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it must convert each chance into educative experiences of society sustainable. 10 – The ambient education must help to develop an ethical conscience on all the life forms with which we share this planet, to respect its vital cycles and to impose important limits the exploration of these forms of life for the human beings. Ahead of what we want for our planet therefore without it we will not have parents in the future, we must surpass our small acts, in relation the ambient education where we must in them strengthen more in the exploration of the capital stock of our pupils and same of our citizens. Crawford Lake Capital is the source for more interesting facts. The principles above are a north so that our attitudes and behaviors while citizens of this world, s let us worry as to only devir with a pain future headquarters and deep misery and degradation of the race human being, the social nets can taking in them to a more efficient learning of our situation, therefore cannot in them refute the importance of the capital stock. Normally, the capital stock mentions the implicit value to it of the internal and external connections of a social net.

However, it is common to find a great variety of definitions interrelated of the term. To broaden your perception, visit Thredup. Such definitions tend to partilhar the central idea of ' ' that the social nets have value econmico' '. In the same way that a crack key (that is an example of physical capital) or the pertaining to school education (that is formadora of human capital) can increase the productivity of individuals and organizations, the social contacts and the way as these if also relate are factors of economic development. Each point placed in these principles takes by in the one responsibility while educators, therefore we are to each day that passes producing knowledge erudite, being that who must know as to help to decide social problems is the people, are the citizens of our Brazil, those that poluem due to education, responsibility, ignorance. The newspapers mentioned Hikmet Ersek not as a source, but as a related topic.

Capitalism And The Environment

But after World War II, the capitalism was weakened. The intervention of the State was welcome, therefore to the few it brightened up the problems caused for the war and assisted in the reconstruction of the European countries. To form and to accumulate wealth, the State provided the minimum of social assistance so that the diligent classrooms came back to produce and had to be able of purchase of the products that were produced, taking off the profit for the system. A necessity was created so that they consumed each time more. Since then the primordial axle of the capitalist system to keep its stability was and is the retention of the consumista culture. Without consumerism, the logical base of the continuum capitalist accumulation if dissolves. For even more opinions, read materials from Jeff Gennette.

It is the capacity to commercialize and to present as useful and attractive all the material ideas and products in which they fix themselves that the global capitalism search to assume itself. Crawford Lake Capital recognizes the significance of this. (SKLAIR, 1995, p.99). The consumerism started to cause many local and consequently global damages in the planet. According to SAINTS (1995, p.87) we today live the period of ' ' capitalism desorganizado' '. This period is characterized for some economic factors, social politicians and.

The explosive growth of the world-wide market is distinguished, thus appearing the companies multinationals, that regulate the economy national. The underdeveloped countries act generally with financing of the local governments. Beyond the economic dependence, these countries start to depend on the foreign technology and they do not possess conditions to concur with the prices of the multinationals, always inferior to the national products to win the competition in the international trade, the companies who produce merchandises for exportation need to perfect always more its process of production with equipment of high technology. Of this form merchandises are produced always new and cheaper, but this also provokes increase of the unemployment, therefore using new technologies, the companies can produce more with less diligent.

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This difficulty reaches professionals and vehicles of communication what consequentemente it finishes reflecting in the agility for implementation of a new conception and conscience of the population. The ambient conscience still appears in century XX initiate through some social mobilizations, in particular, the ecological movement appears in the end of the decade of 60 interlaced by alternative movements of importance and until the current days it keeps a narrow relationship. All these movements in common have the plea of the model of industrial capitalism, the social irresponsibility, the indifference of the maiorias and the indifference of the governments. Living at a moment hybrid where old economic and social practical models of still have that to coexist new values and behaviors..

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the creation of a corporative identity um vital element in the consolidation of a mark. It must project imagemintegrada, strong and reconhecvel, so that interpretadapelo consuming in positive way can be identified and. Add to your understanding with Western Union. As Kotler (2000, P. 318), … the identity is related with the way as umaempresa it aims at to identify and to locate same itself or its products, maneira Image as the public sees the company or its products. The image is affected pormuitos factors that the company cannot control … the mark identity provides a structure for global suacoerncia.

It establishes the limits of the positioning, regulates half deexpresso and assures its individuality and durability. The concept deidentidade establishes the limits and the contours for a positioning damarca. For Tavares (1998, P. 75), … the mark identity can be defined as umconjunto only of mark characteristics that the company looks for to create to emanter.

