But you can afford, long to be able to create money. Keep in mind that your capital is blocked on a considerable time. Where this is not true in real estate, because you when buying a property in the long run create not money and block, but finance. Try to make your capital generally medium – and long term. Their average yield emerges from the middle of your short -, medium – and long-term money, including any tax benefits or allowances, less the costs incurred. 3.

movement stay mobile. “Make sure that you mobile” remain. Capital expenditures serve you, not the other way around. The term movement”can other conclusions for the wealth management strategy pull: mix your investments. This a nice story: A Sparerin wanted to, true to divide the Council to create the finance short -, medium – and long-term, their capital in this way. So she negotiated with the Bank and this subsequent question, how she now have created their money, she replied obviously proud: I have chosen a savings account with short-term, medium-term and long-term maturity! “The Lady had implemented very game the Council.

In addition to a short -, medium – and long-term maturity, you should mix also take the form of capital investments. Distribute the risks and yields not only on various maturities, but also on various kinds of investment. So you can create an own shopping cart, an excerpt from the financial market, indeed its own investment index. Vote each product exactly to your needs and your plans. 4. you act then intelligently, if you get the most from your capital. Not only the return on an investment is the most important. Again and again I refer on the benefits, and this adds up to a balance of various factors. What use is a high rate of return, if your full capital is blocked and you are therefore financially immobile? The question can for the benefit of the easiest answer with your life goals. Their personal goals in life shapes your investor profile. And on top of this you must align your investments. Here, too, the question should be mentioned: what use is the highest rate of return, if you must leave each year fall from the holiday? So, you vote choose of your investments according to your individual benefit. Ultimately, this is your biggest profit and best earnings from your investment decision. 5. from the foregoing points are already products coming into question for you or the investment strategy that is right for you. Conclusion: The performance of your wealth management strategy is reflected in the quality of your life. Rainer Ott Ott investment AG