The Palace

They had organized you some events as balls, suppers, snacks. You fit that she discovered miss to organize the night of crown of miss. The chosen place was the Palace of the Sports local. It was a new place and very pretty, they had contracted bands, the hall where miss if presented total was decorated with flowers and miss paraded in gala suit, typical suit and Catalina bathing suit that the competition sponsored. A famous sewer was in charge them suits for the crown night. The dress was magnificent, the typical suit was a net of fisherman entirely embroidered of pedrarias, with embroidered hat of rfia and fish trap.

Veruska was acclaimed most beautiful miss of the coast and second was placed in the State. In the night of the crown the relatives of Veruska had been in guich vendendo the ingressions. The Palace of the Sports crowded, but nobody remembered to after ask for to a budget of the clothes created for the famous sewer and the crown the sewer if it informed regarding the profits and it presented the account that tied up to. He was all perfect one but some thing would have to give wrong therefore miss knew in the capital a young doctor specialist in namorar misses and if it got passionate forgetting its origins. The young man if enchanted and in the first chance it was the city to know the familiar ones of loved its, he pleased to all, and he knew of the true history of Veruska and he did not confirm the supper to present the loved one for its parents. He came back to the city plus a pair of times and took miss to live in the capital, not as its preferring but as loving its and five years later he released Veruska to be married a young of traditional family. Veruska not it studies e, astonish, started to play oldest of the professions, while the children of the politician were marrying (principescos marriages) Veruska made mich. Certain day the famous politician bound for a cafetina to contract a model to cheer to some come politicians of Brasilia. Veruska was assigned and as she was good professional it was and it made jus to cach received from the hands of the illustrious politician.

Dollar Women

JOSE EMANUEL AND THE MULATA OF PAINS OR THE FAVOURS He disembarked, come of Portugal, as the name already indicates: Jose Emanuel. He comes in rest search, in order to enjoy of the beauties other world sea. I begin it everything that had heard and read regarding Brazilian lands, reached the superlative. It was enchanted with the gentility, the smile, the good will, the nature and in special with the women. It had never found a mixture of so perfect. Sun, sea, food, tranquillity and women. Ah! As in Portugal the women they are one in such a way insonssas.

They do not have that healthy malevolncia that the Brazilian women have. The tourist visa did not worry to it. Account consulted the banking, to see it daily the relation of the Euro with the Real. To the times if it worried about the relation of the Euro and the Dollar. The property in Lisbon, inherited of the parents, provided a singular tranquillity to it.

It practically lived only to manage the locations. Something that took it certain time and with the aid of the Internet, was everything facilitated. was exactly through of the world-wide net, that chose Brazilian beaches. Made, remade calculations and ready. With the incomes of the rents it would give to live in Brazil and with much recess the point to allow the acquisition of property that was its specialty. For reason of precaution and with aid of some patricians it obtained to rent an apartment, is situated near the border of sea. Duly furnished and decorated, it was installed comfortably and with security. As he was not given the domestic culinrias chores, every day made its first meal, in the bakery of the patrician Joaquin Almeida, natural of Brings Mounts. Something that left the baker Joaquin ' ' p' ' of the expensive age to call it Portuga of ' ' trais of montes' '.