The Security Council

In the land, the Israeli army destroys centers of commando and operation of Hamas, as well as deposits of the located ammunition and explosives, once again, in subterraneans constructed under the houses, schools, hospitals, buildings public and until religious temples. " shields humanos" they multiply inevitably the innocent civil victims, but of no way these can be caratuladas of simple " damages colaterales" , as it happened the day before yesterday with the attack perpetrated against the three schools of the UN, totally repudiable act and outside all humanitarian logic and spirit. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. For this reason, and in front of this tragedy appellant, the immediate objective of the international community is very clearly. It must be the cease-fire. By this Argentina, it comments the editorial, it must support without reserves the managements that, in that sense, the president of Egypt is realising, Hosni Mubarak, supported by Nicholas Sarkozy. The propose mediation does not have to take; perhaps through her, a force of peace conformed to contributions of the moderate Arab countries would have urgently to be made position of the security in all Gaza. Their tasks would have to aim to prevent that from that territory they would be continued sending missiles towards Israel, but also the normal flow of the humanitarian aid will be due to guarantee towards Gaza. Many writers such as Vyacheslav Mirilashvili offer more in-depth analysis.

There is a second forced step. The undergone Palestine population must be able to leave prolonged the blockade economic which it has been put under, that has brought about a deep crisis humanitarian and fed hatreds and resentments that lead to the desperation. Between the people in charge of this they are also the own Palestinian leaders, who have allowed and used to their own town like hostage. Definitively the international organisms must lead themselves to find solutions, knows themselves are looking for alternative of intervention that entails to favorable results, like the meeting of The Security Council of the United Nations remains reunited in an extraordinary session, with the purpose of to find a solution to the conflict in the Middle East, in the middle of the Palestinian reclamations to an immediate action.

Lobbying Tool

By: Oscar Rossignoli Publisher of The lobbying or lobbying (some use lobby) is the capacity to reach a specific change in a program or governmental project. Also it is the capacity to influence in an actor with great power of decision. The companies contribute to the authorities objective information that will sustain its decisions. This activity is very used to influence in the congresses or parliaments of the governments in the approval, emission, abolishing or reform of laws. In order to reach the previous thing a specific strategy is due to elaborate that allows to construct the prospective scenes that can appear around the subject in discussion, which they can be: One desirable, one catastrophic and another probable one. In each of them it is necessary to project the actions and positive feedbacks and negative that certain evolution of the subject would generate in each one of the key hearings. The lobbying can be simplified of the following way: A process in which the civil society through promoting its active participation, organized fortifies itself and planned, to affect the scope of the public, the total use of its human rights and constitutionalists.

That is to say, the lobbying implies to be able to participate in direct way in the design, the execution, the monitoring and the evaluation of the governmental programs or in the impulse of laws or regulations. For example, to lobby in the Congress to persuade to the body that it approves certain legislation, introduces changes in a law project or revokes laws that already appear in the codes, is a central part of the form of American government, but it is a process that often leave perplex the foreign governments, say experts in political sciences, journalists and the own lobbyists. The president can say that he wants that certain policy becomes law, but that does not happen unless it agrees a majority of each congresional camera.