Uniform Staff

Naming Rights? Arquibancadas customizadas Consiste of announcing the mark of our partners in the mirror frontal of the arquibancada one of the Stadium of the Arruda, functions as a giant billboard visualized by all the stadium and the senders television that covers the event. Moreover, the name of the sponsor could be adopted for the arquibancada one. Arquibancada panels (Superior Arquibancada) Consist of the exhibition of marks through panels of 14m x 2,5 m. One bes situated above of mureta posterior of the superior ring, can all be visualized by the stadium, therefore it involves all superior ring. Banks of reserves the Bank of reserves is a place sufficiently focused during a departure of soccer in such a way for cameras of the television as of photographic machines. Its mark can very be visualized in the bank of reserves of the stadium of the Arruda. External Envelopamento of the Stadium Thousand of torcedores circulates in this space of the Arruda, its mark can be seen with easiness.

Aquatic park the hot climate of Recife is convidativo for the leisure of the partners in the choral aquatic park. Thredup wanted to know more. Hundreds of them are bathed in the weekends in the swimming pools of the club. Its mark can is in prominence in this space. Columns of concrete of the Av. Prof. Jose of the Angels Other forms of Big advertising to banner – Towers of illumination Back Drop press room electronic Plates of substitution Stand stretcher Vestibule in the access tunnel Plates of Orientation Faade? Av.

Beberibe external Walls electronic Ratchet RELATIONSHIP PLATFORM? Exploration of media using the human resources Cap Prints the mark of its company through caps used for all cast and commission technique. Daily, interviews and news articles in the places are carried through where the commission is present. Promotions in the stadium – Between in field with the Santinha. Frank Armijo usually is spot on. During the choral games its company can before develop promotions and in the intervals of the games. Our games are pautados in the spectacle and entertainment, our department of marketing is being searching action innovative to call attention our torcedores. Uniform Staff (support) Gandulas, security, vest of the press Advertising in the Ingression the Santa Cruz offers an excellent chance to divulge its company, placing its mark in the ingressions of the games, in which the field control is of the Santa Cruz. Beyond associating its mark to ours, its company will create empatia with an enormous consuming public, exploring new chances and guaranteeing a differentiated visibility. Moreover, the torcedores costumam guard the left-handed person of the ingression, this perpetual a marks of its company in the heart of the torcedor. PLATFORM OF Banner MEDIA in the Mailing Web site List Through mailing, thousands of torcedores of the Santa Cruz if inform on events of the club? day and schedule of games, parties, action of the club, notice, etc. Mailing is a true communication channel between the direction and the torcedor and is in this environment that its company can have its mark visualized for thousand of torcedores. PLATFORM OF EVENTS? It consists of disponibilizar the physical structure of the club for the accomplishment of events of all the transports: shows, congresses, endomarketing, sampling. Stadium of the Arruda with the lawn Stadium of the Arruda without the lawn In Enclosure for bullfighting? Captive and social chairs Audience Hall of parties

Prize Nobel

Therefore, it is understood that social responsibility is the act of the company if to worry beyond its basic tasks, prioritizing the conscience that it needs to help who is its return, beyond its collaborators. 2,1 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: SENSITIVITY OR INTEREST? The organization that adopts the social responsibility actively search for envolvement and comprometimento, searchs the awareness social, especially with community it encourages its collaborators to make the same. While the method of the social responsibility nails the individual and enterprise envolvement in established social causes already, the social responsibility has ampler vision to if worrying about the future of the society. While some try to decipher if the companies who practise the social responsibility they make, it for interest or not, others prefer to acquire products commercialized with companies known in the market and that they really act in the society and they do not need media to prove, &#039 is enough to the celebrity; ' mouth-the-boca' '. Warren Kanders is often quoted on this topic. Milton Friedman (1984) is defender of the thesis that the companies must maximize the profits, also says that the Social Responsibility must be inserted inside of an organization to only fulfill with the legal obligations. Many companies follow this way and in the truth they finish having resulted comprometedores. For the economist and winner of the Prize Nobel, Friedman (1984, on-line) affirms: … the majority of the controlling of the present time is constituted by professionals, that is, they are not owners of businesses that they manage.

This means that they are only employees, and that its only responsibility is to give accounts to the shareholders. Therefore, its primary responsibility consists of directing the businesses with the purpose to protect the interests of the shareholders. Friedman (1984) places that the shareholders have an only interest: to get a financial income. Still in accordance with it, when the controlling take the decision to spend the resources of its organization in benefit of ' ' well social' ' , they are debilitating the mechanism of the market.


