City Tour In The Footsteps Of The Berlin Wall

20 years fall of the wall – on the way through the history and present of the city with a walking tour along the former course of the wall opened in 2009 Berlin City tours sightseeing tours your new program. On the way through the history and present of the capital. 20 years fall of the wall 2009: city tour in the footsteps of the Berlin wall. Highlights along the route: passing of wall remains – 112-metre original Berlin wall and along the Open-Air books “Topography of terror” to the Berlin House of representatives and Martin-Gropius-Bau – Berlin’s main exhibition building. From here continue along the former death strip to a border control tower and the Potsdamer Platz. After a small tour of the new business center including former Daimler area, Weinhaus Huth, Marlene – Dietrich-Platz, Sony Center, former Hotel Esplanade with the Emperor’s Hall and Beisheim Center is either further over the emerging Leipziger Platz in the Leipziger Strasse, past at the former Prussian mansion – the present seat of the Federal Council to the corner of William Street, scene of the uprising of the workers June 17, 1953, or the former Minister gardens with country representatives to the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe “Holocaust Memorial” and to the Brandenburg Gate (s-Bahn station under den Linden / bus 100). Home / meeting place: Checkpoint Charlie under the “leaving the American sector sign” corner room str.

/ Friedrich str. – Metro cooking str. The city tour “on the tracks of the Berlin wall” is individually bookable at the desired date and time. More information about the message: Berliner_Mauer.html Organizer: Berlin City tours sightseeing tours phone: 030 79745600 fax: 030 79745601 meeting point: Checkpoint Charlie Friedrich str. 43 10969 Berlin press contact: Klaus Wieland Klaser telephone: 030 – 79 74 56 00


The great white shark off Australia’s South Coast Singapore (9 June 2013), Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of the NASDAQ listed Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), has put together a number of great hotels in South Australia especially for scuba divers, on a little adventure are. The towns situated in the Southern Australia Adelaide and Port Lincoln are known for their large holdings of white sharks, which in the local coastal waters. Accordingly these magnificent animals up close, many operators that allows recreational divers, found in two cities- and we mean really, really close! However, for the safety of diving cages to watch. World’s notorious as one of the most fearsome marine predators, the species of Carcharodon was carcharias (also great white shark or Menschenhai called) in recent decades repeatedly been the subject of books, fiction and documentary films. The type of shark is famous for its size (a mature specimen is approximately 5 feet long and weighs 800 kg) and feared because of his appetite on everything that moves in the water, so it requires bravery to jump, in which the huge animals occur in a body of water.

However, technical advances in the safety of diving make accessible this nerve-wracking experience Meanwhile many diving fans, where you have to know that the two Australian cities offer the best cage diving across the continent. Most Organizer in Adelaide and Port Lincoln give their customers but the animals, the option either to admire – simply by boarding a tour boat or to actually venture into the water! In the latter case, it is located in a sturdy metal cage, which is drained in the water and every shark can protect the occupants, which is too curious and floats up. Typically, the animals lose their interest but soon again and turn off when they discover that hides their potential meal in an insurmountable cage.

World City

Capital and European hub – London is a world metropolis, capital of finance, focuses on Britain’s. Hardly a town in Europe brings together so many superlatives such as the British capital. The atmosphere, the sights, which tradition – London has much to offer. With world-famous attractions such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, London is a real magnet for visitors. Really appealing acts but also the vibrant and multicultural bustle in the streets of London. On the one hand, cosmopolitan is the English metropolis and is a fascinating melting pot of cultures, which are always new trends. On the other hand, traditions such as the 5 o’clock be celebrated clock tea or the after-work beer at the pub and completed the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace with stoic serenity.

Be captured by the liveliness of the city. Find a nice hotel in London and explore the city on the Thames, so how you like it. Covent Garden and SOHO here the night becomes the day a London hotel, which is located near Covent Garden, is the ideal starting point for a tour of the nightlife. Covent Garden has evolved from the former flower market to a hip hangout. And while street performers compete for the favor of the passers-by, the costs incurred by the exclusive shops with antiques and all sorts of Arts and crafts goods lure. The hustle and bustle in the numerous restaurants, who have settled in the former market halls you can enjoy relaxing. Experience vibrant nightlife, also in Soho. In 18.Jahrhundert, the district was home to many immigrants from around the world, a fact that contributed most significantly to the distinctive multicultural flair SOHOs.

