I very profitable investment!

Watch out for this! Whoever returns must be willing to risk. I will not advise where to invest for high returns as they could lose money to people that I would listen. Only having a crystal ball can. What if you can recommend strageies investment are allowed to have more opportunities to give profitability. Past performance does not imply future performance, but .. . Better if they were profitable before, right In this sense, the two investments that have historically given higher returns are: The bag The brick After it is important to understand that the investments are long term. The short-term investments made by theorizing.Until now, the trend of returns Invest in long term (over 10 years) was growing. But that was until now we have the stock to levels of the nineties and soon. But that gives me the same as that in any case, the long-term profitability gives more guarantees that the short, either we are immersed in the greatest economic crisis since the end of the Roman Empire. Weigh the long-term investment.This means it is better to invest a sum of money by installments in the same investment on a regular and periodic investing all at once. This allows us to KILL THE RISK because if the market is low, we can buy low and when the market price rises, then our investment is worth more. These three measures together with a basket of well diversified investment, makes us much more likely that the profitability of our investment is more interesting than any other type of investment.