Social Responsibility

The socially responsible speech of the organizations has been a strategy of communication to attract more demanding and critical public in relation to the social problems. To invest in this social communication sample that the company if worries about what she is to its redor, what she ahead reflects in its image of the society favoring the reputation of this institution. The banks, the type of institution chosen for this study, although to load the bad image to prioritize the profit with & ldquo; interests and taxes abusivas& rdquo; , they try to pass the social concern with projects of sports, culture, education and environment. To include the aged ones in this socially responsible speech can ahead be plus a differential of a bank of the treatment of its customers. A related site: Tiffany & Co. mentions similar findings. Moreover, sample that these companies have future concerns, anticipating itself ahead of changes that our country is subject with the increase of life expectancy, for example.

The population growth of people above of 65 years in Brazil is significant, and all those that had contributed for the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS), and arrive if to retire, they have the right to receive the financial benefit by means of a bank. Although not to need to be account holders, is a public who is every month in the agencies with a fixed income, until the end of the life, capable to adhere the loans, credit cards, products and services. However, the banks have not presented in its organizacional speech something that it attracts plus this public. In the majority of the institucional propagandas, for example, this public is not represented or when he has a representative figure is added the young characteristics, what nor always condiz with the reality. In order to prove this hypothesis, this article carried through a qualitative research, with aged pensioners, for evaluation of two propagandas tied in the TV of a public bank and a private one. This article wants to show the importance of the inclusion of the aged one in the speech of banking social responsibility. social responsibility would be the form most immediate and of impact to include the aged one in the banking speech, that beyond attracting plus this customer also would conquer those excessively worried about the social matters.

The Fruit

Everything in an only month happened, not importing the number of & ldquo; avaliveis& rdquo; & ndash; the appraiser who if & ldquo; virasse& rdquo; to make, and well done, the evaluation of its team, to the times well numerous, in an only period of 30 days. The text above is written in the past time, but I have absolute certainty of how it continues most current! But which the problem in justifying wage readjustments through a formal evaluation? It has some problematic points that would like to comment: The good performance can not be constant, but the wage, for law, is irreducible. Who guarantees that employee awardee with one has readjusted Real of decurrent wage of a good one performance legalized for the evaluation of performance in this year can repeat the dose in the year following? if its income will be below of the critical one in the following year must it & ldquo; devolver& rdquo; what is receiving more in this year? Not rare, in my professional life as Executive of RH or Consultant, vi people to be estigmatizadas for having a superior remuneration of the colleagues the fruit of a superior performance in last times that were not happened again at the current moment. Saddest she is that such situation displayed that this employee & ldquo; he was nu& rdquo; , nothing justifying a superior remuneration for a medium performance, situation this that became it constant candidate the lists of resignation at moments of crisis of the company. For more information see this site: Western Union. Incorporated readjustment to the wage it implies in bigger costs. She is well-known the raised tax burden on the payment leaf what it means to say that each incorporated cent to the wage it represents value in incubencies almost the same. Financial situation of company. It will be that the economic moment of the company she favors the maintenance of this practical? Some times vi companies who, under chamber pressure (strike threat) or external (Unions), had kept evaluations for merit, had readjusted wages for, months later, to reduce the personnel to compensate the real increase of the payment leaf.

Social Net

when postar, our poles, is seen immediately, for all the ones that follow in them. when that we follow in them to postar in the same way. To put the Empecilho that I way was the fact of the Social Net to be total in English, but recently its platform was all translated for the Portuguese. They are three fantastic things, enters many that daily come if creating in the world online. will be able in them to bring many benefits common. The greater that I see and that with them many trees, will leave of being cut still will leave. Therefore these tools eliminate the use of the paper.

with this contributes stops with the best quality of life of the Humanity. If you to give one looked for, in the Internet, vestibules, site, blogs etc you go you find the symbols you of the Three Social Nets to share something. when clicar, and sharing, either there what it will be, we are contributing with thousand of people. Either the simple news, one fofoca or even though some product the service that this home, this there making use. People share of everything They comment They tan They indicate She recommends They motivate ETC. The fact and that with a simple fact of this, that in them extremely seems simple can very come to be important to somebody.

