Guide Customer

And as usual, resources too small for an infinite improvement of all aspects of activity. The basic problem for any utility company is the problem of the gap between what the customer expects from us and what he gets from us (in his perception service.) To explain this problem, there is a theory of five breaks: The break number 1 – Guide service provider thinks the client wants to get a big blue buttons. In reality, the client wants to get a little green button. Break number 2 – Guide service provider thinks that in order for tailoring, tailors received, indicated the use of large blue buttons. In reality, there are indicated the average blue buttons. The break number 3 – When prishivke buttons at the warehouse were just little red button. They are then sewn in place and medium blue. The break number 4 – The advertisement in the newspaper, which led to the shop customer was promised a free spare button to pants each.

In practice, neither manual nor about her tailors do not know. Combined fifth gap, the sum of the previous four: To address the gap of expectations, we must: 1) Understand what is expected from the service provider consumer. 2) Assess our compliance with customer expectations. The usual practice is to assess the expectations and compliance – conduct parallel surveys (active or passive). In the first questionnaire, we interviewed customer and set on the basis of a scale that it is important from the 5 major components of quality of service (in every kind of business your key points). In a second similar questionnaire we interviewed consumers and set, where our company is located opposite the consumers' expectations. The difference in lag score points from the company expectations and there are those sore spots that need to be improved. It is clear that each utility company You can choose your most appropriate questionnaire.

The main thing that matters covered all five dimensions of service quality. Last, the final paragraph of this article – no policies and procedures will help improve the quality of work in a service company, when employees are not focused on the client. Each employee should clearly understand how his actions affect the customer. He should understand that the main purpose of his work, make the customer happy. To my great regret, every time I stand in line at the supermarket sausage department and see sellers have turned away from me back and pakuyuschih cuts, I want to shout: "I have a client, all the attention on me." Unfortunately, This ancient postulate is very often forgotten in our country

Intellectual Property Tips

Any rule of law is simply obliged by law to monitor this type of situation, and Russia is not in this matter the country, standing on the sidelines. Indeed, at the present time to protect their property, including intellectual, it is possible in various ways, and without much risk transfer ownership of part or all third parties. It is to this end state is created. registration of a trademark, which helps to virtually eliminate the possible undue influence of unscrupulous individuals and legal entities. In the event of a dispute, the main object of which is intellectual property, the best option – to apply to the proven law firm with an unblemished reputation.

Specialists will help you to prepare all necessary documents, negotiate wishes and to substantiate the claims of the parties, provide legal protection in case of emergencies. It is also worth noting that often such an organization offers a variety of related services, directly related to the state. Enrollment in the first place is a patent search. It is a process of sorting of certain documents or data matching the query, at least one feature from a database of patent documents or data. Patent Search is a set of documents and texts, and they have to match the theme or subject of inquiry.

One of the highlights of absolutely any successful business is register license contracts for the trademark. If you do not spend this kind of procedure, any patents and trade marks shall be deemed invalid, resulting in the loss of intellectual property rights. Decent law firm can quickly resolve this kind of misunderstanding, in addition, the number of services usually includes payment of state. Fees. Resolve all legal disputes arising from the situation is exceptional and quite difficult to do without direct support of experienced lawyers, which is why every time in such situations should take the help of proven legal advice, necessarily includes a group of professional human rights activists.

Internet Coaching

Such correspondence session on their performance in no way inferior full-time sessions, and often more convenient for customers. Let us dwell for coaching through the Internet. Coaching is carried out via the Internet through programs designed to communicate on the network. For example: ICQ, Skype, Windows Messenger and others. All these programs are free, easy and convenient to use.

Coaching can be performed using instant messaging, audio and video communications. Of course, instant messaging – it's a very specific form of coaching, but it's also quite acceptable and even some clients prefer a coaching by correspondence. As for the audio and video connection, then it requires a good speed Internet connection, a headset (you can use the built-in or external microphone and audiokolonki) and webcam (if you have desire to establish a video link). Of course, with a coach and client computer must be running the same program to communicate on the Internet (it can be ICQ, or Skype, or Windows Messenger or anything else). The program must be installed and configured. At the agreed time the customer establishes a relationship with a coach and began coaching session.

The advantages of this type of coaching are evident. First of all, it saves time. The client does not have to go to a meeting with the coach, stuck in traffic jams or push on public transport. This time, it can safely be used with much greater benefit for themselves. In the process of coaching sessions the client can be in a comfortable place: at home, in his across the street and so on. It is convenient to use this type of coaching, if a customer travels to another city or another country. Of particular interest is coaching over the Internet is that if the coach and the client reside in different cities. In this case, regular meetings to conduct coaching sessions are impossible. And then holding coaching sessions over the Internet becomes the main form of coaching. Coaching via the Internet enables customers to use the services of a coach, regardless of region of residence. For example, if customers can not find a coach in the city, the possibility of coaching over the Internet allows him to work with a coach from virtually any another city or even from any country. Client need only find a coach that will fully meet its requirements, establish contact with him and agree to hold coaching sessions. Usually, coaches do not give up this form of coaching. Modern means of communication open for us new possibilities. And these opportunities should be fully used to their advantage. In particular, and for coaching. Internet, Like other forms of communication, greatly enhances the use of coaching, making it much more accessible to all who need it. Michael Kazarin. Coach. Business consultant.