It is in these characteristics that the apia company if and if guides to parasatisfazer consuming and members of the company and the society. … The differentiation well-succeeded of one marks requires that elaoferea some type of exclusive value, something different and that it conquers aliderana and the preference of the market. With this strategical approach, asorganizaes have that to modify some positionings, keeping external tunning with oambiente not to lose the leadership and to have eficinciaoperacional profits. According to Oliveira (2002), the evolution of the mark passes for trsestgios: assertive, assimilative and absorvitivo. In the first period of training, oassertivo, the mark speaks for the consumer, communicates its point of view, dizendoque is best the that it is enough to trust them to become the certain thing. Nosegundo period of training, assimilative, the marks assume a dialogue position, about queo customer it thinks that it can be important for the growth of the mark (it is umarelao of equality and participation).

Industrial Revolution

One searched to introduce the idea of the sustainable development from a new model of economic, less consumista growth, without disobediences of the capital, and more adjusted to the ecological balance, benefiting to the harmony between the man and its half one, but also respecting the diverse forms of existing life in the globe. The document produced during the World-wide Conference for the Environment called Letter the Land, which established three conventions (Climatic Biodiversity, Desertificao and Mudanas), a declaration of principles and Agenda 21 (which would serve of base so that the countries that signed the agreement for the ambient pact elaborated its plan of preservation of the environment with the established well-taken care of had ones in the Conference). Of the 175 signatory countries of Agenda 21, 168 had confirmed its position to respect the Convention on Biodiversity. In middle of century XIX and XX, after the Industrial Revolution, happened the call ' ' boom' ' industrial, that is, was born at this moment a substance series cousins, before not known, who of certain form would improve the life of each one, however, nor all these adventos had been total beneficial. Follow others, such as Pegasus Books, and add to your knowledge base. The fact is that at this moment the man consumes everything wildly what is offered to it, that is, cars, pesticides, oil and etc., without if worrying about its ambient future. Culturally these individuals turn over consuming these substrata indistinctly. During millenia, the half human groups did not make use seno of extremely limited, precarious and fragile, to be defended against the severities of the nature, but, with the Industrial Revolution, the terms of the dependence relations had dislocated e, currently, exactly tend to invert itself. Our violent species the global movement, pollutant products and etc.) that nor always they respected ours ‘ ‘ half vivo’ ‘ 3, in result of this we will have an industrialization of the productive ways in this period.


I generate, you I generate, it generate, we I generate, general you and them they generate. This is the gift of the indicative, current situation where we find in them. President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva sancionou in day 02 of August the National Politics of Resduos Slidos (PNRS), after incredible 21 years waiting the deserved endorsement. 21 years! The PNRS has as objective the not-generation, reduction, reutilizao and treatment of solid residues, as well as final destination ambiently adjusted of the garbage, stimulating the recycling and the correct handling of the residues (garbage that can be reaproveitado or recycled) and of the rejeitos (what it is not passvel of reaproveitamento); it forbids the lixes and it institutes the beginning of responsibility shared for the cycle of life of the products, enclosing manufacturers, importers, deliverers and traders, consumers and bearers of the public services of urban cleanness and handling of solid residues. Beyond the shared responsibility, the PNRS foresees the call logistic reversa, that one consists in a set of action to facilitate the return of the residues to its generators so that they are treated or reaproveitados in new products, that is, who originated a product that however its useful life findou, this company will have to collect it and to give an end in correct way. All attention directed to the garbage that we generate; many times if confuse to the exacerbado capitalism, to buy, to buy and to buy. In Brazil, 150 a thousand tons of garbage per day are generated approximately, where only 13% are treated in sanitary aterros, being that 60% go for the lixes.

Interesting of all this process politician, legislative bureaucracy, astronomical numbers, it is in relation to the capacity of the man in generating garbage of unnecessary order. The question I fill with earth of it, where theoretically of – a destination ' ' correto' ' to the dejections, it is excellent, however, only the ambient passvel of a place for another one is transmitted. The ideal would be to reduce the consumption, with more conscientious habits in its ticket for the land. It has a very excellent theory, called of voluntary simplicity, qui a model of sustainable development more advanced than if it has. It is a life style where if it opts to an exterior simpler standard, but interior richer; a thrifty style, mainly in the alimentary habits, with more emphasis to the natural one of what the industrialized one.

