Matchmakers (third season) begin arriving unauthorized Kovalev (capital-laws) to the matchmakers Bud'ko (village matchmaker) – to visit, without warning, that would prepare Genia to school. For Bud'ko it was not unexpectedly as matchmakers Kovalev had not been warned. At the start – the relationship with Kovalev Bud'ko not built, but later, Kovalev and Bud'ko become a united family. In the first series neponyatki between the main characters the show every moment, with those without reasons, but then was transferred to film their other characters of the series. This season we introduce ourselves and with other characters: Andrew (Bud'ko godson, the son of Mityai), Lech (a friend of Eugene, as well as Lubin's son), Evgeny Borisovich Zhuk (local oligarch) Mitya (Kum Ivan Bud'ko,), Love G.

(neighbor kuchugurskih matchmakers), Alexei (policeman Kuchugura) At the beginning of the TV series will be strong opposition to the matchmakers, due to the fact that agriculture is not very matchmakers like the presence of urban matchmakers. At some point the family can not force Bud'ko Kovalev and leave the city two men will attempt to leave but still not leaving. Toward the middle of the television series Kovalev and Bud'ko live as a suitable family and now two men quarrel with others. At the beginning of the TV series will be a problem with the power of the characters, it's Yuri Kovalev unjustifiably accused of robbery. The latter series of the television series, we learn Bud'ko Ivan a little on the other hand. We will witness two scenes involving the lacrimal Bud'ko Ivan's farewell to swallow (hlebovozka) and a farewell to Churchill (pig). As it turned out, Ivan can not just showboat around, but it also sensual man. Still some problems appear in families Kovalev and Bud'ko and Jura Vanya survive several days on the river in a tent but in the end successfully reconciled grandmothers Genia and return to their wives. Episode ends with the fact that the two men leave for the city in his city apartment, as Jack goes in first grade. Urban reality little like Bud'ko and village matchmakers soon fly away to my parents Evgeshi Retiro in Kuchugury. This terminates TV serial Matchmakers three playful but does not end the story matchmakers, will continue to be the continuation of the TV series: Matchmakers 4.