Super Bowl, Super Business

is expected to end football, between New England and New York generates about a billion dollars of profit. Not every event paralyzes a country, as does the United States. Not every event year after year increases the viewership numbers, collection and spectacular. Not every event makes major brands fight to death for appearing on User Rating a second, knowing that advertise they will produce more gains after the big show. This huge event is nothing more than the Super Bowl, which in its 42nd edition first faced in Phoenix with MOVIEmeter New England Patriots-New York Giants from 2100, Fox Sports. It is an American religion that the first weekend of February each year the whole country is expecting more attractive competition season. And it seems that this religion followers sum season after season. This is demonstrated by the ratings as they age: for, according to the consultant “Initiative Sports Futures, the Indianapolis Colts victory over the Chicago Bears in last year’s edition XLI was the most watched sporting event of 2007, with an average of 97 million viewers. Completed the podium the Brazilian Grand Henry Fool Prix, which defined the F 1, with 78 million, and the final of the Champions Cup director football match between Milan and Liverpool (72). This amount of viewers is second only in even years in you play the World Cup, Olympic Games or the European Championship. And on top of this edition is estimated to break the record when the figure reached 100 million viewers in the U.S. and 130 worldwide. The Super Bowl will be broadcast in 232 countries and 32 idiomas.Economicamente speaking this Grand Circus generates about one billion dollars of profit. Great companies are fighting over a small area within 45 minutes of scheduled batch-and sold in its entirety. To take magnitude of the dance ticket involving the Super Bowl, 30 seconds of advertising cost 2.7 million dollars. It is known that a shampoo commercial will have to Shakira, Madonna (for which he was paid 10 million) and Marilyn Monroe as visible faces. One company that is a classic of this classic is Coca Cola, which until last minute you are testing through the people’s opinion of his eleven notices which used to command the air. Others of the vertices of this great business is the sale of IMDB tickets dominica and betting. Is that the resale of tickets to witness the duel between “Patriots” and “Giants” may be the highest in history. At StubHub, a ticket home, prices range from 2,400 to 19,000 (Yes, 19,000 … a frightening figure when compared with the 24 dollars that it will be popular in first class football in Argentina). Meanwhile, it is believed that the stakes exceed the 94.5 million Super Bowl 40, historico.La record National Football League (NFL) participation gives the fans. So much so early in the fourth quarter open your page / superbowl for people to choose who was the MVP of the game. The vote of the people represented 20 per cent of the decision, the remainder awards will be issued by a panel of 16 journalists. Dollars, dollars and more dollars. Stars observed by millions of people who are waiting for this day since the day that culminates the season. It’s the Super Bowl XLII, which paralyzed the entire United States. Any event not accomplished anything like it.