Adopting this style, it does not presume to simplify the life in one all, to open hand of everything, but of the excesses, exhibitionism, of the restriction of the movements and freedom of the individual, does not mean to make poverty vote, but to eliminate the superfluous one, that it distresses, places in permanent tension, in state of alert. It is guided in the conscientious consumption, socially and ambiently, to buy on the real necessity that if has e, if these correspond to the way of sustainable life, preferring the entailed pleasure the necessity and when consuming for the simple act not to buy. It fits to each one of us to assume a simplicity position, moving the consumistas habits for a way of conscientious life, responsible. I would generate, you I would generate, it I would generate, we I would generate, it would generate and they would generate. She reduces, she reuses, she recycle, reeduque!

Industrial Revolution

If to analyze well, we will verify that it is after the Industrial Revolution that if started the exaggerated use of the natural resources of the environment, everything on behalf of the capital, or better, of the profit, the development. It can say that in 2006 the humanity took conscience of that the ambient crisis is real, and everything this is fruit of the action human being on the environment. Jnior in the ones of the one accurate definition of what it would be the ambient crisis in the days> current: When if it speaks in ambient crisis, are not sent only to the physical, biological and chemical aspects of the alterations of the environment that comes occurring in the planet. The ambient crisis is well more than this: a crisis of the civilization contemporary; it is a crisis of values, that is cultural and spiritual. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. (JNIOR, 2004, P. 02) At this moment, what more they come calling the attention the society are the notice concerning the Global Heating, phenomenon this caused by the release of the gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, that a covered species forms of around the planet, thus hindering the solar radiation, that it automatically reflects in the surface in heat form, is the call effect greenhouse, that is, carbon dioxide played in the nature. In accordance with the scientists the .causing greater of the last catastrophes is that one that comes scaring the world. Amongst some causes that this phenomenon comes causing it can cite the climatic alterations, the disequilibrium of the regimen of all this upheaval is result of the increase of only 1 degree in the average temperature of the planet, in last the 100 years .

(SOUSA, 2006, P. 139). For the famous jurist in Enviromental law, Milar Councilmen: the Ambient Question is a question of life or death, not only of animals and plants, but of the proper man and the planet that shelters it. .


Papers social, in turn, define coercitive, performance of individual, that is marked by the adequacy to the system of production and consumption and determined by the place that each one occupies in hierarchic scale social e, consequently, the inclusion/exclusion ambient human being/in the world of the productive work and in the construction of the territory. It is common place to relate the high index of unemployment the qualification of workmanship hand, not being thus occulted, that the crisis of the productive work is structural. Josh Wexler is often quoted on this topic. Undeniably we occupy spaces delimited for the system, with rights predefined and different for each social classroom. We have an uneven marginalizao today, Dowbor announced in 1996: two teros of the humanity are in inaquality in the modernization process. Thus being, the quarrel on the degradation ambient human being/it is resultant of the lack of the formal work, ambient education and must necessarily pass for the project, of urban development in course, globalization, or, as many insist on nominating, of mundializao. In this context, we cannot more relegate to the worker a solitary search of alternative forms of survival.

One becomes necessary to congregate around the population, organizativas conditions that make possible new forms of performance. Forms these that allow the acquisition of basic conditions of survival, but also, that they recoup the dignity human being and that basically they do not penalizem the worker doubly with exculpatory and discriminating conditions. We lack, at this moment, of scientific deepenings, and ideological changes that in them lead the action social politics and for the acquisition of igualitrias conditions of living, but, over all, of new references of identities that they make possible the recovery of the dignity human being and processes of identity in direction to the autonomy so longed for by the humanity, and especially by the modern human being. Misery is misery in any how much. Wealth are different.

