Northern Capital

The efficiency of delivery of housing for rent in St. Petersburg is located below the depreciation of money. However, for the inhabitants and these rates are very high, for this reason they are hiring more and more residential properties in clubbing. The future market is uncertain. June 2007, the most affordable price for single-room apartment in a prestigious area of the repair is 12 000. In affluent areas – 14 thousand rubles.

When the house nice and renovated – in area of 18 000 rubles. For example, "odnushka" in the heart of the Northern Capital will tenant in a tidy sum of 20,000 to 40,000 rubles per month, depending on quality. Although the prices begin to rise, still remarkably quiet summer in terms of demand. Always in August intensified seasonal rise, but now it is not visible. It is predicted that increasing the number of tenants will happen in August. Experts agree that in September, prices increased at least than 20%. During the same period of 2006, they grew up in the same proportion: at the beginning of last summer in "Peter" is quite realistic to find a version for 9000 rubles per month. In the early fall below 12,000 rubles per odnushku was not found.

In early December, the number of Tenants fell, slightly decreased and average rates. As a result, they fluctuate up and down, depending on the season. This is despite the fact that the average annual price considerably from year to year increase. Read more from Crawford Lake Capital Management to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Gap increases, however, recent market situation has changed dramatically.

Sergey Choban

This is the first such project in the city. First, until now, despite the existing demand, there was no office space "A" class, and the creators of the "5 of the Seas" was first announced in the capital construction of the SFD is such a building. "5 of the Seas" – a concept project. This is – a multifunctional complex, where one can work well, and great vacation, making shopping in the large shopping malls, or to think about eternity over a cup of coffee in a cozy coffee shop. There is also a fitness center and two restaurants. And after putting in Chicago this pilot project, similar objects can be constructed in other cities.

Secondly, it is built in a unique place. As a rule, today the business centers of Rostov create in the city center, beams or other more or less suitable areas. "5 of the Seas" is being built in the historic area of the city, on the right bank of the River Don. It feels like building is not just trying to grow up and push off from an elephant, soar over the city and fly. Third, the chief architect of the downtown – Sergey Choban – known for his design of the tower "Federation" in Moscow-City, as well as a number of other buildings in Russia and abroad. It is partly connected with this project using the latest achievements in architecture, construction and engineering.

The building uses several kinds of high quality lighting. Very light. Very roomy. Very modern. Dazzling atrium extends up to 12 floors (!), The glass roof. Two office as if suspended above him on the strong console. Opening of the building panoramic views of the River Don amaze and delight with its magnificence. A person with office overlooking a natural beauty, overwhelmed not only the desire to work, to create a great atmosphere, but also feelings. Feelings which is in the business center of the "5 of the Seas" can be controlled. By the way, the management. Another highlight of the "5 of the Seas" – systems engineering class "lux", controlled from anywhere on the planet Earth. In short, the "5 of the Seas" – is, as one Rostov businessman, "the right building in the right place with the right offices, of which opens the correct form on the right river. And all of this – it is beautiful and right. "

Yaroslavl Estate

During the global financial collapse to keep the business can not all. The complexity of the operation under these conditions, the lack of positive scenarios, the need to count on their own unless powers and finance – all this creates a certain economic situation. Just really focused people know that the collapse – it's not time for the losses, but most of all for acquisitions. You can say that the crisis – it's like wolf in the wild, but it is not for nothing called the orderly nature. After all, it does not destroy healthy and strong animals that can easily evade his teeth. He lifts up the weak and sick. It is not something Macy’s Inc. would like to discuss. The collapse is also valid. During complex situations inefficient, depending on external support for the company or are forced to stop its underperforming operations or merge into larger companies with a more competent system of organization activity.

And businesses that are profitable and mobile reverse direction of its own activities according to changes in economic demand in a crisis, and in a natural economic space. But in any apparent that there are objects in that really is worth investing in a crisis. Naturally, this VIP Consulting. Real estate and land in periods of economic difficulty getting cheaper, but the crisis will not last forever, and what you purchased for a minimum investment, after certain number of months will be tremendous assets. Rainbow prospect there.