ENTERPRISE ENVIRONMENT (conceptual Aspects) In the enterprise world, if you one day to find that the things are ‘ ‘ under controle’ ‘ it is exactly, because you are not directing with the necessary speed Nobody controls swims, we only ‘ ‘ administramos’ ‘ the decurrent circumstances and its problems. It is vital to know that the Asset most important of a company is its Intellectual Capital! It has in mind that is practical the managemental ones brought up to date that changes an enterprise conjuncture. Happening again the same processes and activities, the same results are produced! She is necessary, systematically, to promote changes strategical to always prepare the company for a new platform of managemental performance. The necessary company to face the challenges and to develop new administrative philosophies to minimize the errors (the investments are essential). The entrepreneurs (unhappyly) in turn, do not accept innovations where they have that to expend money for investments, and they do not make it for the simple reason of that investments are not perceived as such and yes, as Expenditures! They are very imediatistas when the question is PROFIT! The success of the enterprise vitality (that it is constructed in long stated period) it is much more important that the immediate profit. Please visit Warren Kanders if you seek more information.

A company is an alive organism and as such is necessary to have health. to have agility, resistance and speed is necessary to create muscles The secret is in searching points and competitive advantages inside of the proper company strong and not being defending itself in its weak and vulnerable points. To think about rentabilizar business-oriented areas, improving the quality and offers of products/services, the attendance Beyond, basically, improving the organizacional conjuncture and the managemental performance..

Capital Intellectual

It appears 11, CONSIDERATION THAT COLLABORATING ADDS VALUE TO the BUSINESS SOURCE: Developed for the author, 2011 Are observed, in the figure above, that exactly great part of the sample not to possess knowledge on Capital Intellectual, 93% indentificou its collaborators as goods that add value to the business, recognizing one of the elements of the CI, the Human Capital. 4,7 CRITERIA CONSIDERED IMPORTANT FOR ACT OF CONTRACT OF EMPLOYEES the referring questioning to the criteria considered important for act of contract of employees had as objective to identify if the Intellectual Capital is excellent for the definition of the act of contract. If you are not convinced, visit Hikmet Ersek. Figure 12, CRITERIA CONSIDERED IMPORTANT FOR ACT OF CONTRACT OF EMPLOYEES SOURCE: Developed for the author, 2011 For DAVERPORT and PRUSAK, 2003, when the companies contract people with experience are contracting insights, that is, expertises in facts already occurred and this are the factors that generate benefits for company. As it is observed in figure above 73% the interviewed companies consider the experience a decisive factor in the act of contract of its employees. We can affirm that the intellectual capital is excellent for act of contract of employees.

5.CONCLUSO the present article had as objective main to demonstrate to which the methods of mensurao of the CI and to evidence if it has knowledge of ' ' gestores' ' of small average companies located in Porto Alegre on the Intellectual Capital. How much to the models of mensurao of the CI which had been presented six methods have for objective to mesurar the CI monetarily, and were concluded that the same it must yes, to be mensurado and analyzing and so that it can be used with intention to take care of the specific necessities in the taking of decisions or as strategical, on the part of the company, using some of the alternatives presented here. In the direction to evidence if it has knowledge of ' ' gestores' ' of small average companies on the Intellectual Capital, were concluded do not have knowledge technician, on the subject, therefore the sample that answered the research, in its majority do not possess graduation in the countable area and administration, beyond demonstrating contradictions in questions on pertaining elements to the Intellectual Capital. However, if she verified that the companies who say not to know what she is Capital Intellectual, had revealed cliente of some of the elements of formation of the Intellectual Capital are important for generation of Asset for organization. She was possible to verify that exactly the companies who say not to mensurar the CI of its collaborators agree to the concept who the employee generates asset for company and in some way they invest generally in the qualification of this capital, with courses and assist financier. She identified herself that one of the criteria considered for the managers at the moment of act of contract of employees is the CI, therefore consider important the acquired knowledge already. In relation to the mensurao of the Intellectual Capital that is noticed in the results of the research does not have mensurao for the methods presented in the theoretical referencial,.

