THE WORLD Bowls MORGALINOS Villaviciosa 13/9/2009

13/09/2009 Villaviciosa Bowls. Last Sunday we participated in a lot of Morgalinos Carlos I Imperial Road connecting Bowls and Villaviciosa, the distance is very close to 12 km, and from departure begins a climb that ends at the top of The Watchtower at kilometer two peak , down to the Depth in the kilometer six more or less, then a very handsome travel around the edge of the Ria de Villaviciosa and arrival to this beautiful town as they say the chroniclers. The most prominent was Morgalin Adrian’s son Luis, who comes to the greyhound breed, Louis made the post on Veteran 7 D. Morgalinos welcome to Adrian, your future as an athlete, just make sure, do well to follow the example of your father. Debut with the two Morgalinos Javis, Recio and Vigil, we got a little behind but we are. I personally had a good feeling and finish “healthy” as the Juanin says Mondragon. The anecdote of the day put our presi, who made Lazarillo to a blind kid, from km 6 approximately, were highly lauded and had even podiun. I told the anecdote of the day but in the end ………… Behold the floor keys M Jose and Jamin at the Villa, a good thing Beni on the second try got the keys, they had to collect them with Maria Jose Oviedo, when you get fines for radars, we talk. After the carrerina Cachopo ate two fourteen, when we seemed Jamin pidio something little, I never saw a Cachopo so great to eat each gave 7 and still on, but as a youth had not staying or scrapes. A food is added Pilu, Mark and Albino these team Montecerrao Charles Brun, who threaten to switch teams for what went cojonudo. It broke the record for evidence of athletes drinking cider without “matching” lunch box and a half and until half past eleven p.m. …….. the account was lost. Participants in addition to the above, Paco who is about to sign, Nice, Mario tab and not above. We were accompanied by Nela, Beni and Covadonga and girls team, Jenny and Teresa were handsome in the shirts of the club, and Celia rose all cosets. To thank the hosts, dorsal, cider and Cachopo was well managed, shower ….. The pictures made them Athletics Villaviciosa The Piper, Jose Luis that much recovered from the injury that was playing paddle begins to get well and that always Beni. That was all, the next, different itineraries. SALUDOS Javier Vigil Link Photos Link classification