Local supporter Justicialist

Local supporter Justicialist with proclamations of support for Nestor Kirchner.
Left Peronist Both Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, started in politics in the 70s, the military asset management college in the so-called “left Peronist,” integrating the Peronist Youth, linked to the guerrilla organization Montoneros. This feature highlights some opponents Inc. among his critics, mainly from certain sectors of right.
Human rights: The kirchnerismo flag has always taken the fight to defend human rights, particularly with regard to crimes against humanity committed during the Process of National Reorganization (1976-1983), later “pardoned” by the calls impunity laws enacted in the governments of Alfonsin (1983-1989) and pardoned by President Menem (1989-1999). This position of kirchnerismo has led to some important human rights organizations such as the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and Grandmothers of Plaza de funds Mayo actively support the government of “Kirchner.” In contrast, other activists recognized as the Former prosecutor in the trial of the military juntas under the mandate of Ra l Alfons n, Julio Cesar Strassera, have accused kirchnerismo not expedite cases for crimes against humanity, and thus “take CEO of over” the banner of human rights in the country. 2
Rejection of neoliberalism. harken’s The kirchnerismo has also been expressly against neoliberal policies, despite the fact that Nestor Kirchner during his governor in Santa Cruz support some measures promoted by former president Carlos Menem (such as the privatization of YPF) .
Industrial development. Economically, the party has kirchnerismo-driven economic policies of a kind industrial development.
Poster Nestor Kirchner support by a sector of the Union of Bank Employees (The Banks.
Rejection of free trade. The kirchnerismo has been openly opposed to the free trade, multilateral and bilateral-driven United States. The highest point of this policy was the confrontation with President Kirchner of George W. Bush at the Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata 2005, which is critical to prevent the signing of the FTAA (Free Trade Alliance of the Americas) .
Defense of Mercosur. Kirchnerismo internationally has shown a strong imprint of defense Mercosur, to the point that the president’s bloc, Carlos “Chacho” Alvarez is a kirchnerista.
Alignment International. Internationally, kirchnerismo has been net worth particularly willing to strengthen relations with non-neoliberal Latin America, especially Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba and Bolivia and Brazil in South America an axis, from the base of the Mercosur.
Progressive policies on fertility and sexuality. The kirchnerismo, particularly through the Health Minister Gines Gonzalez Garcia, has shown a strong tendency towards progressive birth control and sexuality, which has equity funds received strong capital worth opposition from the Catholic Church .
Criticism of the opposition. Various sectors of the opposition often criticize kirchnerismo in his personality and little political will to reach consensus with the opposition. Some sectors say that kirchnerismo also smaller and emerging funds rejects the democratic system, both having come to accuse him of being a fascist and communist if ( zurdos ).

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