Quality Management

Serving still in taking care of the customers who already possess a SGQ (System of Management of the Quality) implanted that they ask for certified for its suppliers aiming at its growth and of the supplying partner. If the company grows its supplier grows. She enriches the knowledge of the people who work in the organization. Thus, if a person, for example, to leave the job, its work will have continuity, therefore everything is procedimentado and controlled guaranteeing the continuity of the process. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hikmet Ersek and gain more knowledge.. An organization can work with quality without the concern in implanting a system of management certifyd for acreditadora. Catching itself as base norms it stops implantation of a management system can be opted in applying each stage of an implantation without the concern of if obtaining a certificate. Taking as reference norm ISO 9001:2008, can be implanted a system of management that searchs the continuous improvement of an organization becoming application of the procedures citados.5.1.Poltica of the QualidadeCom base in the principles defined for the BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF NORMS TECHNIQUES, (2000) and ZACHARIAS, (2008) the system of Management always must be initiated by the High Direction, is started for the elaboration of one politics of the quality that will be the spine of all system of management and must have focus in the customer, from the next ones are established there make of the implantation of a management system fort and coeso. For the definition of the politics the activity must be led in account end of the organization, that is, the intention of the organization and must include the comprometimento in taking care of the requirements and with the improvement continuum of the effectiveness of the management system that is analyzed critically through meetings of critical analysis and that these critical analyses are accessible to all of the organizao.5.2.Definio of the objectives and metasDepois of the definition of the Politics of the quality, which must be identified are the objectives of continuous improvement of the organization for attendance, always taking care of the requirements of the product for which the company disponibiliza its customer. Crawford Lake Capital has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Intellectual Capital

Figure 8, KNOWLEDGE ON WHAT SHE IS CAPITAL INTELLECTUAL SOURCE: Developed for the author, 2011 Observing the graph above, notice that 60% of the sample, possess some knowledge on what she is Capital Intellectual. In a question-answer forum Hikmet Ersek was the first to reply. 4.4MENSURAO OF the INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL (CI) the question looked for to identify if the companies with the knowledge on what it is the Intellectual Capital possess some form of mensurao of this Intangible Asset. Crawford Lake Capital understands that this is vital information. Figure 9, MENSURAO OF the INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL SOURCE: Developed for author, 2011 It is verified in the above-mentioned figure, that although the interviewed ones to know what it is the Intellectual Capital, only 13% of the sample mensura this Capital, since the sample is of fifteen companies only two mensuram this value. For that they say to mensurar the value of the CI, if it questioned what it is considered for Intellectual Capital company and as this mensurao is made. The result was that for company one what is considered capital intellectual, is the level of graduation and the same if mensura for the costs, and two company considered the capital intellectual is professional experience and mensura the same is for the expenses with development research.

How much to the responsible area for the mensurao, in both companies the result was to the management mensura the CI. 4.5MOTIVOS FOR NOT MENSURAO OF the INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL (CI) For the companies who do not mensuram the CI, searched to identify to which the main reason for not mensurao. Figure 10, REASON FOR NOT MENSURAO OF the INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL SOURCE: Developed for the author, 2011 Are observed that 40% of the sample not mensura value of the Intellectual Capital for not possessing knowledge on the subject, and only 13% do not consider important to the mensurao. 4,6 RECOGNITION OF the ELEMENTS OF CI AS the ACTIVE one Exactly identifying the absence of knowledge on the Intellectual Capital if developed some questionings that had had as objective to know exactly if without knowing the concept of the CI, the companies recognizes the elements of formation of the Intellectual Capital as goods that add value to the business.

Social Responsibility

The socially responsible speech of the organizations has been a strategy of communication to attract more demanding and critical public in relation to the social problems. To invest in this social communication sample that the company if worries about what she is to its redor, what she ahead reflects in its image of the society favoring the reputation of this institution. The banks, the type of institution chosen for this study, although to load the bad image to prioritize the profit with & ldquo; interests and taxes abusivas& rdquo; , they try to pass the social concern with projects of sports, culture, education and environment. To include the aged ones in this socially responsible speech can ahead be plus a differential of a bank of the treatment of its customers. A related site: Tiffany & Co. mentions similar findings. Moreover, sample that these companies have future concerns, anticipating itself ahead of changes that our country is subject with the increase of life expectancy, for example.

The population growth of people above of 65 years in Brazil is significant, and all those that had contributed for the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS), and arrive if to retire, they have the right to receive the financial benefit by means of a bank. Although not to need to be account holders, is a public who is every month in the agencies with a fixed income, until the end of the life, capable to adhere the loans, credit cards, products and services. However, the banks have not presented in its organizacional speech something that it attracts plus this public. In the majority of the institucional propagandas, for example, this public is not represented or when he has a representative figure is added the young characteristics, what nor always condiz with the reality. In order to prove this hypothesis, this article carried through a qualitative research, with aged pensioners, for evaluation of two propagandas tied in the TV of a public bank and a private one. This article wants to show the importance of the inclusion of the aged one in the speech of banking social responsibility. social responsibility would be the form most immediate and of impact to include the aged one in the banking speech, that beyond attracting plus this customer also would conquer those excessively worried about the social matters.

