Fuel Price

CEHATROL brand owners awarded another four licenses Berlin 20.06.2011 – the global situation is dramatic climate change, unpredictable energy costs, constantly rising fuel prices – everyone is talking about. The energy supply mobile and also stationary, plays a central role in the search for solutions. The entry in the energy revolution is like the nuclear phaseout, done deal. The construction and care of plants for the production of synthetic diesel fuel according to DIN EN 590 from biogenic raw materials and residues, also BtL a milestone is called diesel. The approach to build decentralised production facilities, to create a comprehensive supply system, is of huge interest.

Therefore, the Know-How for the construction of such facilities in a licensing system has been implemented so that everyone has the opportunity to make a work on the legs with low equity capital. The proprietor of the trade mark CEHATROL awarded nationwide currently more licenses. “From raw material sourcing and the collateralisation of the investment until going to the Bank independent Financing is all regulated. “, so Frank Knauer, one of the trademark owner and Board member of the EC Freudenberg EC.” “Even a system for raising equity capital is offered with. Anyone who is willing to take over the regional tasks in the license system and can pay the license fee, for the dream of the company in the energy sector in compliance with can go so and he can even turn on the fuel price screw or cheap fuel for themselves. He must be only a license apply.

“, continue to, Knauer. With the licensing to interested resident in Germany, the production of synthetic fuel will reach a new quality. It is a contribution to CO2 reduction and creates a dependence on oil, gas and electricity. Learn more on the subject from Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. More information at under the heading licenses Helmut Uhlig – network Messenger

Crude Oil Speculators

The speculators have apparently rediscovered their lust of the bets on crude oil. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The speculators have apparently rediscovered their lust of the bets on crude oil. After yesterday US President Barack Obama announced an agreement between Democrats and Republicans in the tug of war to an increase in the debt ceiling, the United States, oil prices surged upward. At times the quotes for North Sea oil (Brent) reached maximum $ 119,50; until the afternoon US light oil (WTI) scratched at the mark of 98.50 dollars. Get more background information with materials from Hikmet Ersek. With the consent of the Senate and House of representatives pending mind you. According to Commerzbank analyst Eugen Weinberg is the culmination of the price rally meanwhile may still not achieved. “In the short term relief could carry prices further upwards, because financial investors might jump on the bandwagon”, so the market expert.

Financial investors were also largely responsible for that oil prices despite weak fundamentals at a high level can remain. It seems almost paradoxical. Because: Otherwise dominate factors that burden the oil price at the moment rather or factors that would favor a price increase, are no longer relevant. Learn more at this site: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. As the latest US economic data turn out worse than expected, delivery problems between Iran and India have been removed and also the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, which made life difficult for the oil producers, lost much power. But as so often engaged in the punters apparently prefer the inflationary news; otherwise be hidden like. Weinberg, who notes that confirmed “that the fundamental picture currently anything but rosy looks”. For this reason, the Commerzbank experts hold also on its forecast of falling crude oil prices at the end of the year. Local heating oil consumers need to access deeper in the Pocket.

The nationwide survey of fuel level and oil observations revealed a increase in the costs 85,06 euro per 100 litre batch of a total supply of 3,000 litres heating oil EL. These are 64 cents more than on Friday. The price of previous years: HEL price 3,000 litres on the 01.08.2010 66,11; Price 3,000 litres on the 01.08.2009 HEL 56,41; Price 3,000 litres on the 01.08.2008 HEL 89,81; Price 3,000 litres on the 01.08.2007 HEL 61,69; Price 3,000 litres of the 01.08.2006 HEL 63,69. energiemarkt.html.

Sustainable Tool

Select catering the organic caterer from Berlin plans the first guests who were at the buffet environmentally friendly, were talking and noticed nothing. Only the sixth or seventh Conference participants has been attention to the light brown plates, with which the live chefs select catering spent the soup: the guests were light brown and baked from rye edible dish in his hand. Conferences, trade fairs and events interact with to a large extent on our environment, so tons of water and electricity are consumed locally and in kitchens. There is need for action: morally, economically. So why use the opportunities, offering fresh, innovative ideas in the area of sustainability? The Codex of CSR: Corporate social responsibility comes from the United States, where already mid-20th century businessmen with the social responsibility of companies have addressed. Time was primarily the contribution to social challenges in the Center. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Western Union.

