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The renowned, like shares, can distribute dividends. This implies that, like stocks, the day of delivery experience a “jump” in the price equivalent to the proportion that this represents the value of each title.
The following image shows an example of how, at the opening day of New York September 24, 2008, the Dow Jones flat boot, while the DXD (A and leveraged inverse ETF on Dow Jones x2) under more than one 5 . (corresponding to their annual payment of dividends).
Another concept to be very renowned intoaccount are reciprocals because we are mired in a deep economic recession which affects a majority of countries throughout the world, we have taken into account at this time, that the stock market and economy overall do not stop downloading. Although short-term if the economy follows a normal path are also favorable, with a continuing study that can be done with economic analysis, fundamental … Useful tools for this type of market.
Through such renowned simply play to the bottom, where most get more wins. A basic example is the clear and if the IBEX35 falls below 2 will earn 2 . And in the hypothetical case that would have put money in this index Eneero from 2008 until March 2009, the return would be approximately 50 . So it is a very useful financial tool for times of crisis.

Lecce, Italy – (Dow Jones) – World financial leaders are beginning to examine how they relax their emergency spending package and bank rescues middle of the signs economic crisis have hit bottom.
The Wall Street Journal financial journalist named Patience Wheat Croft as editor of its European operations in London, where she heads a push growth over the continent, especially of digital content. via Yahoo! Finance
Financial stocks rallied more than 100 since their March lows. Will the momentum carry stocks to new recovery highs, or a break in a major boost signal drop ‘A look at the principles behind the recent advance, is a strong indication.
NEW YORK (Dow Jones) – The prices of crude oil ended lower Monday as the dollar mounted a strong recovery and stocks plunged on concern about the American economy.
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