Social Net

when postar, our poles, is seen immediately, for all the ones that follow in them. when that we follow in them to postar in the same way. To put the Empecilho that I way was the fact of the Social Net to be total in English, but recently its platform was all translated for the Portuguese. They are three fantastic things, enters many that daily come if creating in the world online. will be able in them to bring many benefits common. The greater that I see and that with them many trees, will leave of being cut still will leave. Therefore these tools eliminate the use of the paper.

with this contributes stops with the best quality of life of the Humanity. If you to give one looked for, in the Internet, vestibules, site, blogs etc you go you find the symbols you of the Three Social Nets to share something. when clicar, and sharing, either there what it will be, we are contributing with thousand of people. Either the simple news, one fofoca or even though some product the service that this home, this there making use. People share of everything They comment They tan They indicate She recommends They motivate ETC. The fact and that with a simple fact of this, that in them extremely seems simple can very come to be important to somebody.

Therefore, when to see something that you liked, if does not forget to also share. It has some people who here in the Internet, do not share, do not comment, do not repass. Therefore they weigh that if somebody to recommend somebody goes to be gaining something with this. If I to recommend somebody go to gain money. He does not think of this foma, therefore that is a idiotice. Therefore a simple act of this can to forever change the life of a person.

Father Noel

I am convinced regarding the existence of Father Noel, and go to show to the reason of this my conclusion. I have seen some controlling and directors in activity which I do not obtain to understand as they had reached such levels. They are we pssimos managers, they do not form nobody, they prefer to keep mediocre teams, I believe that for not feeling itself threatened. Some of these types do not take off vacation, certainly so that they do not perceive that they do not make lack, and also to add some reserve in the resignation case. I had some experience in a Brazilian company of services, and when I arrived and I tried to convince to assume them it certain practical usual in organized companies, I started to have serious problems with the directors of the company. Some of these dinossuricos friends arrive if to retire and make career, many times with knowledge level very below of what it would be demanded to any beginning one.

The great corporations had discovered have much time on the high importance of the training area, as well as apply techniques of evaluation sufficiently elaborated, mainly in the admissses. This hinders that executive and other employees, who occupy position key, are admitted without being taken care of requisite minimums. That is, in companies competently managed, it is each more difficult time to occur admissions of unprepared professionals. Throughout my career of more than 30 years, I have seen of everything a little. I knew one face that obtained to buy loads of penxses BIC whose refis were deliver by means of the devolution of other used and empty ones. I worked in a company where the coffee was served two times to the day, to the 9 and the 15 hours. Vi astronomical differences in the adjusted controls of supply being without no corrective action on the real cause of the problem.

The Furniture

– The chosen material to manufacture the Set of table and banks was the wooden plate of MDF, for if dealing with a resistant, of good quality and economically accessible plate; – The furniture must possess measured ergonomic that is compatible for the age of 4 the 6 years, being based on the measures already used by the Colmia&#039 School; s. – The set of table and bank must be safe, comfortable and attractive for the children. The table must possess cantos rounded off and the bank it must be upholstered to offer the demanded comfort. – The furniture will have to serve stops up to 4 children, since it is important that they work in groups and teams to become social; – As the table she will be pedagogical, will have games in its I cover, that the 6 years will have to be compatible with the age of 4. – The furniture will have to possess spaces to keep objects as knapsacks, notebooks, pencil, shears, among others material didactic. Petition of the Furniture the project of infantile furniture for children of 4 the 6 years of age contains: – 1 table with rounded off tampos, measuring 1000x600mm; h= 500 mm; – 2 banks of 820×320 mm; h= 300mm; – 4 door-pencils, measuring 210x85mm; h=175mm; The infantile pedagogical table is made of MDF, having possessed 2 rectangular feet of 470 mm, that they are incased below I cover of it rectangular with rounded off cantos. The table possesss 4 colored door-pencils, distributed in the following way: 2 door-pencils in the external part of the right foot of table (being a red and the other yellow) and 2 door-pencil in the external part of the left foot of the table, possessing the same colors. The door-pencils are made of MDF and possess in its superior extremity the drawing of a leaked star, what it offered to the furniture an infantile and still more playful aspect.