ISSUE OF JULY 28 CAFETERIA ABSTRACT Cafetin28 Project July – includes the construction, administration and maintenance of Infrastructure Cafet n July 28 The Coffee Shop July 28 has an approximate area of 2000m2, the same would be found in the Jr. 28 de Julio Avenue between Salavarry and Petit Thouars. This infrastructure was below the existing fleet which will have the services of several varieties of food, also providing toilets etc. and the same which will cost approximately one million two hundred thousand nuevos soles (1 200 000.00 Soles) 1. Schema Definition Concession Mode promotion of private investment – Grant (Article 2 of Supreme Decree No. New york . 059-96-PCM, which establishes the procedures for infrastructure concessions). Mode under which the grant will be delivered – Public Bidding – Stage of prequalification of bidders. Contract type – BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer). – The dealer must perform the required renovations and improvements, maintain and operate the infrastructure concession rents 2. Main Outcome Definition Concession term: 25 years. Estimated period of execution of works: first 2 years. Policy rates: – Level: Preliminarily is contemplated to establish a rent per square foot 20 – Adjustment mechanism: Every 12 months, inflation and exchange rate variation. – Recovery: per square meter. – Technology for recovery: It is proposed by the concessionaire in its technical proposal. Supervision fee: 1 of annual revenues of the concessionaire, in accordance with law. Supervision of works: up to 5 of the amount of spend. 3. Requirements for Prequalification of Bidders Financial – The level of minimum net assets of the entity or the sum of the net worth of each of the shareholders or members. If the bidder is a consortium, each member membership and its shareholders may certify, for purposes of calculating Consolidated Bidder’s heritage, a heritage related companies. Technical – Experience in construction of infrastructure – Experience in Infrastructure Concessions Legal – Powers of the legal representative of the bidder. – Statements of responsibility. – Other forms to be established according to the Bases. 4.Evaluation of technical and economic proposals SUITABLE TECHNICAL PROPOSAL NOT SUITABLE ECONOMIC PROPOSAL: 1) Minor contribution of the Municipality (seder It engages in the Field). 5. Guarantee given to the Concessionaire Option of signing a Legal Stability Agreement. Guaranteed annual contribution by the State through the competent organ Extended warranty for the state of a multilateral agency. Tariff policy established in the concession contract and regulated. Indemnification clauses in the event of termination of the contract, when applicable. Competition Schedule for July 28 Concession Cafet n Call August 2009 Sales Bases Publication of contract – Consultations – Final Version Proposals November-December 2009 – Prequalification – Evaluation of Technical Proposal – Economic Proposal Award of the Good Pro January 2010 The City has full responsibility for the execution of their commitments For the implementation of these commitments the Municipality of Lima is turning to support private entrepreneurs associated with the state through the modality of Public Private Covenant (Public Private Partnership). This definition is consistent with the subsidiary role of the Muncipal in productive and dynamic role that is assigned to private investment. For the effect will be structured financially and economically viable operations and be selected through public tenders National dealers. The Municipality of Lima will be advised by an investment bank for managing the process better and to promote a transparent and competitive process.