Egypt is a country in North Africa and has a total area of 1,001,449 square kilometers. Credit: Governor Cuomo-2011. The country is bounded on the north by the Mediterranean and the East for the most part the Red Sea. In the north-east, however, lies the Sinai peninsula, which has a direct connection with Israel. The other two Anreinerstaaten are Sudan and Libya in the south west. All major cities of Egypt are, excepting a few oases where the two seas, or on the Nile, which flows through the whole country from north to south, where it empties into the Mediterranean at the end. The most famous city on the Mediterranean, Alexandria, Luxor and the Nile are the capital Cairo. . Both house ancient treasures from the time of ancient Egypt, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings with many important plants grave.

On the other hand, are the Red Sea tourist resorts such as Hurghada and Sharm-El Sheick. The Nile divides the country into two wilderness areas. To the west lies the Libyan Desert in the east the Arabian Desert. The Libyan Desert is in wide Parts of the country are relatively flat and makes two thirds of the country's territory. The south-west but it increases to a height of up to 1098 meters.

The Arabian Desert, however, is more of a mountain range that has a maximum altitude of over 2000 meters. It is crossed by several wadis, really dry valleys, drained by the rains, but in large masses of water. In the north-east of the country is the already mentioned Sinai Peninsula, which is separated from the rest of Egypt by the Suez Canal. There is also the highest mountain with 2637 meters of Egypt, the Mount St. Catherine and the famous from the Bible in 2285 meter high Mount Sinai.