Day Money As A Form Of Investment

Save money with an attractive day-money account! Who would like to create his hard savings money, has different ways. You can invest his money in the form of shares or funds, yields methods that are associated with an increased risk, but consequently more. Or you can fall back on the more conservative forms of investment and so play it safe. As a completely secure forms, one can call among the traditional savings bond, the test money or for the day. Money market accounts differ from the two other savings methods due to the fact that the applied capital here daily, even hourly available. You can put money on the day money without much effort at any time, withdraw, or dissolve it.

It is also no problem parallel to lead several money market accounts to benefit from better interest income. Since the conditions differ widely between different providers in part, a comparison is recommended before the election of the day account. between the various Banks to conduct. Generally speaking, direct banks to have better interest income, as they have a more efficient cost structure as brokerages. Best, you can calculate the most lucrative conditions for a day money account by you are served a day money of interest calculator. Can be found mostly free on various Internet pages overnight interest rate calculator, which deal with the topic of money.

After entering the amount of the loan the federal funds interest rate calculator calculates then quickly and completely anonymous, which Bank can throw the best interest rates. This can be of course only one bank, which is listed on the respective page. Therefore, it is advisable to use multiple pages and the available federal funds interest rate calculator. Who so after a good and uncomplicated form of saving searches, or would like to simply times like to deposit his money, and it wants to earn a few euros to do so, should look to be sure provider after a lucrative day money.

Asset Protection With Real Estate As An Investment

Inflation is back on the rise book proves: real estate secure assets like a protective wall. And not only that no form of investment is more suitable for capital formation. Real estate is much better than its reputation. Assuming that it has taken the proper precautions, secure real estate: assets and income bombproof against inflation. Excessive debt, banking and State failures even meet the real estate owner. Did you know that the national debt in Germany has tripled since 1990? that in 2010 four European States almost bankrupt would have gone? that currently 12 States are acutely threatened by a sovereign default? the only way for the State out of the debt trap “Inflation” means “Inflation” so? The correct and timely investment in tangible assets, including loans, protects against the disguised expropriation called inflation.

Inflation helps the investor even if he does it right. To respond not game and efficiently, not much remains of the pension. With the acquisition of Real estate can you prevent not only bad, but an erkleckliches asset build up. Real estate is better than gold. Gold brings no rent and much less is created by banks as real estate. But how do you find the right property? What real estate is suitable? When worth buying? How to calculate yield and how do I determine real estate values? How do I deal with estate agents? Currently practice the process of acquiring real estate, from the behavior during the tour, the price negotiations, describes and clearly up to the notary.

After buying the real estate wants handled professionally. How to do it, is also described and explained. That’s not all. Also the tax effects are considered. The book is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to protect himself and his property with an investment in tangible assets or want to build up a fortune in his understandable written way. The reader takes the recommendations to follow only step by step. Inflation – deflation – bankruptcy. As of now no Problem anymore. Acting as a real estate professional!

Dollar Women

JOSE EMANUEL AND THE MULATA OF PAINS OR THE FAVOURS He disembarked, come of Portugal, as the name already indicates: Jose Emanuel. He comes in rest search, in order to enjoy of the beauties other world sea. I begin it everything that had heard and read regarding Brazilian lands, reached the superlative. It was enchanted with the gentility, the smile, the good will, the nature and in special with the women. It had never found a mixture of so perfect. Sun, sea, food, tranquillity and women. Ah! As in Portugal the women they are one in such a way insonssas.

They do not have that healthy malevolncia that the Brazilian women have. The tourist visa did not worry to it. Account consulted the banking, to see it daily the relation of the Euro with the Real. To the times if it worried about the relation of the Euro and the Dollar. The property in Lisbon, inherited of the parents, provided a singular tranquillity to it.

It practically lived only to manage the locations. Something that took it certain time and with the aid of the Internet, was everything facilitated. was exactly through of the world-wide net, that chose Brazilian beaches. Made, remade calculations and ready. With the incomes of the rents it would give to live in Brazil and with much recess the point to allow the acquisition of property that was its specialty. For reason of precaution and with aid of some patricians it obtained to rent an apartment, is situated near the border of sea. Duly furnished and decorated, it was installed comfortably and with security. As he was not given the domestic culinrias chores, every day made its first meal, in the bakery of the patrician Joaquin Almeida, natural of Brings Mounts. Something that left the baker Joaquin ' ' p' ' of the expensive age to call it Portuga of ' ' trais of montes' '.

Information System

Since ancient times and today, cargo transportation, is an integral part of almost any business and our livelihoods. Using the automobile, air, rail and sea freight transport, can be delivered from point A to point B cargo absolutely any size, and in the short term. And before that sometimes had to wait months until the cargo reaches its destination. Client typically chooses the method of transportation freight (road, air, rail or sea transport), guided by dimensions of cargo, the distance from the sender to the recipient, time frame in which to overcome this distance and of course budget. In our the most in demand international transportation of bulky goods, namely motor for short distances and containerized cargo by sea over long distances.

If we consider the transport rail, then this method is preferable when the consignee is located near the rail freight terminals. But air cargo – is more expensive, but also the fastest way delivery of goods, particularly bulky or dangerous goods. If there is a need to transfer goods from one destination to another, and their own capabilities and capacities – is simply not, then why not apply to transportation company that provides trucking services to its customers. Today there is a large selection of companies to deliver goods in any convenient way for the client. Typically, freight deal specialized organizations. To date, these activities are compulsory licensing, so without the appropriate permits and licenses to provide similar services, not possible. Excellent assistants in the field of transportation is an information system for cargo and transport, for example, EktoTrans, – Kaliningrad is an information system.

