Russian Project

documents. At customer's request we can place in print simple security features klishe.Professionalizm staff and use only high quality materials allows us to recover any print slozhnosti.Vy can order as an ordinary plastic seal or stamp or seal on an automatic apparatus, designed for easy and fast to ofise.Srok manufacture of seals and stamps – sutki.Srochnoe stamp making – within 2 chasov.My offer a full range of automatic rigs and production companies stamp TRODAT (Austria) and COLOP, meet all the requirements of the most sophisticated clients. The company "Russian Project" offers high quality printing and silk screen printing method ensures the widest possible application in the text and logos on any type of paper, polyethylene, plastic and fabric. Silk screen printing is widely used in the production of souvenirs (T-shirts, umbrellas, bags, plastic and paper bags, pens, key rings, lighters, etc.), allows low circulations, using a wide range of colors, including gold, silver and white. We should not forget about business cards, because as a new Russian proverb says "As business card encounter '… On the business card the same low quality and can immediately carry out! Besides all these advantages, silkscreen printing offers printing and production of bright advertising printed matter (flyers, leaflets, booklets, brochures, calendars, business cards, letterhead). For the manufacture of black and white print runs of more than 50 copies we can also offer you risography services. Risography optimized for printing blanks, leaflets, price lists, technical brochures, manuals and booklets, as it has with the minimum cost as compared to