Detachment in the use of tangible property

Jose Maria Zufiaur The precarious workers who already have them defend. Who defends them well. Not like they only defend the claim that unions are no longer uncertain. Fungi are emerging as entrepreneurs and human resource managers, teachers and writers who set themselves up as their true champion. These developments champions in the fight against labor market segmentation and temporary workers have found the best solution to avoid these comparative suffer convert all precarious workers. The aggregate cash and to show that poverty and documenting price stock your family supernatural is Opus Dei, seeking not to attend cultural events (film, theater, soccer) or family. Also try not to make gifts to your friends or relatives, including travel in connection with weddings or baptisms, except with the permission of the director, in this case trying to spend less money as possible.
As a general rule, cash and deliver aggregates all of their income to the Prelature. The Supernumeraries have their own money to meet their basic needs and those of his family, always taking into account the needs of generosity with the Work, his spiritual family.
According to the regulations of Opus Dei
It is unthinkable that such a cash or Attach , to dispose of their property, did fail to load a fixed departure, as if it had an uncertain future: buy stock such behavior would be a lack of trust in God and the Work. It would be somewhat understandable that some, to have their property immediately or in his will, leaving to take a concern about the economic future of their brothers or other relatives.
In the period between the request for admission and admission is highly desirable to deliver everything that is obtained through the work. Fruits of labor are considered professional ‘who enter, as usual, at its center’ all sums which, by any title, will receive as a result of this work, ie salary, pensions, redundancy payments, benefits stock symbol received from public entities’ social security ‘or closed during special situations of sickness, accident, unemployment, etc..
A practical consequence of the obligation assumed by the free cash and aggregates, from admission, with stock prices respect to the fruits of professional work, is to request permission from the Regional Commission before entering into any financial commitments to gender, that affect their future income from work.
While conducting their studies, cash, is natural and right that the parents’ if they did before ‘continue paying all expenses for their children’ of study, accommodation, personal, ‘until they finish their training and are able to cope your personal support
The cash and carry and no aggregates have the opportunity to have direct access to large amounts of money. The Regional Commission may determine the amount that each one usually takes a modest figure, to cope with ordinary personal expenses. When someone needs to make an extraordinary expense, and consulting the Director, the Secretary, after the Director has authorized, delivered the exact amount. If an approximate amount, and if at the end about something, it is returned to the Secretary, within 24 stock trading hours.
The Secretary takes a leaf to total personal income and expenditure ‘ordinary and extraordinary’ of each, to assist stakeholders with timely advice, as required.
At sites where it is usual to receive the salary for a transfer, the aggregate cash or you can open a checking account. In this case, the local council kept the books and the account holder makes several checks signed in blank, or gives power to two Numerario for managing the account. The account must ordinarily be avery small balance.
Usually, the cash and aggregates do not have stock quote radios, tape recorders, radios, iPods, cameras, etc. For personal use, and playing radios or CD in stock quotes the car: usually avoided because they are not needed. The cash and, on its merits, the aggregates do not call by phone to congratulate the saint stock of the mother or father, or similar events: to avoid that expense, try to write in advance. And when there is no choice but to talk on the stock market phone, try using a very short time.
When one or Numerario Added ‘by their social relations’ is to make a gift during a wedding, a baptism, etc.. This consultation by the Director, who judged on whether or not to make this gift. To decide on their desirability and value, the directors act with the approach of the father of large family and poor, seeking in each case how to look good spending less money as possible.
On the other hand, the cash and delivered the stock market immediately to their Aggregates Manager gifts they exchange receive, whether such gifts from parents or siblings, and the Attach Numerario or live with them, the local council if it considers it appropriate that he use some exceptionally after such objects.

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