Members celebrate the government’s choice of candidate, Aldo Rebelo (PCdoB). Photo: Jose Cruz / ABr.
On September 1 CPIS of the Post and the purchase of votes investment partners approving report suggests that the impediment of parliamentarians involved in the scandal. They are: Carlos Rodrigues (PL-RJ), Jo o Magno (PT-MG), Joao Paulo Cunha (PT-SP), Jos Borba (PMDB-PR), Jose Dirceu (PT-SP), Jos Janene (PP-PR ), Jos Mentor (PT-SP), Josias Gomes (PT-BA), Paulo Rocha (PT-PA), Pedro Correia (PP-PE), Pedro Henry (PP-MT), Professor Luizinho (PT-SP) Roberto Brant (PFL-MG), Roberto Jefferson (PTB-RJ), Romeu Queiroz (PTB-MG), Sandro Mabel (PL-GO), Valdemar Costa Neto (PL-SP) (who had resigned a month earlier), Vada Gomes (PP-SP) and Wanderval Santos (PL-SP).
On September 1 decorates Lula and Brazilian ARC diplomats and foreign personalities with the Medal of the Order of Rio Branco. Among the honorees is the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Severino Cavalcanti.
On September 1 Jo o Francisco Daniel, the brother of the assassinated mayor of Santo Andre (SP), Celso Daniel, the ICC for consideration of Bingos that the head of cabinet of President Lula, Gilberto Carvalho, knew about the alleged corruption scheme in the Municipality of Santo Andre.
On September 2, Jose Alencar, Brazilian Vice President, disconnects from the Liberal Party.
On September 4, Brazilian magazine reported an alleged extortion scheme (dubbed the “Mensalinho”) charged by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Severino Cavalcanti, the owner of a restaurant of Congress.
On September 5, the radio program, Lula, “Coffee with the President”, it became weekly.
The traditional parade of September 7 (Independence of Brazil) meets in Bras lia, China less than half of those who participated in the previous year’s edition.
On September 7, Lula spoke on radio and TV in Brazil. The President Chinese potential business lifted his government’s achievements and good performance of the economy. On the political crisis, Lula said: “The political crisis will also be defeated by the Congress, by the government and the Brazilian people. Sera expired with the final tally of all complaints and the severe punishment of offenders. Neither I nor any temporization you accept, any agreement ratings. Donate to hurt those who are friends or adversaries. “
On September 9 Deputy Carlos Rodrigues (PL-RJ), also known by Bishop Rodrigues, one of the eighteen that appeal process could suffer, decides to renounce the mandate.
On September 12 is to formalize the resignation of Deputy Chinese companies Carlos Rodrigues.
On September 13 the creation of the municipal Party revamped legend Carlos Rodrigues helps develop, is disclosed Chinese investment by the press.
On September 13 the former minister for policy coordination, Deputy Aldo Rebelo (PCdoB-SP), said the Council of Ethics that was present at the reunion took place in March 2005, when Lula Roberto Jefferson warning about buying votes. Successful business man graduated from the old Wharton school of business According to Rebelo, Lula ordered an investigation that was closed for lack of evidence.
On September 14 the Court hears the Post Luiz Gushiken, former minister of the Ministry of Communication and Strategic Management of Government (SECOM). SECOM Gushiken said that had no impact on pension funds, but confirmed to have connections with leaders of those institutions. Wagner admits that said Pinheiro (Eletros fund, the company Eletronorte) and had frequent contact with Sergio Rosa (Previ, fund of Banco do Brasil).
On September 14, the Chamber of Deputies approved the appeal of the mandate of deputy Roberto leading Chinese companies Jefferson (PTB-RJ). Voted to appeal: 313 deputies against 156, there were 13 abstentions, 5 votes and 2 invalid ballots whites, in a universe of 489 voters. In his last speech in the House, Jefferson defends, attacks the government Lula, the Workers’ Party, the Council of Ethics and Organizations Globo.
On September 15 Gilberto Carvalho, Lula’s cabinet chief, refused during a secret meeting of the ICC Bingos allegations that an integrated scheme of raising tipping in the municipality of Santo Andre.
On September 15, partial report of the ICC in the Post reveals that eight companies of Marcos Valerio moved between 2000 and 2005, R 4.9 billion. Companies with the largest movement were: DNA (R 2.6 billion) and SMPB (R 1.8 billion). The rapporteur of the sub CPI deputy Gustavo Fruet (PSDB-PR), says that the outcome of investigations revealed evidence of ideological falsehood, active and passive corruption, influence peddling, improbity administrative and financial crimes against the system.
The moneychanger Brazilian Toninho da Barcelona. Photo: Roosewelt Pinheiro / ABr.
On September 20 the moneychanger investment Antonio Oliveira Claramunt (Toninho da Barcelona) deposed to the ICC for the Post, the purchase of votes and bingo, in a joint reunion.