Therefore, when to see something that you liked, if does not forget to also share. It has some people who here in the Internet, do not share, do not comment, do not repass. Therefore they weigh that if somebody to recommend somebody goes to be gaining something with this. If I to recommend somebody go to gain money. He does not think of this foma, therefore that is a idiotice. Therefore a simple act of this can to forever change the life of a person.


Not efforts are developed nor to balance the capacities nor to eliminate the variabilities, therefore the interest is to all operate the time in the maximum capacity. To broaden your perception, visit James Woolsey. The production rhythm is dictated by the extreme capacity of the first process, that ' ' empurra' ' the production in direction to the successive processes, resulting inventory considerably higher of what the necessary one. Already the JIT manages to get the levelling of the production and acts to diminish the variabilities in the process. Small supplies of material in process in the front of each productive center are attributed, to protect the system of the uncertainties and statistical fluctuations of the manufacture processes. Reaching this supply, the preceding process is interrupted. When considering itself all the productive chain, the JIT keeps an amount of sufficiently inferior intermediate supplies to the JIC. Through tools and techniques of solution of problems, it searchs the continuous improvement of its processes and procedures through the elimination of all wastefulness.

In a literal interpretation, it associates term JIC an idea as: in case that it will be necessary, he will be ready? , what it differs from? when it will be necessary will be ready? , associate to the JIT. To prevent the formation of great supplies of components, that occupied physical spaces and considerable additions of capitals, were idealized a revolutionary considered process, although simple, where the production was pulled for the consumption. The necessary parts to the production, were only ordered when they were for being used in the assembly. You deliver and used the components, returned the empty container to the supplier, so that this was returned again full, to the plant, with what he was requested. Everything this in the amount and the stated period that already had been stipulated. To the procedure of control used in this process &#039 was called; ' Kanban' ' , card in Japanese, whom had to the written register used.

The Mental Problems

The model of Taylor, by its side, was perfected by Henry Ford, that developed the conception of assembly line. The work, then, is divided in such a way that the diligent one passes to be supplied with component parts and through mats, without needing, in this manner, to put into motion itself. The administration of the time passes if to give of collective form, for the adaptation of the set of the workers to the rhythm tax for the mat. The fordismo will not be limited only to the question to discipline in the interior of the plant. It will incorporate, as the taylorismo, a social project of ' ' improvement of conditions of life of trabalhador' '. 2.2 The Mental Problems of Professor One of the quarrels instigantes in the field of the education mention the definition, characterization and classification to it of the mental deficiency. It is a quarrel that comes occurring in reason of the theoretical difficulty related to the cognition human being.

Thus, referenciais theoreticians and different perspectives of analysis coexist different definitions currently on the basis of. The referring expressions to deficient the mental one throughout the time had been if modifying, weak mental, imbecile, idiot, oligofrnico, delayed, among others, they had been used. What if he evidences in all they is the label of the intellectually different one, that is employee, for educators and professionals of the education. The explanations on these changes are varied e, many times, conflituosas. For Ashcroft et al. (1977, P. 41), this if must to the fact of that: First, the civilization occidental person in such a way values the intelligence, that values negatives since are soon attributed to the used term to characterize people with intellectual limitations. In according to place, the mental retardation is so complex area, with as much and so diverse causes and degrees of variation, that seems impossible to include all diversity under a heading; however we continue in the search of a term capable to classify it.

Father Noel

I am convinced regarding the existence of Father Noel, and go to show to the reason of this my conclusion. I have seen some controlling and directors in activity which I do not obtain to understand as they had reached such levels. They are we pssimos managers, they do not form nobody, they prefer to keep mediocre teams, I believe that for not feeling itself threatened. Some of these types do not take off vacation, certainly so that they do not perceive that they do not make lack, and also to add some reserve in the resignation case. I had some experience in a Brazilian company of services, and when I arrived and I tried to convince to assume them it certain practical usual in organized companies, I started to have serious problems with the directors of the company. Some of these dinossuricos friends arrive if to retire and make career, many times with knowledge level very below of what it would be demanded to any beginning one.

