The Argentine Communists

The battle has just begun there are repeat maximum: is not the war civil which produces the secession of States. The secession of States is which produces civil war. The inconsistent attitude of the Bolivian opposition, which agreed to promulgate a national referendum called by the Executive, to revoke the mandate of Morales in August this year, will detonate the clashes. The Indian Government has prepared perfect and overwhelming electoral fraud that has ever mounted in Bolivia, otherwise had not proposed the aforementioned recall referendum. To legitimize the blackmail, Morales has the support of Jimmy Carter. The Argentine Communists at the head of Perez Esquivel.

The Kirchner Government. Mentirosa Menchu. Jose Miguel Insulza, Dante Caputo and other Assembly members of the OAS that mysterious and blatantly obey Chavez. You also attend the rest of renowned and unscrupulous friends from abroad that form its international defense team. The inexperienced Bolivian opposition which stepped the trap mounted by the Government, or according to others, tranzo with him. He confirms that he was not, nor is it prepared to devote himself to politics. That Morales in 1985, with its unsurpassed inability, reached President of Bolivia with an absolute majority, he demonstrated that his opponents were not more literate than he, and that generated strong antipathy in voters. Three years later, they learned nothing, their actions only ratify their inexperience and unpopularity.

When the ignoble recall referendum, made to measure for the President, so that it can not be removed unless it is with the same or greater number of votes than with those who they elected, finished in fiasco for the Eastern departments, the collapse will be epic. Two regions, East and West, cry victory. Some by having won the regional referendum, and the Government for having won the recall referendum. The opposition opened the doors to the violent confrontation on 4 July 1776, the United States declared their independence with the signing of a memorable document that begins by saying: when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a people dissolve the political ties that have linked it to another and take between the Nations of the Earth as separate and equal to that the laws of nature and the God of that nature are entitled, a fair respect for the judgement of mankind demands to declare the causes which impel them to the separation. Eastern peoples will continue writing original author and source of the article.