Since 2005, this context and environmental awareness in Europe and Germany clearly in the consciousness is moved. BIO catering is a first important step, to implement the concept of sustainability in the event area”, says Malick Thorson, event planners at select catering. In addition to the product quality are factors such as energy balance and logistics routes to follow. Just one example: at least an overseas flight, a cold storage plant in Rotterdam or Hamburg, and a refrigerated truck is needed for a piece of lamb meat from New Zealand, only then comes our fridge and stove in the kitchen. Global to local? Easy to say, if you looked after only three or four times in the quarter with more than 250 guests an event, but why should small medium-sized enterprises make no beginning, and collaborate with other small medium-sized suppliers from the uckermark near? The meat comes already three days later on the table fresh and slaughtered on order. Of course the not immediately national works and nationally, but globally the attitude of hotel chain buyers, large kitchen Manager and guests should be at least progressively change.” Keep it in Berlin not only in words, select catering developed event.architekten in collaboration with the communications agency for the exhibition and event area, as well as for incentive concept variants, to access, who already in the planning and implementation work also as long as possible in the minds of all those involved. In the case of the soup plate it worked: several plates disappeared from the tables, and then in the mouths.

Austrias Energy Source

RENEXPO Austria presents international power exhibition for the first time in its own exhibition hall within the framework of the 3. International Energy fair RENEXPO Austria organized the REECO Austria GmbH from the 24th-26th November 2011 the “international hydropower trade exhibition with Congress” in the exhibition centre of Salzburg. “” The RENEXPO Austria has teamed up with the proven combination of International Congress and hydropower “designed for the hydropower industry to one of the most important pan-European platforms”, underlines a highly specialised trade fair focus on Diana Rohm, Manager of REECO GmbH of Austria and project manager of the RENEXPO Austria. Held annually at the site of Salzburg “international hydropower Fachausstel lung” is the largest hydroelectric power exhibition in Austria, of Switzerland and Germany. The use of hydroelectric power has a long tradition in Austria. Both large and small hydro-power is established on a large scale in the market. 70 per cent of the worthy of expansion are so far about Austria wide Hydropower potential is tapped. The potential yet to be encountered are mainly in the area of small hydropower and the revitalization of the system.

The technological innovation of hydroelectric power stations has their focus in the area of improving innovations in remote monitoring systems or for systems of control and control engineering. In the field of hydraulic and electric machines, also extensive new developments take place. The international water exhibition”the RENEXPO Austria has developed into the most important meeting place for the hydropower industry. The focus of the trade fair has grown further in 2011 and receives an own exhibition hall in Salzburg for the first time. “” With 45 exhibitors is the international hydropower – exhibition “the largest hydropower-show in German-speaking Europe”, stressed Diana Rohm. Experts from Austria and Europe meet here regularly once per year. The trade fair location Salzburg is not only very very well, but has also a strong bridging role in the adjacent Neighbouring countries, above all Germany with Bavaria and Italy with South Tyrol.

Renewable Resource

You could count almost to the renewable energy firewood, but it is a renewable resource, which is becoming increasingly popular. On days where the fossil energies such as gas or oil prices rise again, the fireplace wood heater delighteth in his cosy warmth that emanates from a cozy fireplace. Classic stoves can be purchased today at any hardware store for far below 500 euros. For something more, you get even a visually appealing model for example with soapstone casing. Firewood is the alternative energy of the future. A renewable resource that is increasingly in demand to rising crude oil prices. Firewood prices rise while also steadily since last year, the increase is not as drastic as in the conventional raw materials. Firewood from the forest firewood from the forest is demand like never before, the boom is not abating, foresters are booming. A related site: Rob Daley mentions similar findings.

