Do you planned to follow a low calorie diet plan to lose those pounds more weight! Before you do this, read this article to find out why low calorie diet plans don’t work! I can’t say how many people have contacted me via email saying that they followed certain popular low calorie diet plans for a couple of weeks, moms weight only to discover that they have not lost much weight, it’s no loss or one size fits. As such, they felt that losing weight is impossible and therefore left the diet programme completely! The number one reason for what the plans of low calorie diets don’t work is: when you eat foods that are low in calories, your body basically, remains malnourished. You feel sick and tired at all times. Forget about the exercises, you do not have enough energy to complete even your regular activities. All these things happen because your metabolic rate is low! If you want to lose weight successfully, it is necessary to keep these two things in mind: 1. the calories are not samples enemy: calories are not what we must avoid, calories are necessary to provide your body with the necessary energy and nutrition. When the body gets enough food, this will increase your metabolic rate, which will automatically lead to weight loss! Bad calories are those that are available in the junk food.

So, in the meantime that not accumulates fat by eating 10 apples a day (while a single Apple contains almost 100 calories), surely going to get fat by eating 10 hamburgers! That’s the basic difference! Your need to omit the empty calories (i.e., junk food) and receive food negative calories, such as fruits and vegetables. Now negative calories does not mean that there are no calories in these foods, but only means that, to absorb these foods you will force your body to burn more calories of what they offer! This translates into calories that deficit in ultimately will result in weight loss! 2 Muscle work is an obligation: has heard that in order to maintain themselves, muscles burn calories? This certainly means that you among more muscle mass you have, the sooner you will be able to lose weight! and you can appreciate how to lose weight it is workable, eating protein-rich foods is a good way to build pure muscle, often going to the gym is another. There is still another advantage of eating protein-rich foods: not feeling hungry often and, as such, the possibility of eating too much is almost non-existent. When you feeds with low-calorie foods, your not you’re apt to develop your muscles, but on the contrary lose muscle. When your body does not have sufficient muscle mass, this is not able to burn fat because your metabolic rate remains abnormally low in a level. So this is one more reason why low-calorie diets do not work! and therefore not going to lose weight!. The majority of these low-calorie diets will only help you to lose water and muscles, meanwhile that perhaps cheated in the belief that have been lost several tens of kilograms, the truth, is that they have not dropped the most important thing that prevents him from being thin, and so is fat! Unless she loses fat, there is no way that you can be found in shape! If interested in topics to lose weight quickly, as well as diet pills visit our link informing you of effective methods to lose weight, as well as treatments for weight loss with pills


Who among us would refuse to act as guarantor? It would appear – come into the bank to sign and make good friends or relatives. But if a friend for whom you vouch break a credit agreement, you will meet great challenges. Money that is lent an outsider, you have full or partial repayment. Initially between the surety and the bank is a contract where the stipulated liability of the guarantor and conditions of reimbursement of debt. Options liability may be two. With the full bail returns the entire debt on the loan pays the interest, fees, fines, penalties, refund any possible losses. Partial responsibility involves paying only a portion of loan amount and interest on them. More responsibility may be shared or subsidiary.

The first time the bank has the right to present claims to the surety, if they can not be met from the assets of the borrower. When joint and several liability they meet at the same time and in full. If your friend does not pay a loan in the future and not rely on the loan. Some banks have partial responsibility does not take primenyaetsyKak debts? If you regularly abuse the credit agreement the borrower the bank sends a letter to the surety with a proposal to repay the debt. At the first stage of the bank, through its security service is trying to convince the surety volunteered to perform the duties. Even if the guarantor pays regularly, with delays smaller amounts, but he does not deny the need for full calculation and is not concealed, the bank treats it bearable.

Any bank want to quickly close the loan, but not to work with claims. If the guarantor does not pay the loan, the bank will submit a claim for recovery of debt in court. When a court decision in favor of the bank to the business executive begins office. Impose penalties on the property: first, the money, then movable property, then the real – usually through an auction. Another problem is the guarantor, substituted their friends – the negative credit history. After all, the guarantor and the borrower is committed to the database of the bank and a credit bureau. Therefore, many banks may refuse to grant the loan, if the guarantor negligent debtor wants to borrow.

Want To Keep Your Customers ?

Have you ever thought how to keep your customers and not go with other companies where they are treated more cordial? Have you ever thought how to keep your customers and not go with other companies where they are treated more cordial? Have you considered that when a company needs a service or product the first thing that comes to mind are the services provided by the company that included the mouse pad or stack of sticky notes? One of the most common ways companies are advertising products, not to mention that the items most commonly used are the gifts a ring to one of his clients can make that customer's faith in you cache in addition to providing your business. Despite being one of the cheapest advertising products is one of the most simple and effective to make your sales increase and persist with your customers and potential customers are recommended. One of the key chains utilities in addition to what we all know how it is to take the keys and that no loss is easy to remember the key you do not want to forget and that as much as others see you will not know to which they relate. This is very common in companies with many employees. We know that to increase sales are but one of the objectives of a company is to build a loyalty between employer and employee and what better way of giving gifts that besides being a useful gift. If you are a company big or small, large, clear goals and wants to create a loyalty either as suppliers, customers, employees or prospective customers, put yourself in our hands and we can provide a wide range of advertising products for every occasion. Rafael Hernandez Villascusa