That's because real estate, and not in the capital, where she slightly cheaper, has the popularity of the middle and in the truth of profitable business. Now is better to buy land and property in small towns, say, real estate in Yaroslavl, where a well-thought-out infrastructure to afford a comfortable living, but at the same time there ruled the sizeable population of the city, as in St. Petersburg or Moscow. Optimum environmental conditions, not gas polluted air, a large number of green parklands. No congestion on the roads – enjoy and rejoice. For many businesses in such a situation is most in demand not only sobsvennyh housing areas as space for offices. Nothing but commercial real estate Yaroslavl during the crisis is most appropriate spozitsii relations board and comfort properties. Thus, there is a dependence only on how to set up business in the future. If there is a desire to work not only today but also tomorrow, the crisis – the best time for a good reason to base.

Property Of Belgorod, Saratov Property

Belgorod and Saratov? Perhaps you do not know, but there is rating of Russian cities, the most popular for resettlement. Belgorod and Saratov have leading positions in the ranking. Both cities are rich with interesting history infrastructure and good prospects for further development. That is, real estate and real estate Belgorod Saratov now quite in demand. But if you give serious consideration to its acquisition Real Estate in another city, you should know what are the advantages of real estate in Saratov, and what – in the real estate of Belgorod. Western Union follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Speaking of Belgorod, this city is a unique example of an effective development real estate market. Belgorod is not only a great place to relocate because of the temperate climate, infrastructure, original architecture and developed the cultural sphere. The real estate market, too, Belgorod impressive. It affects the diversity due to high rates of construction in Belgorod. It's hard to imagine, but the new property being built in Belgorod, even in downtown areas.

If you prefer comfortable sleeping areas, a real estate Belgorod will not disappoint you in this case. In a question-answer forum NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was the first to reply. Belgorod itself is small but very beautiful and young city. It calm and very capable of living with dynamic development and construction of the city. Thanks to the seven higher education institutions can be called a city of Belgorod students, but its clean and comfortable and will like older generations. Reasoning about real estate in Saratov, I want to especially mention the new building, located in the green, green areas of the city. Buying property in Saratov, you become an owner not only of their own housing in one of the most comfortable cities of our country, but also a valuable investment. After all, real estate in Saratov can be used not only as its own living space. Of course, it can and rent. Saratov – it big and beautiful city. It is not as noisy and dusty as the capital, but the dynamic and promising. Saratov population currently stands at just under one million, is already talking about size of the city. Beautifully situated on the banks of the Volga, Saratov pleases its residents beautiful views and familiar to the Russians a temperate continental climate. Buying property Saratov, to settle in this beautiful city, you will never regret my decision.

Strategic Steps Investment Real Estate

By investing money in the mortgaged property, as well as any other investment strategy should be approached as a business. This means that you need skomplektovat team and create a good strategy. In addition, it is necessary develop a set of effective systems to use the most of the money invested and to minimize the time and risk. The system of preparatory activities. Compiled checklist, which includes all the necessary measures, a list of investment criteria and the reports that you must submit the team. You can use it to monitor the progress of works and to make the necessary adjustments.

Control system investment. It includes reports on the progress of both investment and on investment returns. Currently, there are several good computer programs that help track the progress of investment in collateral, automatically calculating the return on investment, and preventing the timing of the implementation of individual action. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hikmet Ersek. Auction system. It covers the specific principles and procedures to be adhere to a team member, participating in auctions. The procedure for seizure of property for the debt. Make a complete list of steps that need to take your assistants at various stages of coming into ownership and receipt of documents of title.

