Commission Accidents

Despite the fact that we put all the care and caution on our part to try to avoid seeing us involved in traffic accidents, this is often unavoidable. And that depends not only on oneself that an event of this nature happens, and can influence the behavior of other drivers as the State of the track, weather conditions or technical conditions of the vehicle itself. Hence traffic accidents are a relatively frequent phenomenon, and which sadly causes thousands of deaths annually, in addition to tens of thousands of injuries of different consideration, with lesions that could range from simple bruises to broken bones, amputation of members or spinal cord damage. Follow certain steps or basic performances is always useful when dealing with the possible consequences of these accidents on the road. They are as follows: to) it might seem obvious, but in practice are too often otherwise. Always stop your car and never leave the scene of the event, for example in the case that you’d hit a pedestrian or a cyclist. You will need to remain at the scene of the incident until the moment they reach the agents of the authority. Leave in such circumstances could even go as far that he is against the Commission of a crime of omission of duty Socorro. Andrew Cuomo contains valuable tech resources.

(b) If you’d had any degree of responsibility in what happened, it will be best that you recognize from the outset. Accident investigation techniques are very advanced, and in all probability the experts who evaluate its causes may determine who was responsible for the same. (c) remember always exchange your data with other drivers involved, including your names, telephone numbers, addresses and registration numbers. This will greatly facilitate the formalities before insurance companies. (d) preliminary way evaluates the material and personal damage that could have occurred. With regard to the former, detailing the damage that may have occurred in your car or personal effects that you transportaras in it. With regard to the latter, it will be essential that you recopiles in a systematic way all the medical reports and assessments that could be subjected to evaluate the potential consequences of the incident on your health.

This will greatly help in your claims process after the incident. Indeed, if you consider that the tragic event was not your responsibility, you could bring a claim against who consider that it was responsible for the same. This would allow you get financial compensation that would allow you to repair the damage suffered (Bill’s workshop, revenue lost by the sick leave, associated expenses and possible damage to moral character).

Euro Dollar

Analysis of the market of divisasEURUSD levels in the short term determine it todoEl euro stopped only 8 pts below the holder specified in the report yesterday, and soared once again, breaking the resistance of 1,3653, and stopping at only 5 pts below the suggested target of 1,3740. What better we see today, is able to count on the levels in the short term that will open the way for the currency in the short term. Short term support is at 61.8% Fibonacci numbers to the micro-termino (in which the price stopped exactly for almost an hour). If this level is broken, the euro will start a fall, which we hope is strong, and fix the most important support (short-term) in 1,3549, and if this level is also broken, the fall will continue, and probably will be another weekly drop below the 1,3434 obtained on Tuesday. In terms of resistance, it is determined by the trend line down from the maximum of yesterday, and is currently in 1,3691.

If this is broken, the euro is going to continue with that strong rise, and you will be directed towards 1,3799 and 1, 3885. support: 1,3645: Fibonacci 61.8% for the micro term. 1,3549: Fibonacci 61.8% for short term 1,3434: low on Tuesday.Resistance: 1,3691: trend line down from the maximum of yesterday in the graphic intraday. 1,3799: maximum of the February 11. 1,3885: unsubscribe from February 2.Analysis by: with the participation of Munther.exoneracion of responsibility: operations of futures, options and foreign exchange carries an associated significant risk and may not be advisable for all types of investor. You should carefully analyze if your particular situation you have the knowledge, the experience and the resources necessary to operate in these markets. You can lose all the capital invested or that their losses exceed the funds initially deposited. Follow our advice, opinions and recommendations and make money with forex.Greetings, original author and source of the article