CEO Account

You might also consider making money in the cash register date Ltd. company, but it is recommended to avoid unpleasant consequences in advance to clarify all the points in the bank where you're going to open a bank account. In case of payment of the authorized capital property (noncash) contributions do not forget about the property tax (if you while you work on a common system of taxation). Tip Five: Do not forget about taxes and accounting. Select a taxation system which will work well in advance.

If you manage to register for one day before the end of the quarter, it will not free you from the quarterly reporting date, and the registrar is not obliged to warn you about it. And often, when the customer takes the time to document the organization, registered on March 29, continue to gather dust in the office of the Registrar before the 1st of May. Tip six: if you want to open an account quickly – run himself. Almost all registrars undertake to open a checking account to the client without his presence in the bank – just to assure a Notary bank card. However, banks are often much faster and more likely to tear off the account in person as the CEO. Do not forget – you must notify the tax authority within 10 days after opening current account, as a rule, this responsibility takes on the recorder. Tip seven: registration of extra-budgetary funds. Extra-budgetary funds – the Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund and the Fund of obligatory health insurance.