Such information systems are now quite a lot, because they are in demand. Some of them paid, others are not sufficiently advanced, are not informative, because of what they are lost among their competitors, but there are some pretty big players in this sphere and even international scale. Although smaller systems, but to some regions are sometimes more useful. With these systems you can find current information about passing and passing cargo transport, as well as information and feedback on the transport companies and unscrupulous drivers and much more. If we look at the price of shipping, the cheapest way to transport goods is by sea. However, transportation to Russia by sea in most areas can only be made during the warmer seasons. And the Russian river system in the direction from south to north is not well developed. It turns out that for our conditions are not always acceptable, in contrast to road transport, which make it possible to deliver cargo to the farthest corners of the country. A similar situation as with the sea, folded and with the railway Movement in Russia. By the way, because of the above "Russian" problems, the majority of Russian information systems for cargo, no other traffic except the car is not considered, because all other forms of transport demand is not great.


But you can afford, long to be able to create money. Keep in mind that your capital is blocked on a considerable time. Where this is not true in real estate, because you when buying a property in the long run create not money and block, but finance. Try to make your capital generally medium – and long term. Their average yield emerges from the middle of your short -, medium – and long-term money, including any tax benefits or allowances, less the costs incurred. 3.

movement stay mobile. “Make sure that you mobile” remain. Capital expenditures serve you, not the other way around. The term movement”can other conclusions for the wealth management strategy pull: mix your investments. This a nice story: A Sparerin wanted to, true to divide the Council to create the finance short -, medium – and long-term, their capital in this way. So she negotiated with the Bank and this subsequent question, how she now have created their money, she replied obviously proud: I have chosen a savings account with short-term, medium-term and long-term maturity! “The Lady had implemented very game the Council.

In addition to a short -, medium – and long-term maturity, you should mix also take the form of capital investments. Distribute the risks and yields not only on various maturities, but also on various kinds of investment. So you can create an own shopping cart, an excerpt from the financial market, indeed its own investment index. Vote each product exactly to your needs and your plans. 4. you act then intelligently, if you get the most from your capital. Not only the return on an investment is the most important. Again and again I refer on the benefits, and this adds up to a balance of various factors. What use is a high rate of return, if your full capital is blocked and you are therefore financially immobile? The question can for the benefit of the easiest answer with your life goals. Their personal goals in life shapes your investor profile. And on top of this you must align your investments. Here, too, the question should be mentioned: what use is the highest rate of return, if you must leave each year fall from the holiday? So, you vote choose of your investments according to your individual benefit. Ultimately, this is your biggest profit and best earnings from your investment decision. 5. from the foregoing points are already products coming into question for you or the investment strategy that is right for you. Conclusion: The performance of your wealth management strategy is reflected in the quality of your life. Rainer Ott Ott investment AG

Franziska Stroedel Bank

Polls consistently show that small and medium-sized enterprises suffer a lot under the generally bad payment behaviour of customers it is not surprising that more and more medium-sized companies looking for financing alternatives for your company to increasingly strict requirements for loans but banks. The experiences of the last years of the crisis, that just larger companies with payment of his invoices often not so hurry showed at the same time. The situation like in terms of attracting economy again have improved some, but still suffer from, according to polls, many small and medium-sized companies under the bad payment behaviour of their customers. The company come so often even in economic trouble, can not order much-needed inventory or not even past bills. “And although the order books are full”, explains Norbert Wagner of the Landshuter Debi select group who famously introduced the Debi select Fund as a factoring Fund on the market. Under factoring, he will Understand the purchase of debts from deliveries of goods and services.

Since the risks here are often not adequately assess, Debi select has aligned itself on the special factoring by largely secured claims. In this way, acquires the company has investments in medium-sized companies, for example, life insurance, provides the surrender value immediately and settles with the insurance following. For this purpose, the holding company receives a discount. It is shown, that all areas of the profession by payment problems are affected. It is true the craftsmen as well as the architects.

Not about the leading software provider for accountants, auditors and lawyers, DATEV has reached an agreement with a factoring company, stating that their customers also finance before claims can be. Factoring is the assignment of claims against immediate payment, so one must accept a reduction in purchase who quickly wants his money. We support the middle class, want to, but in the interest of Debi select fund investors no risk in buying take “, says Debi select. Specialty supplier refinanced themselves about the Debi select Fund – so a capital investment via the free capital market. These closed-end funds of the Debi select offer an attractive return, risk inherent in the concept of was greatly limited. As Debi select is secured or secured claims. So avoid the risk of a loss or partial loss of money.

Managing Director

Talks with Wells Fargo after court decision against Chapter 11 extension of existing loan through Wells Fargo resumed possible enforcement of collateral by Wells Fargo so far not carried out Berlin, March 07, 2011 after intensive negotiations of the management of the life trust asset pool (LTAP) with the lending bank Wells Fargo in recent days reached an agreement with the Bank on behalf of investors of life trust fund number suggests. At its core, ongoing and already advanced talks provide an extension of the existing Wells Fargo credit line. Thus, a continuation of the police pool by LTAP management would ensure. Wells Fargo has refrained so far, which is entitled to the credit as collateral to collect-backed Fund policies, although the Bank to do so since March 4, 2011. Prerequisite for a successful conclusion of the talks is a written documentation of the agreement, which must be deposited with the competent District Court in Wilmington, Delaware, US – United States. According to current is the ability to achieve such an agreement in the coming weeks. Despite the decision of the District Court against the application of the LTAP on a creditor protection procedures (Chapter 11 “) the LTAP management on a resumption of talks had entered with Wells Fargo. We are cautiously optimistic that we still succeed, with Wells Fargo to come to a mutually acceptable solution on behalf of investors. As a mutual interest to find an amicable solution is,”said Franz-Philippe Przybyl, Managing Director of the Berlin Atlantic group and responsible for the LTAP.