The great corporations had discovered have much time on the high importance of the training area, as well as apply techniques of evaluation sufficiently elaborated, mainly in the admissses. This hinders that executive and other employees, who occupy position key, are admitted without being taken care of requisite minimums. That is, in companies competently managed, it is each more difficult time to occur admissions of unprepared professionals. Throughout my career of more than 30 years, I have seen of everything a little. I knew one face that obtained to buy loads of penxses BIC whose refis were deliver by means of the devolution of other used and empty ones. I worked in a company where the coffee was served two times to the day, to the 9 and the 15 hours. Vi astronomical differences in the adjusted controls of supply being without no corrective action on the real cause of the problem.

Human Capital

The second phase was carried through by research method survey for identification of three aspects: to understand the recognition and valuation of the human capital, to identify the actions carried through for management of the human capital and to verify the interest for models of mensurao of the aggregate value to the institution for the human capital. The estruturao contemplates an introduction section, another section with boarding of the Intellectual Capital in the perspective to add value to the rendering of services, another section is gone deep the Value of the Human Capital in the organizations, in the fourth section is dealt with the scene the IES in Brazil, in the fifth section, presents the considered metodolgicos procedures, in the sixth section the respective gotten results are boarded and finish the article with the seventh Final referring section to the Consideraes. We call the attention when the authors approach that ‘ ‘ The responsible countable model for describing the Financial demonstrations, does not follow the world of negcios’ ‘ (p.61, 2005). It is observed that the premises defined in the Law N 11,638/07 had not been considered associate to the convention of the Committee of Countable Uprisings that still more become transparent criteria of rendering of accounts, equity and alterations in the structure of the patrimonial rocking, strengthening exactly the value just of the intangible assets, being thus, contrary position to the described ones for the authors. The concept of that is strengthened ‘ ‘ each time more searchs managing professionals of the knowledge and that they develop abilities and capacities inovadoras.’ ‘ (p.61, 2005), therefore the success of the IES is in the ability of these to catch lined up employees its culture, philosophy and line of educational thought.

The Furniture

– The chosen material to manufacture the Set of table and banks was the wooden plate of MDF, for if dealing with a resistant, of good quality and economically accessible plate; – The furniture must possess measured ergonomic that is compatible for the age of 4 the 6 years, being based on the measures already used by the Colmia&#039 School; s. – The set of table and bank must be safe, comfortable and attractive for the children. The table must possess cantos rounded off and the bank it must be upholstered to offer the demanded comfort. – The furniture will have to serve stops up to 4 children, since it is important that they work in groups and teams to become social; – As the table she will be pedagogical, will have games in its I cover, that the 6 years will have to be compatible with the age of 4. – The furniture will have to possess spaces to keep objects as knapsacks, notebooks, pencil, shears, among others material didactic. Petition of the Furniture the project of infantile furniture for children of 4 the 6 years of age contains: – 1 table with rounded off tampos, measuring 1000x600mm; h= 500 mm; – 2 banks of 820×320 mm; h= 300mm; – 4 door-pencils, measuring 210x85mm; h=175mm; The infantile pedagogical table is made of MDF, having possessed 2 rectangular feet of 470 mm, that they are incased below I cover of it rectangular with rounded off cantos. The table possesss 4 colored door-pencils, distributed in the following way: 2 door-pencils in the external part of the right foot of table (being a red and the other yellow) and 2 door-pencil in the external part of the left foot of the table, possessing the same colors. The door-pencils are made of MDF and possess in its superior extremity the drawing of a leaked star, what it offered to the furniture an infantile and still more playful aspect.

The Environment

The concept of organizacional climate involves ampler and flexible picture of the ambient influence on the motivation. ‘ ‘ The organizacional climate it is the quality or property of the organizacional environment that is perceived or tried for the members of the organization and influences its comportamento’ ‘ (FLEURY; FISCHER, 1989, P. 108).