Promoting Public Causes Inc

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESS STRATEGY Mauricio Guerrero The creative ability, leadership potential and own businesses are crucial to the development of the community and are a valuable business opportunity. Social practices of various companies, their investments and how they implement them, prove it.Illustration: Victor Hugo Garrido The price of greatness is called Churchill responsabilidad.Winston Many entrepreneurs believe that participate in projects for the common good is a ‘luxury’ or extra expense that can only be big business in good times and yields no benefit in practical terms. Fortunately many companies around the world realize otherwise. The Study on consumer behavior with respect to marketing related to social causes, Promoting Public Causes Inc. in partnership with Vivian Blair Associates surveyed 191 consumers in stores within Wal-Mart. The opinions revealed that: . 84 think that companies have some responsibility to help solve social causes. . 83 think the products or services that help companies solve social problems differ from their competition. .94 said that when the price is equal, consumers prefer the product or service that helps in solving some social problem. When we speak of social investment, we do not refer to economic resources that the company donates without proper information and consistency with the strategic plan. On the contrary, it seeks to replace the criterion philanthropic charity for the integration and linkage with the community. Companies who implement this policy receive several benefits: . Increased brand loyalty. . Better positioning of the image. . More favorable attitude on the part of consumers and the media. . More defenses against the crisis, as customers become more loyal. . The corporation is distinguished from its competition. . He identifies with the community in which it operates. . Strengthen your image. . Demonstrate to shareholders the importance of socially responsible behavior that rewards long-term investments. Social responsibility is capitalized with more than generating a profit for different audiences: shareholders they represent greater return on investment and transparency in operations, managers gain managerial skills, reputation and maximize the value of the enterprise workers earn loyalty and satisfaction by being part of a company doing social and human promotion, customers benefit from accurate information and with the satisfaction that the products and brands who use social support development, which creates identification with the sponsoring undertaking and the community benefits from improved levels of quality of life in the environment. The business will succeed if it contributes to social, economic and environmentally sustainable and identifies innovative and effective ways to act together with the community in building the common good. CSR IN MEXICO The following examples are just a sampling of what some companies operating in Mexico.

Sociopolitical Effects Tourism

Sociopolitical effects Tourism is an economic activity, so there must be a public scrutiny on taxation, security, etc.. Tourism development: the development of large-scale tourism often requires the participation of central government which alone has the power necessary to improve the international competitiveness of the popular tourist destination for loq ue often must offer significant concessions. In addition are the only ones able to obtain tourist allocations of funds from the UN or other governments. Control legislation: creating laws regulating tourism activities, especially in health, taxation, etc.. Monetary control of capital into and out of the country. Health control: controlling for vaccines that are required to visit certain countries and which require them to citizens of country risk.Measures to protect the environment: current economic consciousness of governments has led to continued protection of the environment, because nature is the raw material for tourism and if not careful will negatively affect future tourism. Public Administrations are developing sustainability policies to ensure orderly planning that respects the ecological chain. There are also other socio-political effects not exclusively related to the control of public administracioens. Technological effects: those receiving societies of tourist flows in general benefit of all technological advances may be requested by visitors. Political effects: tourism can exercise some influence in the politics of a country as its poor international image can affect tourist flows. Social impact: the massive influx of tourists can cause rejections of certain cultures or races.Environmental effects: tourism development has brought strong impacts on the environment as pollution of rivers, acoustics, aesthetics. Although among the most important impacts include loss of biodiversity and natural resource constraints which it is based on tourism. This overexploitation of resources has increased in recent years to unsustainable levels. Tourism can not function without the natural resource base on which it was built as its own environmental degradation directly affects its offer and may endanger the same tourist activity itself. Therefore various organizations and conventions (Agenda 21, UN) in recent years have realized the importance of conserving the natural environment to implement not only the touristy sector but all sectors of society to achieve sustainable development.

Federal Antimonopoly Service

Same part of the business, which is not associated with long-term performance of the obligation, it is recommended not to include the new group, and replace the old to the new structural units, so as not to drag in the new holding old tax or property risks. That is, we're talking about that part of the new holding company will be re-created, and some will go into a new holding company of the old group. If the earlier work carried out by one company, then perhaps it should be pre-split, and then eliminate the unnecessary part of the business, and strategically important to include in the new group. The construction of the holding by acquisition and consolidation of shares (stakes) in charter capital of society statistics of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia indicates that the desired economic effect of more achieved by other, cheaper ways than reorganization in compliance with all necessary procedures. For the Russian practice at present is typical, when the merger (accession) is issued as purchase shares or assets, announced the number of applications for purchase of shares and property assets is approximately 20 times higher than that of applications for merger or acquisition.

Creating a holding company through the acquisition and consolidation of shares (shares participation) is a traditional market way of 'participatory system. " The acquisition of the dominant interest in charter capital of society is possible: the privatization of state property, in result of civil legal transactions with the placed shares (stakes) in the capital increase, the exchange of shares / stakes of minority shareholders / members of the subsidiary to the main action. It is important to the statutory provision that the transfer of a security pass all certified by it right together. This means not certified for partial transfer of a security right. Thus, when alienation of shares of the seller can not transfer to the buyer and the buyer to take from it only in part owned by stock rights, such as the right to receive dividends and to transfer the right to manage the joint-stock company – all rights certified by the action to be submitted together.