Natural Resources

Meanwhile, many regions of the world are already beginning to face the problem of water shortage for the life of the population. For example, the Mexican capital faced with acute water shortages due to the reduction of its reserves in nearby waters, worn out equipment. Local hydrography and engineers see a serious problem in that, being one of the largest cities in the world Mexican capital is located far from water sources. If you do not take decisive action to ensure that Mexico water, the situation could soon take the 'catastrophic'. Ministry of Natural Resources stood up for Utrish last week for the Reserve 'Big Utrish' defended the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Minister Trutnev instructed to transmit to the prosecutor about violations of the law in the construction of roads on the reserve of regional importance 'Big Utrish' in Krasnodar Krai, as well as calculate and recover the damage that was caused to fauna of this unique natural complex.

Mr. Trutnev demanded prevent the resumption of the illegal construction of the road and prepare treatment of the Krasnodar Territory Governor Alexander Tkachev, as the function of monitoring compliance legislation on specially protected natural areas of regional significance are carried out by regional authorities. Recall the 'Big Utrish' – Russia's only area of dry juniper, pistachio forests Mediterranean type. Yitzhak Mirilashvili insists that this is the case. In 1996 the Russian government has recognized the Reserve 'Big Utrish' specially protected natural territories of federal significance. Until 2010, there has to be established State Nature Reserve. In December 2008 Reserve began cutting down trees to build a relic of the road.

Water Resources

In places with large concentrations of people, animals and natural fresh water is usually not enough, especially if it is used to collect sewage and transport them away from populated areas. If dirt gets into the soil is not much soil organisms recycle them, re-using nutrients, and in the neighboring streams seeps have clean water. But if you get sewage directly into the water, they rot, and their oxidation consumes oxygen. Created so called biochemical oxygen demand. The higher the demand, the less oxygen remains in the water for living organisms, especially fish and seaweed. Sometimes because of lack of oxygen dies every living thing. Water become biologically dead – there are only anaerobic bacteria, and they thrive without oxygen and in the course of his life isolated hydrogen sulphide – a toxic gas with a specific smell of rotten eggs. And without that lifeless water becomes putrid smell and becomes quite unfit for humans and animals. The same thing could happen with an excess of water in substances such as nitrates and phosphates, they fall into the water from the agricultural fertilizers in the fields or from contaminated waste water detergents. These nutrients stimulate the growth of algae, the algae begin to consume much oxygen, and when it becomes insufficient, they die. Under natural conditions, the lake silted up before and disappear, there are about 20 thousand. years. Excess nutrients accelerates the aging process, or , and reduces the life of the lake, making it to the Besides unattractive.

The Person

100% Of the buildings and Government offices investigated strip personal and confidential documentation without destroying. 78% Of workers with access to this documentation are aware that this is sensitive information that they break it manually. The main conclusions of this study were that: even wastes that shredded material has been found at documents with confidential data, which indicates that not all employees are using them, or that they are unaware of what information protected by law. Lack awareness in companies on the legal regulations in force in Spain to treat and destroy the confidential information. Companies must make an effort of awareness when it comes to handling and disposing of confidential material about clients or users. According to this information, and so that all companies can comply with the requirements Spains as regards the handling of confidential data, recycles Dolaf has launched a new promotion for residual documentation destruction generated in businesses, administrations Office or other services.

It is an Express service designed for small volumes, less than 50 cabinets type a-z, and with a 24-hour response time. The price of this service is only 55 euros per service, and includes the collection, transportation, destruction plant, and issuance of the certificate of destruction. This process of destruction, can be carried out in the presence of the person concerned, and gathers all security assurances contained in the European DIN32757. The company also maintains the ability of the service’s destruction of documents, totally free and for any amount, when the producer of the documentation delivered it onsite recycling Dolaf in Madrid directly. Also offers pickup service for massive punctual services, which includes an amount Unlimited paper and a single price of 175 euros. You can report at: for more information: recycling Dolaf, S.L. Tel.: + 34 917474765 E-mail: Web: about recycling Dolaf company dedicated to the recovery of paper and CARDBOARD for recycling since 1982, supplementing this activity with other related services, always guaranteeing the maximum quality and ensuring in a way triggered by the respect for the environment.

Noteworthy for its importance among these complementary services destruction of confidential documentation. The development of these tasks, recycles DOLAF participate in human resources with extensive training and experience, which also have the most advanced technical means, thus achieving greater efficiency in their duties. In recycling DOLAF, design plans individualized waste management, giving priority to recycling from other routes of elimination and optimizing their economic possibilities. Please feel free to contact with us for further information or request our services anywhere in Spain, or consult our possibilities of supply of paper recovered anywhere in the world.