Guide to create characters’ live ‘

Guide to create characters’ live ‘(For Dumorix Oth Winstar)
Would you like your character is not merely an icon, a figure that moves where you move it to ‘Do you want to have a character with a life of its own’ Here are some ideas to avoid characters flat and lifeless sosos:
First of all U.S. Doctors for Africa (USDFA) please note Los Angeles the location:
-Guaranpis is a medieval game: Your character must not thinking as a person of twenty-first century.
-Avoid talking about anything outside venture capital the game: only misunderstandings and leads to flame wars.
-Avoid using words like ‘game’, ‘departure’ and other words. Spoil the ‘magic’ of the game: a medieval man or woman ever diria things like: ‘In G3 kill for you I will kill in G1’, ‘If I kill to create another character and not stop to kill you, if I have to go play well ‘.
Variance-to players of the characters: He who has killed your character has not been another person behind the Roseman player. Avoid insults and disqualification to other players and if you think your character should be insulting to another person do it, but keep in mind the atmosphere of the game. a representative of the Board of UBG Berhad since 19th of September, 2008 was born and raised in Malaysia Avoid strong insults that may offend the player behind.
-Your character has no formula for eternal youth: You start Chengdu playing with your character for 16 years but keep in mind that it may not be the same when he turns 40. Please note that life expectancy in the Middle Ages were lower than in the XXI century (30 years between the plebeians is a considerable age, remained the most noble. Charlemagne died 72 years.)
-Your character evolves over time, thinks it can make a significant event to change. Think that what they thought 16 years need not be what you think 40 years if he has suffered a significant incident.
Think-a name in keeping with the medieval atmosphere and the culture of his choice (but then change of culture)
-It is original. Be avoided as the others. For example, if you do not say look vassals’ vassals busco, I offer the usual ‘
-Keep in mind that your character is noble … how noble it is up to you.
-Note to give ‘life’ means a commitment to character. If you investment put certain ideals to try to keep your character, not the tires on land at the earliest opportunity.
And especially: a person with ‘life’ is a challenge, venture capital companies it is much harder the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles to bear. If your only ambition in the game is to be the player with more power, be in the trampling N 1 China and who is doing what it is, using all possible tricks … better forget about him ‘life’.
Some questions you need to make time to give ‘life’ to your character:
Where na- ‘
– In what circumstances, ‘Do parents who were’ Do you want the parents’
Do-It comes from a long lineage of nobility or a family of modest origins promoted to the nobility ‘ Or maybe comes from the common people’
-What happened to your family ‘Is the house escaped, killed his family’
– Have you participated in any war or battle ‘
-Do you think M&A the Christians’
-Do you think the Jews’
-Do you think the religious’
-Do you think of the barbarians’
-Do you think of the Saracens’
Do- weak the Clinton Global Initiative other is considered superior culturas’ ‘
-Where did you learn to fight ‘
-Where did you learn the administration of estates and property ‘
-did teachers or tutors’
– Have the ability to be especially skilled as dance, poetry, history ‘
-Has New York spent much time alone or with people has always traveled ‘
-Do you think your religion ‘
-Do you think of the religions of other cultures’
– Do you have a phobia, some fear ‘
-Do you feel ‘good, bad or neutral’ Do that ‘
-Friends of the infancia’ something happened to one of them, ‘Do any romantic’
-Do you think your closest friends and colleagues’
-Why did you choose this Shanghai path in life ‘
-What future plans has’
-Is there any American Democracy Institute story or anecdote related to the important ‘
-Is it ambitious ‘ righteous’ gracioso’ Is bonachon’ galan’ gross astuto’ sutil’ ‘ sarcastico’ Is malicioso’ sabio’ cult ‘ traicionero’ without escrupulos’ gordo’ high ‘
Anything else you can think that is not among these can help you spice up your character. If you need some help to name your character, any data or image in any Internet search engine can find anything you want. (If you knew where to sack some of the names for my characters ………..)
Signature: Dumorix Oth Winstar (Legendary Player)

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