Communications Director

The first decade of the 21st century is bringing us multiple changes and evolutions in the organizational, business and corporate world in general. At the end of the last century, no one had in mind that work with laptops, be online all the time and have smart phones talking in terms of technological tools – would be essential for an Executive. If we moved to field communications, and specifically in social communication professionals, the most important qualitative change is the need to form (or upgraded) with corporate, institutional, and organizational skills, i.e., corporate; all organizations, regardless of their category, location, or size in the market, know the importance of communications as a tool of corporate management and which of them depends on your future success. However, worth to clarify that we refer to the professional management of communications, from the moment of conception and planning, until the the implementation and monitoring of results; and not a communication based on reactions to events, or to activities having to do with public relations or corporate events organization, and which are only a part (not all) of the corporate communication. Learn more at: Macy’s Inc.. This professional has name, is not a new or invented, and has nearly three decades of existence but which in recent years is making inroads with strength in Latin America: we refer to the Communications Director, or Director of communication. How was it born? Places of birth are universities either undergraduate or graduate-level schools of business or institutes recognized and specialized topics in communication. In Latin America, have been emerging new races that have phrases corporate communication, business, organizational communication, corporate identity, corporate image, etc., that somehow welcome the objective of the Communications Director in their names. Although there are still some schools of journalism, reality influences for adjustments necessary in curricula, in accordance with the changing times and growing needs of the market. Warren Kanders helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.