The Confection

A municipal professor gains of wage R$300,00 base (THREE HUNDRED REALS), below of a minimum wage, what he opposes the rules constitutional that fold that no worker must earn below of a wage. He has the regency of classroom of R$90,00 (NINETY REALS). The AID FEEDING, that shame! R$ 25,00 (TWENTY AND FIVE REALS). If the professor to spend R$1,00 (REAL HUM) per day (he has that to feed of bread or tucum), to the end of the month it will not have more money. Who possesss graduation receives R$45,00 (FORTY AND FIVE REALS).

To obtain a graduation the professor frequents the university for about at least four years. Will be that valley the penalty to possess a graduation in Maus? Adding everything, the professor in Maus gains R$ 460,00 (FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY REALS). Summarizing, a pensioner of the INSS, (without undeserving its mritos and rights) without pertaining to school formation none, graduation, sprees, travel for India, the Northeast buy property, cars, without no constaint. People whom little time has did not have where to fall alive, therefore dead if falls in any place. Inside of this context and in the current conjuncture of the country she is possible to practise in our city an education of quality? Which the stimulaton that the city offers the educator? They see, WAGE it was delivers.

In the last year had arrived in the month of August and this year? Meanwhile, the managers and managers of the schools have that to negotiate with the parents of the pupils searching alternative, firming partnerships with local traders for the confection of pertaining to school fardamento for its pupils, for reasonable prices. Each father, inside of its possibilities, contributes to keep a box (deep) with the purpose to supply necessities of the school, as the purchase of cleanness material, for example. The decay is so visible that until part of the covering of the Square of Feeding it started to fall down and nobody took steps. It will be that its destination will be the same of GM 3? The unemployment so is accented and increasing that many store are closing, others if transferring. The line boats go full for Manaus. They are people who had lost the job and migram for the capital in survival search. The number of ambulant has increased considerably in the last months, everything this is reflected of the desperation of the people. The sadness where will have public resources must have the rendering of accounts. Ahead of this quandary lived for the population of Maus it is reflection hour so that let us can analyze the form of choice of our governing. Will be that valley the penalty to repeat history? The candidate in which you voted was valid the penalty? He took care of its expectations? He is fulfilling with> Nucleus of Maus Maus, 08/04/2009