Soho was once a famous red-light district, it is famous today for its varied music scene. Small clubs, music venues and bars cater for the most diverse musical styles and even the Rolling Stones brought the mood here once to boil over. The more you way want to indulge in the vibrant night life, It would be more advisable Chinatown, if not too far away is your hotel in London – a journey into another world is your hotel in London by chance Lester square? Then enjoy a London that emerges here more cosmopolitan than it already is. If you pass the signal red, decorated with Golden Dragon Gate, you are in Chinatown. This quarter, the predominantly Chinese residents have created their own little world. Posters with strange characters adorn the walls, the stores offer typical expenses feil and the Chinese doctor, about the supermarket to the cinema and there is everything, a little closer to the home of the karate school. Through the streets delicious scents from the adjacent restaurants and put in if you are already here, you should be sure a little lunch break. Sure, there are Asian restaurants in London but here is really excellently cooked. Theatre and Opera – cultural diversity Perl Eng light famous lined up on the Shaftesbury Avenue Theatre together and the small piece of crime up to world-famous musicals offered everything, which promises an entertaining evening. “Fans of Agatha Christie should contact the St. Martin’s Theatre West street corner Miss, because here is the mousetrap” on the program since more than 50 years. Glamorous it’s also at the Royal Opera House. Here, indulging not only in classical music, but take a look behind the scenes during the regularly scheduled tours.

A World Tour For All – The Concept

“A Web site was launched, which has the goal to provide a common journey around the world on the legs world travel for all a common journey around the world”, is the title of a site that has the goal to make a world trip on the legs, all must participate in the, have the desire to do so, to experience something. (Similarly see: Kellyanne Conway). How exactly do that? What is it with this idea? How should all”go together on the world tour? In fact, only the bloggers will be sent even physically on the great journey. With the help of the user to it an unforgettable Worldtrip “arise. But that’s not all. “So this journey the name world travel for all” deserves, is missing a little bit. Is nothing new that the experiences of the trip around the world with each other are divided into form of reports, photos and videos, really.

There is now a variety of really good world travel blog, where the travel experiences of many GlobeTrotter is vividly rendered. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Hikmet Ersek. Is new, however, advance all decisions together be. What about the itinerary? How long should the bloggers at the respective place linger? What sights should he look? What questions should he find an answer to his Worldtrip? Everyone has to influence the way this trip around the world. Also the world traveler to be different tasks, which he has during his trip to meet the world. These can be quite funny, but also a serious background.

So the bloggers could with his rather average bodies together with the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of this world at muscle Beach ” in Los Angeles to pose or a feast pay for a poor Indian family. All this will be decided jointly. hoices. In return he hoped bloggers small donations, to implement the project of a common world tour. Also, it is possible to contribute by clicking on different advertising banners. So you can order, for example, a two-week, selbtkundigendes trial of the Suddeutsche Zeitung, perform a test drive in the Suzuki Swift or Booking your next trip just before clicking on the appropriate banner. That is all very transparently communicates. There quite a few should be found who can identify themselves with the blogger. Trace can be the intention of the bloggers in any case. Rare honest, he expressed about the dissatisfaction in his current job. He seems to shy away from hard consequences of his temporary exit. He describes what led to this setting, also on this website. It remains to be seen whether this concept is well received. In times where even money is paid to send his stuffed animal on a world tour, the concept might be but actually crowned by success. The idea of a common world travel is always interesting, worth a visit of the site.

Ferry Sea

Sweden’s San Francisco hotel & ferry package: Baltic Sea passage plus double room in the Jamie Oliver-Hotel Scandic Molndal from 194 euros * mark and excellent cuisine, which not only Bruce Springsteen or Mick Jagger tastes Bohuslan archipelago” a unique destination with more than 1000 Islands Liseberg “largest amusement park of Northern Europe, in the middle of the city of Hamburg/Travemunde, April 2011 a neglected beauty” she calls the mirror and its almost Mediterranean flair; boasts in Gothenburg the New York Times compares the city to the sea with the lively casual San Francisco. And Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver admired the kitchen in Sweden’s secret enjoyment metropolis as definitely one of the best in the world”. After all, Gothenburg gathered more Michelin starred restaurants as its big sister Stockholm. And although the small city”has to offer so overwhelming much entertainment and leisure quality like no other in the country, is it still in a kind of tourist Sleeping beauty sleep. Time, awake to kissing beauty! Behind the more than 1000 Islands of the archipelago, visitors the largest amusement park in Northern Europe, vibrant music and cultural festivals or design-shopping expected from Scandinavian simple to trendy and cool.

The lively Gothenburg is now cheap book, and can Germany/travel/hotel experience with the new hotel & ferry package by TT-line-drive /. Short trip to Gothenburg with TT-line who crossed the Baltic Sea towards Trelleborg ferry of TT-Line Travemunde or Rostock, not only comfortable travels to Sweden, but now especially inexpensive stayed in selected hotels in Gothenburg. From 194 euros * TT-Line offers new hotel & ferry offer with its a day crossing of the Baltic Sea, as well as one night in a double room of modern middle-class Hotel Scandic Molndal. Gourmet highlight: Jamie Oliver has developed the kids menu in the hotel as well as a selection of particularly easy delicious soups and salads.