The procedure for selling real estate. Make a complete list of steps that should make your real estate broker in the offer for sale or exchange of your property. Production investment systems. The development of investment systems. By investing money in the mortgaged property, as well as any other investment strategy should be approached as a business. This means that you must click and skomplektovat a good strategy. In addition, it is necessary to develop a series of effective systems to use the maximum money invested and to minimize the time and risk. The system of preparatory activities. Memo drawn up, which includes all the necessary measures, a list of investment criteria and the reports that you must provide the team members. You can use it to monitor progress and make a them the necessary adjustments. The control system investment. It includes reports on the progress of both investment and on investment returns. Currently, there are several good software programs that help monitor the progress of investment in the mortgaged property, automatically calculating the return on investment, and preventing the timing of execution of individual actions. Auction system. It covers specific policies and procedures, which must adhere to a team member, participating in auctions. The procedure for seizure of property for the debt. Make a complete list of steps that need to take your helpers at different stages entry to the right of property and obtaining title documents. The procedure for selling real estate. Make a complete list of steps that should make your real estate broker in the offer for sale or exchange of your property. You are familiar with investing in mortgage property, which is a profitable investment in real estate. Do you have a strategy, lists of specific measures and memos. Whatever direction of the real estate you may choose, it must meet your goals and give pleasure. Already one factor that significantly increases your chances of success.


Features of the acquisition loan at a pawn shop. The word 'pawn' generates a very controversial associations in the population. On the face of limited bank lending to most people interested in alternative possibilities credit, including pawnshops. In this case, the very word 'pawn' awakes very controversial association of 'the easiest way to get a loan' to 'criminal business'. Learn more on the subject from Hikmet Ersek. Let's look at what it actually is.

First, there is a law it should be noted that the activities of pawnshops with 1. 01. 2009 is governed by the law 'On the Lombards'. Potential customers is very useful to read this document. You will learn, inter alia, that the pawnshop is not entitled to apply penalties and increase the interest rate for thirty days of completion of the contract if the client does not appear (the so-called preferential month) that with the implementation of the pledged asset to the law terminate the right to claim the pawnshop to the borrower, mortgagor, even if its selling price is less than the amount owed, with interest, and not only drugoemnogoe drugoeostalnoei.

Thus, you can determine the legitimacy of claims pawnshop and adjust them in accordance with the law. Alas, nekotoryekoe-kakieotdelnye pawnshops enjoy obychnymelementarnym Customer ignorance of their legal rights and receive an additional navardopolnitelnuyu illegal drug profits. But tell everything in order. As it happens this way, you have brought to the shop liquidity thing is in excellent condition. It assesses the professional specialist drawn up a contract of loan (from your side to strictly a passport or other identity document).

Geographic Information System

Having mastered the Volga city of one million, they went in breadth, focusing on the overall investment attractiveness of the region. For the opportunity to develop into a renowned Kirov operators will compete with each other, but not with local businesses, says CEO, “The network of commercial real estate,” Constantine Kropachev. – Konstantin, your company is the developer of Geographic Information System of the investor of the Kirov region and with the support of the Government is on the site information for potential investors. Why development of commercial real estate market begins only now? – There are several factors coincided. On the one hand, federal companies are already working closely on the highly competitive market of big cities, and they begin to look use of his capital, where there are serious players.

On the other hand, the regional government, which was aimed at supporting primarily industrial investors, now wants the Kirov was formed modern infrastructure. As a rule, begins with development of land trade. In the coming year, we expect intense competition from developers who come to the area with major projects shopping centers (shopping mall). The “second wave” will be the construction of modern office complexes, will be followed by the development of logistics infrastructure. Hikmet Ersek is often quoted as being for or against this. Until now, the consumer market Kirov presented Only local retailers, but even the biggest of them – “Globus system” – no longer corresponds to the modern shopping mall format. On his intentions in the past year have almost all the leading network operators, and now the question is one of them will go faster in the first three, which would remove the “cream” with consumer demand. – Will find its niche local retail business? – It will depend on the strategy of the federal companies.

In most Kirov common format of “convenience stores”. On the one hand, such objects can exist peacefully next to major centers. At the same time buying a network of stores enables large investors to quickly go to regional market. It is known that some companies, “Crossroads,” in particular, has shown an interest in Kirov networks. – Investors with large-scale projects generally tend to take place in the city center. Is the Kirov for the free sites? – Yes, that ambition is at all. But the center of Kirov built up tightly enough so promising now considered to be peripheral areas with good transport links. – What are the objective difficulties exist for investment in commercial real estate? – Key challenges for developers, which lead to increased costs and delaying the timing of the construction related to surveying land and obtaining technical conditions. Investor has to pay for connection to all utilities. In addition, the deficit is beginning to emerge generating capacity to provide new facilities. – How are a price of commercial real estate market? – Average cost of rent and the sale of commercial premises, we are still lower than, say, in other cities of the Volga Federal District. In Kirov base rental rate is 1200 rubles per month per square meter. m, in Kazan, for example, 1,500 rubles, the Izhevsk – 1300 rubles. But the dynamics of growth last year was high: the average rent has risen by 74%, and the sale of retail space – at 80%. You can say that the market Commercial Real Estate Kirov has defined his price range, and the owners are willing to wait for objects of effective buyer.


