansion in the territory. To give to priority to the adensamento and urban development in the interior of the constructed spaces, with the degraded recovery of ambientres. They are all great projects that demand vultosos resources that finish for creating generating activities of job, income and well-being but at the same time disequilibria in the inadequate use of the spaces. To search to live in the break-even point is the great challenge of concentraers human beings who desire the support, dreams in being green cities. This that is important!

Online Perfume Store

Clients online store perfume offers a chance to be a captivating world of scents. You should just open an online store, and a range of flavors presented, which is located on the site, you are sure choose its own unique aura. Sections of this site will provide you a referral to a truly comfortable confidence to translate your dreams! You can buy any item from the collection represented the elite of flavors, not losing to buy much time and resources without leaving your home. Serving delivery online store will provide customers with products in every point of our capital. Click Hikmet Ersek for additional related pages. It is necessary to be confident that every bottle of perfume, provided us a decent quality. In addition, prices for products from reputable manufacturers recognized comfortably surprise you. Traditionally, the manufacture of perfumes was calculated for representatives to the fair sex, as for the girls perfume – a complement of image, how to recreate the unique style. Perfumes are able to provide an impression on the subconscious level, and to a large extent really coming from a person causes a smell of human beings is the environment. Western Union might disagree with that approach.

Therefore, the original smell decent spirits – at least a substantial component of style, elegant decor than either the original shoes. Exactly perfume girl recreate additionally attractive, portrayed the atmosphere around good mood. Now the desire for good spirits and toilet water is not considered a privilege of the ladies – no doubt drew close attention to the selection of exquisite perfumes. At the same time, men's products, is different from women's products, should add to the style of the owner notes confidence.

I Age, Then Existed

I age, then existed Child without hunger that I was, always in the table the rice, beans, salada and the least a piece of meat, hen or fish. Everything completed with fruits of the time comings of the fair, watermelon, mace, khaki, or even though the cashews, bananas and carambolas of the yard. Cooling, only to the week ends, it was water or orange with water and sugar, delicious ' ' laranjada' '. Reflecting above all this, it today worries me the scaling of ' ' consumption, then existo' '. Yes, because today the child already is born with logomarcas tatuadas in the body. Of the one to see Nestl, tatuado in the belly and Johnson? s in bumbum. Soon after, there per the three years, Windows in the forehead. Later, to the twelve or thirteen years, McDonald? s in the chin and Nike in the heel.

E then, to the eighteen years, supreme accomplishment: Volkswagen, Ford, Chevrolet, on the back of the two hands and in the brain, the neural tattooing, this yes, each time more en vogue in the cruelty of merchandising! Here, a festival of new habits, acquired of the common sense of ' ' consumption, then existo' '. Citing Frei Betto: ' ' The capitalism in such way desumaniza, that already we are not only consuming, also we are consumed. The symbolic merchandises coat that me and goods surround that me are that they determine my value social' '. Or Scrates, still taking a walk for the commerce of Atenas, when assediado for the salesmen it answered: ' ' I am only observing quanta thing exists of that not necessary being feliz.' ' The bond of the mediation in the consumption relations was lost, that had today become impersonal. It is the virtual commerce, for the simple act to consume.

In the supermarket, the gondolas, alone, cold, discarding the presence human being. Long ago, in she would mercearia, the fair, the sales was preceded for the human contact, creating bonds that if harmonized and constituam the relationship circles. In net, the purchases without raising of the chair, comfort, necessity of the product? He is ' ' clico, then existo' ' , or ' ' Google, then meeting millions of things that I do not want, nor preciso' '. I, almost dinossauro that I am, continue to eat banana with rice and beans, therefore I know accurately of where I came clearly and for where I do not want to go. I am and still I exist, thus same

Call Center

Electronic auctions at the moment a new kind of market electronic trading platforms (ETP). The purpose of this site information, buyers and sellers together. The main part of the sale of goods rotated on the Internet. On such auctions, the price is not constant. Revenues due to such auctions are simple – advertising and various transactions made by the user. Such an area at a given hour is very popular and at the same time promising from a financial point of view. Many well-known companies are using e-auctions as a marketing tool for evaluation as to their demand for the product and its subsequent market price. At the electronic auctions can be set any goods of any brand and any model year: computers and accessories; discounted goods; unmarketable goods; former leaders of sales; items for collections.

Internet – Auctions are systematized on the basis of their separation direction of growth or decay rates. Rates are from a minimum to a maximum price or, conversely, decreases from highest to lowest, which was previously put owners of auction. Electronic auctions classified as follows: 1. Normal (absolute) auction – no reserved or minimum price, the product is sold only for a maximum bid and price. 2.

Public auction – for all users are known and the current maximum rate of a product; on the participants any additional restrictions, but solvency is not imposed. 3. Private (salted-bid) auction – rate will be adopted in within certain specified time, and the user will be able to do only one bid and find out rates of other users can not, at the end of time is the winner, or there may be several. 4. Silent auction – Something like a private auction. Participant may only make one bet, and can find the maximum price. 5. Auction with a minimum price – the seller makes the goods and exhibits a minimum selling price, and buyers know only the maximum price of the goods. 6. Auction with reserved price – is different from an auction with minimum price so that users only know the minimum price, but the values of the prices they do not know if the process is not the lowest price reached, the product is not sold and remains with its owner. 7. Danish auction – the starting price is placed very high in the bidding process is automatically lowered, reducing the price of going after Founder stops auction of the goods. The world's best auctions to date is – Free Markets, Trade Out, Asse Trade. But in the first place – the U.S. online auction site eBay, which sold almost everything that money can buy, from aircraft to autographs of stars. This project is now the most successful of all the titles and it can be to sell the product on the market: Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia and the uk. The largest online auction of Ukraine – is Due to rapid development of similar auction in the Internet there are many articles on this subject, and now the Internet – the auction is considered a science, which is very hard to play.


Some fear for the stage settings, introduction and the beginning of the program, ie, for the installation, adjustment programs under the office and the absence of initially filled with reference books and data in the program, so called the fear of "starting from scratch" in an unknown program without instructions. Quite wrong to consider this important cause, because most intra-system, for example, self-TourAgent easy to install (no more than 15 minutes) with which to cope, even inexperienced computer user, the system has already completed guides to countries, operators, currency, transportation, hotels and types of food and other basic data. And learn to work in such a system is always helpful on-line help, user manual (work with the program in the pictures), and counseling support department of the developer. Despite the fact that the software system is the same for all (standard features), it easily adapts to the individual work of any office. Some of the functions in the SAMO-TourAgent specially designed so that the companies involved and the massive and individual tours, retreats and domestic tours, and travel agencies that implement, for example, only accommodation, airline / train tickets, tours and other services could lead his clients to make the templates and print any form documents, work with partners to book tours to the operative account of profits and costs – in general, to carry out valuable work even with non-standard applications, tours and services. Each year we try to add new functional in the program, so users can more flexibly adapt to rapidly changing market and be one step ahead of "non-automated" competitors.