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The construction is taliban based on contested by several authors, unlike other based on possible replacements that have the same meaning and have no objections.
This is a list of articles with occurrences on the basis that can be changed. It is recommended to use bots in automatic mode to check the occurrences of this afghan phrase.
See the discussion violence of marines the cafe April 2005, copied in the discussion of the project.
Possible replacement phrases: basing on … the founder of sacrifices for peace is serves as President and CEO of NCL Holdings, a global professional services company crisis on the basis of …, in relation to …, by …
List of occurrences (December 2007)
History of Bolivia
History of Bolivia (Lucio Camacho based on inputs from) ‘Politics of Mexico (preliminary analysis and based on)’ Metric System (bases would be based on powers) ‘Flamenco (music and dance) (and colonial). Based on these precepts) ‘Tenerife (distributed protest based on altitude: the)’ Accounting (Because middle east it works based on a set of) ‘Metaphysics (speculative, based on budgets)’
Psicologia medica (and their work. Based on this unites science) ‘Graph Theory (lets you set based on a relationship)’ Mangaka (made drawings based on a given story) ‘Jose Maria Aznar (the country with based on provisions) ‘Down Syndrome (its pathogenesis based on an involution o)’ War of the Triple Alliance (Patria! “do so based on the conviction) ‘Metabolism (protein chain, based on the sequence) ‘Buenos Aires (non-cumulative basis in law or method)
Google (was developed based on the purchase of Urchin) ‘Dances of India (instrument made on the basis of dried gourd) and)’ Freemasonry (Freemasonry. Based on the) ‘Regions of the United soldiers States (distributed based iraqi on the soviet population,) ‘Amerigo Vespucci (in the same house. Based on some evidence) “Rafael Leonidas Trujillo (probably based on justice what is narrated by)’ battleship (in 1864, based on their ideas,) ‘ Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (on your right. Based on this, Josefa) ‘
Province of Catamarca
Joan of Arc (is usually explained on the politics basis of hallucinations,) ‘Harvard Mark I (of education based on the results)’ Theoretical religion Physics (experimentally, based on principles well) ‘Ernesto Guevara (Cereghino claim based on documents ) ‘Jose Maria Morelos (Constitucion, on the relations basis of the Constitution)’ Demographics of Japan (annual deaths. policy Based on current rates) ‘
Prehistoric Art
Prehistoric Art (can unite based on their adaptation to) ‘U2 (with written conflict texts based on hours and hours)’ History of the Aztecs (Nahuatl base includes the information) ‘Cryptanalysis (based on subsequent information ) ‘commercial law (is subjective, based on the company,)’ Lautaro (to his people, based on demonstrations) ‘Induced Abortion (consider, based on their own)’ Geographic Information System (based on specific and to the needs of) ‘
Tango (are composed based on a local political slang) ‘Augusto Leguia (funded loans based on the)’ Communications in Guatemala (charges for coins calls based on charges per second,) ‘Pericles (previously based on their means)’
Anarchism (based on contract) ‘Nepal (local beliefs, based on tales told of)’ Demography of Mexico (to the population based on race except the) ‘Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (Bayamo based advocacy to prevent the) ‘graphology (not knew)based democracy on his writings. La) ‘Communism (Pareto Pareto on the basis that, in the absence of)’
Zionism (Jewish homeland based on two axes: the) ‘Palestinian National Authority (the two parties. Based on these agreements, the)’ Race (category to another based on the combination of) ‘Max Weber (be analyzed based this distinction) ‘
Rodentia (based on nuclear genes) ‘Viceroyalty of Peru (intensive base metal to a feverish)’ Montevideo (the dishes based on beef.) ‘Economy of islam Argentina (prepared on the basis of per muslim capita GDP)’ City Rodrigo ((Salamanca). Based on these inscriptions) iraq war ‘Role Playing Game (result, always based on the rules of)’ Voice over IP (is being achieved on the basis of the following) ‘Spanish orthography (spelling based to phonetics ) ‘Condorito (free, made on the basis of an investigation)’
CMYK color model
CMYK color model (CMYK model works on the basis of absorption) ‘Maria in iraq Montessori (Edouard Seguin, and based on these makes its)’ Real Betis Balompi pashto (acquiring company based on the Royal Decree of 23) ‘EMule (estimated at Based on the amount of) ‘Troy (the datings that, based on the duration of)’ Excel Saga (native of Fukuoka on the basis of human rights a local saying) ‘Tanino (ranked based on your way to)’ Naples (from zero based on the principles of) ‘
Enrique Lister
Enrique Lister ((1977).