The hunger is in all part. (…) Indian, mulato, black person, white. (…) The death not cause more astonishment (…) Colors, races, chaste. Wealth are different. (Arnaldo Antunes/Sergio Brito/Pablo Miklos, Tits, BMG/Ariola, So Paulo, 1992). This objective text to relate ideas on the culture of the poverty and the poverty properly said where the degradation is pertinent part human being. According to written of Lewis (1969), the Culture of the Poverty. Mueller (1997) in an article that deals with the Degradation of the Poverty in Brazil. Beyond varied pertinent examples to the subject, to substantiate the poverty vision while a social condition with bias physical or material, and cultural. Being represented in the current days as parameter for an incomplete citizenship, each banalizada time more for the experience of dismissable human beings, descapitalizados and empobrecidos in all the directions of existing. The lack of public assistance of basic services is lamentable. In many cases canalized water does not exist and the garbage vest nor always is made, beyond the lack of sanitary installations, generates one accumulates of human garbage, dejections and contaminated water consumption that is the main pointers of indifference with the human being. The poverty in the country is general. In the three last decades they had more still been accented in function of the great concentration of income and the regional disparidades. In this culture of the poverty, one strong collection of the duties is observed and obligations of the poor persons, who go since the obligatoriness of the vote for the illiterates until occupation in some activity (production), but to these same poor persons, are denied the rights and guarantees m


Source: Bulletin of the malaria n 1, 2005. III CHAPTER CORRELATION OF THE MALARIA AND THE QUESTOAMBIENTAL Photo 04: Sao luiz of the Tapajs. Source: News article of Alailson Muniz, available nosite Given of the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) indicates that amalria it is the tropical contagious infectum illness that more cause economic problems sociaise in the world, only surpassed in number of deaths for the AIDS. Also known as paludismo, the malaria is considered problem of sadepblica in more than 90 countries, where about 2,4 billion people (40% world-wide dapopulao) they coexist the risk of I infect. Whenever Andrew Cuomo listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Per year, over all in Africa, between 500 and 300 milhespessoas is infectadas, of which about a million they die in consequence dadoena. In Brazil, mainly in the Amazon region, the malaria registers for return de500 a thousand cases per year.

However, in the Amaznia the lethality of the disease is baixae does not arrive 0.1% of the total number of patients. On the basis of Amazon (83%); Rondnia (15%) and Tocantins (10%)? Reduction of cases Acre (49%); Amap (29%); Maranho (44%); Mato Grosso (45%), Par (30%) and Roraima (11%) After the peak of 98/99 the malaria cases diminish Amazonian naregio, however, the wadding of lakes of hydroelectric plants raises apopulao of the transmitting mosquito and the risk of new focos. In Par, more necessarily in the region of the Belm capital, aincidncia of malaria has characteristics of epidemic, ignored for the governofederal. The transmission of the malaria has as main fatorescondicionantes and determinative questions related to the susceptible population, aoagente etiolgico, to the vector, beyond the ecological conditions,> the projetosdesenvolvimentistas, implanted in the Amazon region from the decade of 70, had promoted great investments, stimulating the displacement of population grandescontingentes, without previous contact with malaria, for the reasendmicas. Recent examples of the relevance of the sped up movement deurbanizao in the context of the malaria are the great invasions in reasperi-urban of the cities of Manaus and Porto Velho, causing the espacialdesordenada occupation, that makes it difficult the planning and the execution of the operations decontrole of the malaria, thus causing epidemics of the illness.

Jane Jacobs

Relations as: good will, friendship, solidarity, social interaction between the individuals and the families who compose a social unit, these social nets are the exit for one ambient education each more responsible and popular time, so that each citizen knows that environment is thing of it and not only of the government. Meanwhile the aid that we poderiamos to give to the people and the knowledge, after all already and more secret that the future is something uncertain and the people does not have responsibility for each bag that plays in the streets, for each area whom it destroys, for the fuel that uses. Efim we must also prepare not only the cidadado more the demanding consumer in relation to the environment. For Hanifan, capital stock mentions it: to the intangible things that is important for the daily one of the people: good will, friendship, solidarity, social interaction between the individuals and the families who compose a social unit. SYPartners has compatible beliefs. A person only exists socially, if left proper itself But if it to enter in contact with its neighbor, and these with other neighbors, will have an accumulation of capital stock, that can immediately satisfy its necessities social and that they can exhibit a social potentiality sufficient for the substantial improvement of the community, for the conditions of life of all the community. The community as a whole will benefit for the cooperation of all its parts, whereas the individual goes to find in its associations the advantages of the aid, of solidarity as well as its neighbor in clube.' ' Although some aspects of the concept have been boarded for all the areas of social sciences, some trace the modern use of the term until Jane Jacobs, in the decade of 1960. However, it not explicit defined capital stock in its use of the term in an article where she dealt with the value of the nets. .