Alexander Gapanovich

Alexander Gapanovich: "I will reveal you a secret " Valentin Yudashkin, Slava Zaitsev, Denis Simachev, Igor Chapurin, Kira Plastinina – the list of names of fashion designers dress does not accidentally ends enormously long dots – all more talented fashion designer appears in the sky high fashion in Russia. Murmansk is not far behind on a step from the general trend. After last April 13-14 festival competition Murmansk couturier "Namodnenie" we can confidently say: in Murmansk have talented fashion designers. This assertion is especially relevant now, when it became fashionable to have in your wardrobe copyright stuff. Alexander Gapanovich, winner of the festival "Namodnenie in the category" Art Couture "- the ambassador of haute couture in Murmansk. In her studio streaming soft sunlight, enveloping mannequins in suits and dresses gentle radiance. Her eyes are full of goodness and light, as – as if they reflected smile angel. Once you have it ready to tell you how to create the mystery of the creation of fashionable dress.

Once there was a girl Sasha, and at one point, she told herself that will come up with clothing. How and when did you realize that design is yours? Like all the girls in my childhood I loved to sew and embroider. Then after school I went to our thirteenth school, and only there, in their final year, I realized that it was prepared not just to sew and create, to invent and implement a life of my new ideas. I am very grateful that this is where I gained the basic knowledge that is useful to me later.