Well look blue ink on yellow paper. But, of course, the cost of such a declaration will be much higher than black and white. There are more welcome when to ad paste tsennichek bright, it also attracts the attention of a well. More info: Tiffany & Co.. Font. Should be clear and legible. In bold should identify the main pieces of text. Sometimes the ads are gaining, on base using the font "from the hands, "thus trying to mislead the reader. Say, old woman wrote, which will sell his apartment on the cheap.

Places of posting should conform to the task of finding a buyer or find a host certain property. Must not be glued to a posting, and to a callback. Follow others, such as Tiffany & Co., and add to your knowledge base. Avoid areas that overlook the downtown streets of your city, telephone booths, underground transitions, corners of buildings of local administration, tax authorities, police departments. Otherwise, your posting aggressive nature will attract appropriate attention from the administration of the city with the attendant consequences in the form of nasty talk and prescribing penalties. The most traditional places of posting (they are also the most efficient) – this is the board near the entrances.

But how long such announcements do not live, they tear off windshield wipers, bad tenants, who believe the board at the entrance part of their property. As well as realtors, who live in the doorway, watching strictly to a competitor is not stuck ad right under their noses. Raskleyschiki hang over my ad Your for posting them – this work, and sometimes only one that can support financially.

Environmentally Safe Housing

In many European capitals ecological situation is much better than in Moscow. In most major cities bad company derived out of the city, subject to strict requirements for transport. In Europe, most high cost of parking is a deterrent. For example, in London an hour parking costs five pounds. And Moscow is currently choking primarily because of the number of cars. Historically, that West relatively well.

Therefore, the developer company buildings suburbs Slavrielt chosen direction in the west of Moscow and Moscow region a priority for the construction of their homes. Since all the industrial areas were built to the east of Moscow. Borisov ponds – a place where dirt carried away from the whole territory of the capital, and is the highest percentage of people with asthma. However, the welfare of any district can not guarantee anything. If you live windows on the highway Mozhaiskoe, ecology there is no better.

Recently, the situation is improving with the industry, what impact the high cost of land in Moscow. Industrial enterprises are slowly vented outside capital, but it will take more than a dozen years. The main problem in the city – is transportation. The share of road transport accounts for about 80% of the total contamination of about 12 – 15% – in enterprises and the rest – for household waste. The closer your housing to the sources of emissions, the less favorable situation there. There is another way to breathe in her apartment about clean air – to buy a new apartment one floor higher. Lead compounds by air currents practically do not rise above fifteen meters, which corresponds to the sixth floor. And on 10 – 12th floor, their concentration decreases tenfold. However, if the house is in a valley, the floors can not save. The background radiation in Moscow as a whole fit into the norm. Although there are areas of excess radiation that are associated with the accumulation of transport and industrial enterprises. According to experts in Moscow area in full compliance with all health and environmental Standards no. The most favorable ecological situation in the west, south-west and north-west of Moscow. This Krylatskoye, Bitza, Silver Forest. When buying a home buyer should pay attention to the state of a side window frame. If there is clearly visible layer of soot and fumes – a bad sign. As with other types of pollution, should be familiar with the environmental card, which clearly shows the extent of soil contamination and background radiation. It is worth noting the presence of large water pipes and heating pipes. When water flows out of the trunk there is a rise of groundwater. Because of this increased humidity in the ground, up to one meter layer of air, which, in turn, adversely affects the respiratory system of young children. " In addition to studying the environmental card, is to ask local residents how they felt. But of course a radical solution – a new housing in the suburbs.