In short if you want to generate good income with this method you must think that you have to have at least 2000-6000 page views a day. this will generate an average of between $ 10 to $ 28 per day in AdSense out your account and to be honest you have to do much work and spend a lot of money if you want to generate this amount of visits, you must have an informative website which has many sub-pages with much information and valuable to search engine positions and generate your traffic. FOURTH ALTERNATIVE TO EARN MONEY ONLINE Another alternative which I think is a good choice as digital books are affiliates with which you can earn commission by providing or recommending products from other companies within your site, for example if your website is about sports because you can find some sneaker company or sports articles which you can place the banner on your website and if someone clicks on the banner and buy something from this company you could earn a commission for that sale, this is one of the ways to generate internet income with companies affiliates, is a good choice if you live in the U.S. do not recommend it if you live in other South American countries as there is no way they can pay you, possibly at a future, these businesses have the payment service abroad in this way will be possible can work with them. CONCLUSION In my personal opinion I recommend you sell your own product or e-book and if you do not have a clickbank products it sells, but soon makes a good research and in a serious Recommend giving real information on what the visitor will receive if purchase, so it will be easier for you to pre-sell it, if you want to earn money with adsense note from the outset that your income by this means probably not going to be the highest, it is best to keep it as an extra some expenses that your website can generate. I recommend member companies provided they live in the U.S.

or authorized countries, is a good choice if you choose the ideal product that will match your website. The best thing to do is a combination of all these points and generate income in different ways as I do, but never mixing, eg if you sell your digital products do not place on the same page ads or adsense clickbank in the page landing just put the product you sell or recommend and in other sub-pages you have added other products or ads clickbank adsense but orderly. If you want to start your online business buying our product will teach you how you can make money online using all these forms and how the can put on your website, you will also receive digital books explain how you do business Internet and video tutorials to learn how to make Google AdWords campaigns and how to make your own website step by step, is a good product didactic complete and explains all about how you do business and different ways to earn money online..