Who wants to promote low-cost firewood in the forest itself, continues with his next Forester in connection and logs on its needs. Meanwhile, it is common that a waiting list will be completed first, before you can get the coveted firewood from the forest. Previously, but some other hurdles are overcome. Chainsaw licence for firewood self advertisers before one gets to be firewood by the Forester, is necessarily the chainsaw driving licence required. In most Lander, nothing goes without it. This course can be booked in many forestry companies or forestry offices as a weekend seminar. Theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills, such as handling the chainsaw and felling small trees. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Former CIA Head. Accident prevention measures are part of the seminary program, such as maintaining the chain saw and the filing of saw chain.

You completed the course, and is in the possession of the chainsaw licence, purchasing firewood nothing stands in the way. Who wants to beat his firewood in the forest itself, is already in the chainsaw course pointed out that work alone is not allowed in the forest. Material and Safety equipment in addition to the chainsaw course is required and prescribed for the work in the forest a personal safety equipment. The personal protective equipment to carry out the necessary work shall consist at least of following things: helmet with ear protectors and goggles, chainsaw protective trousers, cut safety boots or shoes and safety gloves. A more material and basic equipment for felling, delimbing and you can put together cutting trees as follows: chainsaw 40 cm sword, gasoline and cans, replacement chain and file; Axe or forest axe, canister with saw chain adhering oil and marking chalk. With this basic equipment can be up to 30 cm easy cases, delimbing and own firewood on thinner trees with diameters. The processing of larger trees requires special additional tools, such as case wedges, case lifter and turn hook in addition to specialist knowledge and experience. Are also chain saws with long swords, tractors and winches required if stocks with larger diameters must be like and crawl. Conclusion has become modern ever heating with wood. Who doesn’t shy away from the effort for material safety equipment and chain saw and like to work outdoors, can work on low-cost firewood in the forest itself. K.

Federal Ministry

Indication whether the existing water supply is sufficient or not, the per capita supply can be regarded as though seems to be freshwater available worldwide in sufficient quantities at first glance, there are significant and sometimes dramatic differences in single regions due to the spatial and temporal variation of precipitation. Experts expect an increasing number of countries in which a requirement in question is due to increasing scarcity of per head supply of renewable resources. (See Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development, no. 94 materials): of the total occurring on Earth water 97.5 percent sea or brackish water and only about 2.5 percent is freshwater. The far majority of fresh water in ice sheets and glaciers is bound with 69 percent.

About 30 percent of fresh water are clean water and only a vanishingly small part of 0.98 percent as surface water drains. If as a result of the greenhouse effect the Earth’s temperature increases, which has probably an increased evaporation and consequently a higher precipitation and discharge to the result. The level of knowledge about the respective water resources is the basis for sustainable management, as well as an important prerequisite to the possibilities for the development of water resources under technical, to be able to assess the economic and environmental point of view. As a criterion for the assessment of the water supply, so the per capita supply can vary from 500 m3 per year (in the Sahel countries) up to more than 100,000 m3 per capita per year (Canada). A supply of less than 500 m3 per capita per year is seen as a critical lower limit an annual yield of less than 1,000 m3 per capita as very low and an annual yield of less than 2,000 m3 as critical. Gem. an evaluation of the BMZ a total of 15 countries have an annual per capita supply of below 500 m3, 12 countries this value is between 500 and 1,000 m3, other 22 countries have a per capita supply between 1,000 and 2,000 m3 (water-stressed-countries”). see, in addition such as Jorg Becker: location indicators I.

performance levels on the spot, sensors on the pulse location, ISBN 978-3-8391-1823-8 or Jorg Becker: site analysis from the cockpit of the indicators visiting the counter area, ISBN 978-3-8423-1858-8. Worldwide, agriculture with currently 68 percent of the collection is the largest consumer of water. Although the total amount of water for agriculture will increase, the agricultural water withdrawal at the global water extraction will decline, because the water is drawn by the industry as likely triple. The water is drawn by the households is strongly increasing mainly in Africa and Asia, in Europe and South America, however, be some more down. The proportion of households worldwide is 8 percent of the total use. Depending on the economic structure and technology, the share of developing countries on industrial water use is between 10 and 30 percent, compared with a share of 60 to 80 percent in developed countries.