The organizacional climate mentions the existing internal environment to it enters the members of the organization and closely is related with the degree of motivation of its participants (FLEURY; FISCHER, 1989, p.108). Thus, the organizacional climate is favorable when it provides satisfaction of the personal necessities of the participants and rise of the favorable moral and when it provides the frustration of those necessities. The people continuously are engaged in the process of adjustment to a variety of situations in the direction to satisfy its necessities and to keep certain individual balance. Such adjustment does not restrict only the satisfaction of the physiological necessities and security, the calls vegetative necessities, but it also involves the satisfaction of the social necessities, esteem and auto-accomplishment, calls superior necessities. Climate organizacional can to be translated for what the people they costumam to call work environment or psychological atmosphere, that involves the relation between company and collaborators, brings in the human climate of the organizations. 2,1 MANAGEMENT OF CLIMATE ORGANIZACIONAL According to Altmann (2000, P. 64), the companies who implement programs of monitorao of the organizacional climate, are adopting an important managemental tool that adequately managed can offer the following benefits: bigger envolvement of the employees with regard to its environment of work, this envolvement if reflects in bigger satisfaction, reduction of absences and improvement of performance; the research of climate, carried through in predetermined dates, allows to the manifestation of the employees on the work environment, favoring the intraorganizacional communication and the suppliment of information to the managemental body; comparison chance enters the characteristics of the environment of work of organization with the one of other organizations; pro-activity of the management, anticipating and solving relative problems to the employees and or of the environment of work, preventing the sprouting of critical situations that normally influence negative the normal flow of activity of the teams.

INDIA Importation Exportation

INDIA Importation Exportation If you are looking in India importation and exportation of merchandises, this can be a lucrative business. We go to be clear, exist histories of success of the whole world of importation agents and exportation, agents of Asian, American, Brazilian importation exportation, in the truth in any country you will find a success history, however before jumping blindly for this business, you must educate yourself on what she has that to make and as has that to make it. This is a so full business of papelada bureaucracy and that and until exciting substance and stranger. Thus, it gains the education necessary to have certainty that you know what she needs to increase the probability of being one of the hundreds of thousand of success histories. Exist millions of products in the market and you it will see that an enormous percentage was imported or exported, for where you can start? Obviously, the first step is marketing, and to search of market. It is exercised who you wants to vender, and looks at for what they are looking for. As you can find them, our great Google friend is always a great first step, or if you to prefer more hands in the boarding go for its agency of magazines local and look at for the full magazines sections of publications, one looked at for the technology, photograph and among others sectors. A time that you know what this vendendo and that she wants to vender, needs to find its manufacturer, countries as Brazil, India, China and is an excellent starting point with the man power cost and of work it is very inferior to the one of other countries, and one more time with our Google friend you will be capable to choose the suppliers of any part of the world.

If you already are negotiating with other countries, you she has that to learn everything on legal licenses and other requirements. Customs brokers/agents are an excellent starting point, and if to opt to using one of them to make the work for you, then she can excellent information, of any form they are a great resource. You remember you are thinking about products of high risk, as chemical products, alcoholic beverages, medicines, etc, has rigorous requirements of licensing and mounts of bureaucracy, however products as consumption goods can be negotiated easily and without risk of danger. But 10 years behind, the advertising had an enormous cost for any new company, nowadays with the Internet you can announce its products in many income-producing forms, then it goes in ' ' net' ' looks at what its competitors are making and talk with some people, makes some alone course or contracts somebody to make its marketing online that it is so efficient and it uses the maximum that will be able. I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience of interesting learning. Debtor Antonio Severini Then, if you are looking to more information on the importations exportations, or want to know the advantages and cons of as a business functions of importation and exportation, after that, to go stop: it gratis requests its report on as to start. Importation Exportation Is a Great Business antonio@ Important Aid, For Entrepreneurs Importation Exportation